Pneumatic V Notch Segmented V-ball Control Valve

Parameters of Pneumatic V Notch Segmented V-ball Control Valve

Product Name: pneumatic v notch ball valve;
Nominal Diameter: DN25~DN500;
Nominal Pressure: PN16,PN25;
Valve Seat Type: metal seal seat,soft seal seat;
Flow Characteristic: close to EQ%;

Pneumatic V Notch Segmented V-ball Control Valve


Pneumatic V Notch Segmented V-ball Control Valve

V-ball control valve is a kind of ball valve. Pneumatic V notch segmented ball valve has the same sealing performance as a normal ball valve, and it has both regulating and on-off functions. The disc of the V-ball control valve is a hemisphere with a V-shaped notch and there is a sharp edge on the V-shaped notch.

During the rotation of the ball, there is a wiping action between the closing discs, which has a strong cutting force to the medium. There forms a sectoral area between the v-shaped notch of the ball and the valve seat flow passage. The cross-sectional area of the flow channel can be changed during the rotation process to form a precise control of the medium.

Features of Pneumatic V Notch Segmented V-ball Control Valve:

  1. Valve body: Our v-ball control valve adopts a one-piece segmented valve body design. Both the wafer-type and flange-type V-shaped ball valve body are the integral side-mounted structure, which has strong structural rigidity and is not easy to cause deformation and leakage;
  2. Valve stem: It adopts the fine grinding technology to process the outer circle, and the friction coefficient between the stem and the packing is small. The valve stem and the valve ball are splined, which has good neutrality and large bearing torque. The spline connection effectively eliminates the matching clearance between the valve stem and the valve ball and improves the control accuracy of the pneumatic segmented V notch ball valve.
  3. Self-lubricating bearing: The upper and lower valve stems are self-lubricating and fixed.It has high rotation precision and good rotation stability, which makes the v-ball control valve run more smoothly.
  4. Sealing seat cover:side-mounted sealing seat cover design makes valve maintenance more convenient.

5.V-notch valve ball: it is designed to a V-shaped notch with a special shape so that the valve has a similar percentage of flow characteristics. There is a shearing action between the spherical surface with the V notch and the valve seat, which can cut and scrape the high viscosity medium containing fiber and solid particles so that it can pass through the valve smoothly. After hardening treatment, grinding, and polishing, the pneumatic v notch ball valve is smooth and wear-resistant.

  1. Valve Seat:pre-tightened with wave spring, the sealing seat is always in close contact with the valve ball, and the sealing performance is good, which can play an automatic compensation role in the seal during the long-term use.
  2. Low flow precise control: through the processing for the special V-shaped opening of the small-diameter valve ball, precise control of small Cv value can be realized.

Additional information

Valve Seat








Spherical Surface Hardening Treament

Hard chrome plating/Nitriding/Spraying WC/Spraying STL

Application Temperature Range


Application Medium Type

Water/oil/steam/solid particles,etc.

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