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What is a Pneumatic Discharge Valve

What is a Pneumatic Discharge Valve

Depending on the actual demands, the structure of the pneumatic discharge valve from the bottom is flat and provides different working modes. The cavity of the pneumatic discharge valve from inside is resistant to scout and corrosion of the ring seal. The purpose of a ring seal is to protect in terms of medium-level corrosion when opening the pneumatic discharge valve. Particularly, there is treatment on ring seal for making the surface for the valve disc. The pair of seals apply linearly to assure reliability and protection from the scar. The pneumatic discharge valve is mainly used to discharge from the bottom, making the samples empty and shut-off operation with no dead zone in the kettle’s reactions taking place, vessels and storage tanks.

figure 1 pneumatic discharge valve

What is a discharge valve?

The discharge valve is a device that helps monitor and control the flow of the circulation system. It can adjust the flow according to the situations wherever there are changes in the flow’s speed. There are different involvement systems in the discharge control valve processing the liquids and gases. The discharge valve’s actual purpose is to maintain flowing substance regulation and increase/decrease to receive the desired outcome.

What is the purpose of using the discharge valve?

Generally, using the discharge valve is to convey the natural gas from the functional system. It is for delivering the natural gas to the consumers and using it for safety purposes. You can use the discharge valve in manufacturing by routing the air which the help of machinery producing goods. The discharge valve helps control the flowing air so the machinery can deliver the results efficiently. It is dependent on your application, how you can use the discharge valve manually, by sensors or with the help of the computer. Along with all the equipment, the discharge valve requires maintenance and inspection to stay functional and keep working effectively for an extended period.

Why is it essential to close the discharge valve before starting the centrifugal pump?

Reasons to close the discharge valve:

There is a reduction in the starting current whenever the discharge valve closes. The current rate is high when the motor starts working. The pump begins to work along with the open discharge valve. The head of the discharge has more resistance toward the pump. Therefore, the motor starts giving the starting torque to the pump and shows it needs more current.

Situations when you can open the discharge valve:

You can open the discharge valve when there is a check valve. Whenever there is pressure on the side of the discharge of the centrifugal pump, close the discharge valve when there is no check valve. Use proper PVC fittings to avoid any leakages in the transparent pipe. It is better to use the PVC pipe.

What is the emergency pneumatic discharge valve for the fuel tanker, and what are its benefits?

You have to install the emergency pneumatic discharge valve at the bottom of the tank. The parts of the emergency pneumatic discharge valve at the top are sealed tightly in the tank. Whenever the shear groove crosses the limit and spillage occurs to crash down the tank, it cuts down automatically through the groove. This is under the specific situation where it doesn’t affect the sealing. The emergency pneumatic discharge valve protects the tank from leakages and provides safety during transportation. You can use this product for water, gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other fuels. The emergency pneumatic discharge valve is made up of Aluminum alloy, and its diameter is 4 inches.

Features and benefits of emergency pneumatic discharge valve:

  • Balancing the pressureàwhenever the emergency pneumatic discharge valve is closed, then the pressure of the fuel cannot open the valve.
  • Special treatment for the surfaceàthe whole body of the emergency pneumatic discharge valve needs to to pass through the unique surface process to bring progress against the corrosion.
  • Hydrodynamic body-àthe designing and highly lifting of the poppet causes a reduction in the pressure drop to increase the rate of the flow
  • External shear grooveàmeeting all the standard requirements for limiting the spill in an emergency.
  • Manually opening the deviceàThere is no use of pneumatic control whenever there is a requirement of accidental discharge. As you can open it manually.
  • Easy to installàthe size of the emergency pneumatic discharge valve is appropriate and fulfils small areas’ demands.
  • Easy to serviceàyou can easily replace the piston of the air cylinder without removing the emergency pneumatic discharge valve from the working tank pipe.


The pneumatic discharge valve is a piece of essential equipment for industries manufacturing by BCST. It helps in regulating the flow and temperature in different mediums. You can consider a pneumatic discharge valve as your best partner in high temperature and pressure circumstances. There is also metal sealing to deliver good performance. Contact BCST today regarding your order for a pneumatic discharge valve.

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