Pneumatic High Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve

Parameters of Pneumatic High Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve

Product name: Pneumatic High-Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve ;
Nominal diameter: DN6 to DN 200 mm
Nominal pressure: PN22, PN32, and other pressure customized;
Flange standard: ANSI, JIS, DIN, or other
Upper bonnet: normal type: -40 to +230 °C, heat dissipation type: +230 to +450 °C;
Plug type: single-seat contoured plug;

Pneumatic High Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve


Pneumatic High-Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve

The JC-type single-seat control valve is a kind of top pilot single seat valve, which has a simple structure, well sealing, high flow rate, and stable application performance.   A reasonable top spiral system can avoid vibration during a small opening percentage,   so as to extend valve working life.

The Pneumatic High-Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve is a high-performance regulating valve suitable for the flashing and cavitation occasions caused by high-pressure difference. The strong sleeve of the cage-guided globe control valve protects the valve body from flashing and cavitation. The flow channel of cage guided control valve is an S-shaped streamline, the pressure drop loss is small, the flow rate is large, and the adjustable range is wide. The valve plug has a large guiding area and good shock resistance. The adjustment performance is fully compliant with IEC or GB standards. This cage-guided globe control valve is equipped with a multi-spring diaphragm actuator, which has a compact structure and a large output force. Cage-guided control valves are widely used in applications requiring high reliability and shut-off performance, low temperature, and high-pressure process line. Due to the wide range of materials and diverse design forms, these valves can be used in various industrial fields (such as chemical, gas, electricity,paper-making, food, metallurgy and mining, etc).


Product Characteristics of Pneumatic High-Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve :

  1. The various materials of valve castings and internal parts with various materials can suit special working conditions;
    2. It can reduce the noise level, improve the anti-cavitation and anti-flashing performance, and eliminate the blocking flow;
    3. The flow coefficient range of cage guided control valve is large, and the adjustable ratio range is large;
    4. The optional metal bellows seal can prevent leakage of corrosive and highly toxic medium and pollute the environment;
    5. Easy to disassemble and install the trim, and easy to inspect and maintain;
    6. It adopts high-quality materials and surface treatment technology (polishing, Stellite alloy, heat treatment, chromium nitride coating), and the cage guided globe control valve has long service life and reliable operation;
    7. The direct and reverse acting is realized by the cooperation of the pneumatic film multi-spring actuator, and the spring range (the number of springs is unchanged) can be changed without adding other parts;
    8. The operation mode can be pneumatic, electric, and electro-hydraulic linkage;
    9. A manual operating mechanism can be installed on the side or top of the actuator.


Structure and Specification of Pneumatic High-Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve

Parameters & Property of  Pneumatic High-Temperature Diaphragm Globe Control Valve :

1.Body/Bonnet : WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,CF8,CF8M,CF3, CF3M
2.Plug Material: F304,F316,etc
3.Sleeve Material: F304,F316,etc
4.Resurfacing Welding: standard, surfacing welding tungsten carbide, soft seal
5.Stem Material: 17-4PH ASTM A276 F304
6.Body Type: staight-way/angle/jacket insulation
7.Packing: PTFE/asbestos/graphite
8.Gasket: serrated gasket(soft carbon steel, SUS316, other alloy steel), spiral wound gasket
9.Upper Bonnet Type
(1).Standard Type:-17~+230℃
(2). Extended ⅠType:-45~+17℃ or more than 230℃(heat dissipation type)
(3).Extended ⅡType:-45~-100℃
(4). Extended Ⅲ Type:-196~-100℃
(5).Bellows sealing type(forming type/welding type)
(6). Steam Jacket Type
10.Leakage Class:

(1).Metal seal: ANSI B16.104 Ⅳclass (ANSI B16.104 Ⅴ class is available)

(2).Soft seal: ANSI B16.104 Ⅵ class
11.Flow Characteristic: Equal Percentage/Linear/Quick Open
12.Connection Type: flange(RF/FM),butt welding
13.Flange Connection Type Standard: HG20592-2009, ANSI B16.5
14.Actuator: pneumatic diaphragm/pneumatic piston/electric/ electric hydraulic actuator


Additional information

Body type

straight through casting globe type

Spool type

non-balanced single-seat plug type

Nominal size


Nominal pressure

PN16 ~ 100 CLASS 150LB ~ 600LB

Bonnet type

Bonnet type: standard type(-5℃~230℃)、
Radiator type: (-45℃~ high than 230℃ occasion)、 Low temperature extended type(-196℃~ -45℃)、 Bellow seal type
Warm insulation Jacket type


V type PFTE packing, flex. graphite packing, etc.


Pneumatic: multi-spring diaphragm actuator, piston-type actuator.
Electric: 3810L series smart actuator, PSL series actuator.

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