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Professional Safety Valve Manufacturer

●They vent the fluid to shieldthe system from overpressure.

●They reclose and save youloss of fluid while system pressure returns to acceptable.

●It minimizes harm to system components.



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    A Reliable Safety Valve Supplier In China

    The BCST safety valve is a valve that acts as a fail-safe. Safety valves mechanically release a substance from a boiler, pressure vessel, or different structures while the pressure or temperature exceeds preset limits. In steam structures, protection valves are generally used for boiler overpressure safety and different packages consisting of downstream pressure decreasing controls. Although their number one role is for protection, safety valves also are utilized in process operations to save you product harm because of extra pressure.

    BCST - A Top Rated Safety Valve Suppliers In China

    BCST safety valves are utilized in a huge variety of specifications. Pressure levels are important for clean operations consisting of oil & gas, petrochemical, and energy generation the use of steam, air, gas, or liquid. They also are utilized in multi-segment applications in refining and chemical processing structures.

    Spring load safety valve

    Spring Load Safety Valve

    Safety Relief Valve

    Spring load safety valve

    Spring Load Safety Valve

    One Stop Safety Valve Solution from BCST

    BCST has a vast stock of safety valves, fast delivery within seven working days. We will do our best to meet your project schedule. BCST has strict quality control, ISO certified company making sure to provide an excellent product to you. 100% inspection before shipping to ensure the product meets your requirements. 

    As an expert safety valves manufacturer in China, BCST supplies a complete package solution to various applications. Whether you’re an end-user or an engineering company, BCST will provide you with technical support. BCST safety valves are widely employed within the process industry.

    We believe our experience will help you gain more business and benefits. You can send us an email for your inquiry at [email protected].

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