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What is A Globe Control Valve

What is A Globe Control Valve

BCST is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of globe control valves. The company has mastered the art of making globe control valves in just two decades. The company manufactures high-quality globe control valve valves with the assistance of modern-day studies and pinnacle-notch experts. BCST adheres to the principle of self-reliance, and all parts of the globe control valve are self-created by the company. BCST is among the top exporters and suppliers of Globe control valve in china Globe control valve is a popular device that is widely used in many applications. The best feature is that its seat-tightness is for the long term. It maintains and controls flow inside your application. And your application works smoothly, and you will not face any problems.

Many questions arise when it comes to the globe control valve; here are the answers to these questions:

What is a globe control valve?

A Globe control valve is a powerful device used to control the flow in the piping system. It is widely used in different industries. 

Its seat tightness is long-lasting. The Globe control valve is constructed incredibly. You can make this valve using various construction materials. different industries prefer the globe control valve because of its proper flow control features. You can buy globe control valves in different sizes, and you can use them in all kinds of applications, whether big or small, hot or cold. Globe control valves can control different kinds of temperatures. You can use them in hot or cold applications. A Globe control valve is the most popular type of control valve; it actuates in linear motion. Its body is sphere-shaped. 

The globe control valve is composed of a seat, stem, disc, plug, etc. it contains a pneumatic control which will help you, providing force to handle the globe control valve. It will organize the actuator and provides a way for the flow to pass through the system.

globe control valve

What are the general features of the globe control valve?

Globe control valves are a very versatile type of control valve. You can use them in different flow applications; by using them, you can balance the flow of your applications. Globe control valves have many benefits, and they have excellent features. Let’s get familiar with their diverse general capabilities now.

Different features of globe control valve:

  • Usually, the Globe control valvecontains a design that might be a two-way or three-way design.
  • You can use various construction materials to construct the globe control valve.

A Globe control valve can help you in flanged or welded connections.

  • The globe control valves are pretty efficient, and they got an excellent shutoff capacity.
  • Globe control valvescontain additional features which enable safety. The valve contains positioners that may help you know how much your valve should be open or closed for throttling.
  • The Globe control valvecontains limit switches which may decide for how much time the valve should remain open and close for the safety of internal parts of the globe control 
  • The Globe control valvehas ASME class II, III, IV, V, or VI shutoff needs.
  • The Globe control valveis crucial for many applications and industries, as it is perfect for power industries, and it works efficiently in steam applications.
  • Globe control valvesmay contain optional position switches, air solenoid, lockup valves, and boosters, providing batter control.
  • The Globe control valveprovides the smooth function of your application.
  • It contains easy-to-clean features as it has a removable lower plug, which allows you to check and clean the valve quickly.

What are the kinds of globe control valves?

The latest globe control valves are available in different kinds; you can select one which suits your industrial needs. So let’s discuss different kinds of globe control valves, so you can understand which kind of globe control valve is compatible with your system; here are some of the types of globe control valves:

Two-way Globe control valve: 

This kind of globe control valve contains a standard design, and it controls the steam, gases, and liquids. You can control the temperature, pressure, level, or flow rate of liquids; you can also check and control physical and chemical parameters with the help of this valve. In many applications, two-way globe control valves regulate the flow, and these valves are equipped with an electro-pneumatic positioner with digital functions and advanced programming.   

This kind of globe control valve is ideal for precise control of flow. This kind of globe control valve has linear plug styles. It can control a large flow and is also capable of controlling lower flow rates. This globe control valve might also incorporate electric, pneumatic, or guide actuators.

two way globe

Three-way globe control valve:

A three-way globe control valve is another type of globe control valve that mixes two inlets in one outlet, this kind of globe control valve works with a Trim that can be linear. The three-way globe control valve has an extensive flow range; in which you can divert a precise amount of flow.

You can use this valve in cooling or heating water or thermal oil applications. But major industries which are using this kind of valve are mixing industries. You can use them as diverting valves in heat exchanges or pumps. Another application where the globe control valve may benefit is blending warm and cold fluid to get the prevailing temperature valve. You can use this globe control valve to regulate the electro-pneumatic positioned valve. It might be a conventional analogue type or an advanced globe control valve with full digital functions and supervision.

Micro-flow globe control valve:

Another type of globe control valve is used to regulate liquid gas or steam. The design of these valves is according to the size of the pressure connection. The target of the micro flow globe control valve is applications that need a KVS value, which is between 0.1-4.0. in other words, you can say, control of meagre flow rates. The main places where these micro-flow globe control valves are used are system prototype tests and some industries, research places, and universities. You can directly use the micro-flow globe control valve. You can say that the micro-flow globe control valve is a regulation valve, which you can use with an electro-pneumatic positioner, which can be of two types. It can be a conventional analogue type, or it can be an advanced digital type. It contains full programmability features, a digital interface, data supervision, etc.

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