About Emily

About Auther Emily Xu

I was born and grew up in a family group with many members doing manufacturing and trading instrumentation and valves business. My father has been in this industry for 30 years, his business is mainly in the domestic market. when I was a kid, the transportation and internet were poor, he was often on a business trip, sometimes it spent him one month to serve one client well, lived in the users’ factory, communicated the technical question, and learn what is the client’s exact requirement, solved their problem for instrumentation and valves.

My uncle has been manufacturing the control valve for 20 years, the first control valve we made was DN100, a pneumatic globe control valve at PN 16, later we have manufactured high-pressure control valve for rigor condition.

I was in this industry in 2008 when I was graduated from university. At that time, BCST has already a famous brand in the domestic market, while we knew less bout the international market. Sometimes, foreign clients were finding us, and we didn’t know how to do business with them. That’s why I decide to do international business for instrumentation and valves.

I have witnessed how Chinese instrumentation and control valve development. Our products have been tested in the domestic market firstly after it is stable and mature. then we have promoted in the international market.

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