Pneumatic On/off Ball Valve

Parameters of Pneumatic On/off Ball Valve

Body type: Straight casing valve

Disk type: O type globe ball

Nominal diameter:  DN15 ~300 NPS 1/2〞~12〞

Nominal pressure: PN16—64 Class 150LB—300LB

Connection: Flange FF, RF, RTJ, and so on. Wafer

Bonnet type : Whole piece

Pneumatic On/off Ball Valve


Pneumatic On/off Ball Valve

On/off valve has simple structure, easy operation, small volume, lightweight, good seal, large flow, reliability using and so on. The disk can use single action or sleeve to adopt stop need under different pressure drop. It can choose a big push pneumatic piston actuator or electric actuator.

On/off valve include actuator and ball valve. O type ball valve has strong function, small volume, lightweight, good seal, large flow, reliability using and so on. Especially, the ball valve has a reliable seal as pipe inside stop use. It is widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, paper marking, chemical, teaching and scientific research equipment, electric, and other industry now.


Technical Parameter of  Pneumatic On/off Ball Valve

Flow Characteristic Quick Open(ON-OFF)
Rated CV figure Fully port type CV 21~7359
Travel Full open 90°
Allowance leakage Soft seal : 0 leak

Dimension  of Pneumatic On/off Ball Valve

Nominal Diameter (Mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
Rated  Cv 21 38 72 112 170 273 384 512 940 1452 2222 3589 5128 7359
Pneumatic actuator seat: PTFE
Double action ATD 50 63 75 88 100   125 145 180 240 265
Single action ATS- 63 75 88 100 115 125 145 160 200 240 265 330
Electric actuator  Seat: PTFE
Electric actuator 3410R- 05 10 20 50 60 100


Additional information

Body type

Straight casing valve

Disk type

O type globe ball

Nominal diameter

DN15 ~300 NPS 1/2〞~12〞

Nominal pressure

PN16—64 Class 150LB—300LB


Flange FF, RF, RTJ and so on. Wafer

Bonnet type

Whole piece


V type PTFE, Flexible graphite

Seal gasket

Metal clip graphite


Pneumatic: Pneumatic piston actuator, pneumatic diaphragm actuator
Electric: DTR series, 3810 series

Surface painting

Green Acrylic polyurethane enamel

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