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What are On Off Valves

on off valve assembly

BCST is the best solution provider for the valves and facilitates long-lasting on/off valves. These on/off valves are fast and safe, along with the actuators and controllers. The on/off valves of BCST always increase the reliability of your processes. Over 22 years of experience in fulfilling the demands according to the requirements of the applications. Check the details regarding on/off valves along with their types, applications, working, and much more.

The pneumatic diaphragm on/off valves:

  • With the help of a balancing valve in the centre of the structure, this permits considerable differential pressure and has better stability.
  • The pneumatic diaphragm on/off valves are easy to maintain and convenient to disassemble
  • This designing of these on/off valves is dependent on the resistance with the low flow on the flowing surface. Even adjusting the area is large enough so you can increase the coefficient of the flowing rate approximately to 30%
  • The actuator inside the pneumatic diaphragm on/off valves can accept the spring structure easily and highly decreasing to 30%. pneumatic switch diaphragm valve

Pneumatic Piston Globe On/off valves:

Inside the pneumatic piston globe on/off valves, a piston and actuator work pneumatically and 2-ways in the body. The construction of an actuator is according to the specific working conditions. There is also an availability of gland for packing, and you can adjust it according to the integration of high-sealing. These on/off valves are free to maintain and available with different accessories like position indicator, the limitation for the stroke, or manually overriding. The housing of the pneumatic piston globe on/off valves is of stainless steel along with the thread, flange, and weld end connectivity.

Pneumatic piston-globe-onoff-valve

Pneumatic gate on/off valves:

The opening of the pneumatic gate on/off valves is through the lifting of the gate in a rectangular shape. The features of the pneumatic gate on/off valves are very similar to the pneumatic on/off valves. The usage of the pneumatic gate on/off valves is appropriate when there is flowing of the medium in a straight line direction.

Pneumatic gate valve

Pneumatic ball on/off valves:

A ball and stem inside the pneumatic ball on/off valves keep turning horizontally. Therefore, it is the best choice for applications that are on and off controlling and the requirement of without any pressure drop.

Pneumatic butterfly on/off valves:

The pneumatic butterfly on/off valves is always helpful to bring regulation in the flow. It can fast, slow, or stop the fluid flowing in the pneumatic butterfly on/off valves. Because of the lighter weight and availability in reasonable pricing, the preference of pneumatic butterfly on/off valves is more than other on/off valves. This type of on/off valve can handle the extreme working conditions among the seal’s maintenance. The primary purpose of using the pneumatic butterfly on/off valves is to improve all industrial processes and applications.

Pneumatic butterfly valve

The solenoid on/off valves:

The use of solenoid on/off valves is where there is automatic control of flowing fluid. There is an increase in the usage of the solenoid on/off valves in different industries as essential equipment. The working of the solenoid on/off valves is just like the controlling units that get energized or de-energize to permit or shut the flow of the medium.

figure 6 solenoid on off valves

Electric gate on/off valves:

The electric gate on/off valves reference the linear movement of the electric gate actuator by the electrical voltage and control the signals for the valves’ opening and closing. The reason for using the electric gate on/off valves is to increase efficiency and bring improvement in the production process. The electric gate on/off valves are among the commonly used valves for connecting and adjusting the flowing medium

Electric butterfly on/off valves:

The availability of electric butterfly on/off valves is in wafer style for controlling the on/off, oil, water, air, and other medium compatible with the construction materials. Inside the electric butterfly on/off valves, electrical and visual position indicators, manually overriding, and enclosures for weatherproof conditions.

figure 8 electric butterfly onoff valves

Electric ball on/off valves:

The electric ball on/off valves are electrically actuated and an essential solution for the on and off applications. You can rotate the electric ball on/off valves with 90 degrees angle from completely opening to the complete closing. There is primarily only availability of the electricity, not the compressed air. The electric ball on/off valves is available in different materials such as stainless steel, brass, and PVC.

figure 9 electric ball onoff valves

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