Pneumatic Sanitary Control Valve KWSP

Parameters of Pneumatic Sanitary Control Valve KWSP

the sanitary control valve is sanitary standard.   There is no sanitary dead angle, no retention, it is mainly for pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

Pneumatic Sanitary Control Valve KWSP


KWSP Sanitary Control Valve

KWSP Pneumatic sanitary control valve is the best choice for almost all situation in the food and beverage industry.

Due to its created body design ,the valve is pocket free so that bacteria or any other kinds of uncleanness are avoided.

The seat is an integral part of the body to avoid additional gaps.

The O-Ring packing and general bonnet design make sure  a very compact total  height.

The stem is guided by a PTFE bushing for precise control, reduced friction and minimal wearing.

Repair and maintenance are easy to carry.


Technical Parameter

Size: Dn 15 to DN 150 (PN16 to Pn 40)

Pressure: 150LB to 300 LB

Body type: Straight type , angle type

Leakage degree: ANSI IV-VI

Flow Characteristic: EQ % Line

Body material: CF 8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M

Trim : 304SS/316SS/304L/316L

Actuator :

1. ZM Pneumatic multi-spring actuator

2. ZT Pneumatic air cylinder piston actuator

3. Electric actuator





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