Category: Pressure Regulator

Pressure Regulator mainly contains a self-operated control valve and pressure reducing valve. The self-operated control valve is applied in the areas which don’t have power or pneumatic energy supply. It supplies self-operated regulators for pressure, temperature, flow, differential pressure, level control for medium include liquids, gases, and steam, etc.

BCST Your Best Meter &Valve Manufacturer

Over 20 years instrumentation & valve experience, there are 10 workshops, and 260 staffs in BCST . There are ISO 9001 , ISO14001 , ISO18001 company  certificates , and  CE,  explosion-proof ,ATEX, SIL ,Rosh  approval for products . We can aslo supply you product Calibration Certificate . 

Production Ability

5 set CNC machine center , 10 set process machine , 5 automation calibration system , Germany imported calibration device   

Flow meter 50000 pcs per year

Control valve : 100000 pcs per year

Pressure transmitter : 20000 pcs per year

Technical R&D ability

20 years technical engineer , electric board are made by ourself , core element of electric board are imported from Germany . Product drawing. We can customize your special requirement

BCST Meters & Valve Manufacturing

As a professional  flowmeter and control valve  manufacturer in China, BCST supply a complete meter & valve solution to measure various mediums.

There are two factories covering 30000M3 in BCST Group and 10 workshops. You can find 5 set CNC machine centers and 10 set process machines in the BCST workshop. Our flowmeter automation calibration system is imported from Germany. You are welcome to visit our factory once coming to China.  


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Learn How We Helped 100 Top Brands Gain Success