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What is a Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

trunnion-mounted ball valve

The trunnion mounted ball valve is a quarterly turning valve that helps stop the flowing medium in the pipelines. The unique feature of the trunnion mounted ball valve is its disk in a round or spherical shape placed in the centre. This keeps rotating to stop or start the flow. You can call this disk the ball because it is hollow from the centre. The trunnion mounted ball valve provides extra support to the ball. The support is the kind of shaft that is known as a trunnion. This part is extremely useful in absorbing any additional pressure and decreasing the stress on the seats and trunnion mounted ball valve ball. The trunnion mounted ball valve is convenient for high-pressure applications of high-scale where there requires working torque of low-level.

figure 1 trunnion mounted ball valve

What are the parts of the trunnion mounted ball valve?

The trunnion mounted ball valve structure is somehow the same as the ball valve. The only difference between the two is the extra mechanical anchor that supports the ball. This design is supportive to both sides of the ball on the x-axis. So, it remains in its position, and controlling is easy. Following are the parts of the trunnion mounted ball valve:


 The whole body of the trunnion mounted ball valve is in the particular casing whose purpose is to protect the internal parts. Mostly, it is made up of stainless steel carbon steel. Super-duplex, duplex, or low-temperature carbon steel is dependent on the application.


The actuator inside the trunnion mounted ball valve helps open and close the trunnion mounted ball valve. According to the flowing medium and application, there are various actuators suitable for the trunnion mounted ball valve. The typical actuators are bare stem, gear, hand lever, hydraulic actuator, and pneumatic actuator present in a trunnion mounted ball valve. There is also the possibility of using motor-operating actuators, gas-actuators, electric actuators, and electric-hydraulic actuators.


The trunnion mounted ball valve’s stem connects with the ball present inside the actuator. The welding joints with the ball helps in controlling its movement. There are anti-blowing out stems for handling the high temperature without causing any damage to the trunnion mounted ball valve.


The disk inside the trunnion mounted ball valve is in the ball shape. The ball valve connection is with trunnion and stems on the other side. Inside the trunnion mounted ball valve disk or ball remains in its place during its rotation. The seats remain connected with the ball; therefore, it causes a reduction inside the torque.


Inside the Trunnion mounted ball valve, an extra shaft keeps holding the ball from the bottom. The shaft in small size is known as a trunnion that helps the ball to remain in its position. In a few ball valves, the trunnion is the extension of the ball; otherwise, the connection is with the ball by the welding joints.


The seats of the trunnion mounted ball valve surround the ball. When the actuator turns on, seats start holding the ball tightly and fastening the accessibility. There are springs in the trunnion mounted ball valve that helps move the ball.

figure 2 parts of trunnion mounted ball valve

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