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What is an Electric Gate Valve?

What is an Electric Gate Valve?

I. What is an electric gate valve?

Electric gate valve is a kind of valve controlled by electric actuator, mainly used for fluid control in pipeline system. It consists of valve body, valve seat, valve stem, electric actuator and other components. Its working principle is through the control of electric actuator (such as electric screw actuator, electric worm gear actuator, etc.), so that the gate plate on the valve stem moves up and down on the sealing surface on the valve seat, so as to achieve the opening and closing of the medium. The electric actuator can be controlled remotely or automatically according to the control signal, which makes the electric gate valve widely used in petrochemical, water treatment, electric power, pharmaceutical and other fields. It can accurately control the flow and pressure of the medium, and is suitable for fluid control needs under various working conditions.

II. Structure features

  1. The valve adopts pressure self-tightening sealing or body and cover gasket sealing structure, which is trustworthy! The use of safe and reliable.
  2. The valve flap adopts double gates with universal top structure in the middle, which can automatically adjust the valve flap and seat sealing surface to ensure the sealing of the valve. At the same time, this structure is easy to maintain, cost savings, valve interchangeability is better.
  3. The sealing surface of valve flap and valve seat is made of cobalt chromium tungsten carbide by plasma spray welding, which has high hardness of sealing surface, abrasion resistance, scuff resistance and long service life.
  4. The valve stem is made of nitrided steel with nitriding treatment on the surface, which has high hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.
  5. The electric device is equipped with torque control mechanism, on-site operation mechanism and hand and electric switching mechanism. In addition to local operation, it can also be operated from a distance, PLC control, 4~20mA current input and output intelligent control.
  6. The valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline, and at the same time, according to the medium and the temperature of the medium to choose carbon steel or alloy steel valves.
  7. When the initial installation and commissioning, the valve must be opened manually to about half of the position, so as not to reverse the phase sequence of the motor leads to damage to the valve or electrical equipment.

III. The main advantages of electric gate valve:

  1. High degree of automation: through the control of the electric actuator, it can achieve remote operation and automation control to improve production efficiency. This makes the electric gate valve can be adapted to the automation control system to achieve centralised control and remote monitoring, thus improving production efficiency and reducing manpower costs.
  2. High accuracy: electric actuator can accurately control the degree of opening of the valve to meet the precise adjustment requirements of the fluid medium. Compared with manual operation, electric control can more accurately control the position and opening degree of the valve, so as to achieve the precise regulation of fluid flow, pressure and temperature.
  3. Convenient operation: no manual operation, reducing the labour intensity of the staff and improving the convenience of operation. Especially in the case of poor working environment or frequent operation, the use of electric gate valve can reduce manual intervention and reduce safety risks.
  4. Strong adaptability: electric gate valve is applicable to a variety of media and working conditions of fluid control, with strong versatility and adaptability. Whether it is high temperature, high pressure, corrosive media or special working conditions of fluid control, electric gate valve are capable of, widely used in various industrial fields.

IV. The main application areas

  1. Petrochemical industry: used in pipeline delivery systems, processing equipment and storage tanks and other fluid control. Electric gate valve can accurately control the medium flow and pressure, suitable for a variety of chemical production process fluid control requirements.
  2. Water treatment industry: used for water supply and drainage systems, sewage treatment plants and water treatment equipment flow regulation and control. The electric gate valve can control the water flow stably to ensure the normal operation of the water treatment system and stable water quality.
  3. Natural gas transmission: used for natural gas pipeline system pressure regulation and flow control. Electric gate valve can ensure the safe operation of natural gas pipeline, and adjust the flow of natural gas according to the need to meet the needs of different users.
  4. Thermal power plants: used for fluid control of boilers, turbines and thermal piping systems. The electric gate valve can precisely control the flow of fuel and cooling medium to ensure the normal operation of power plant equipment and the stability of the thermal system.
  5. Pharmaceutical industry: used in the pharmaceutical production process of raw materials delivery and process control. Electric gate valve can ensure the fluid control precision and stability of the pharmaceutical production process, to meet the strict requirements of pharmaceutical production.

V. The use of installation precautions

  1. Gate valve can be installed in the horizontal pipeline or vertical pipeline, single and double gate gate valve should be installed in the horizontal pipeline, and the handwheel should be located above the valve, not allowed to install downwards. Gate valve media flow direction is not restricted.
  2. Gate valves are usually connected by flange, special occasions are also used for welding connection.
  3. For large calibre and high pressure gate valve, opening and closing torque is larger. In order to reduce the opening and closing torque, can be used to install a bypass valve. Bypass valve is installed in the main gate valve outside, its import and export and the main gate valve on both sides of the practice connection, parallel connection. The main gate valve should be opened before the opening of the bypass valve, into the valve, so that the main gate valve gate before and after the pressure difference is reduced, thereby reducing the main gate valve opening torque. Bypass valve calibre selection should be based on the main valve calibre and use requirements.
  4. Gate valve is a cut-off valve, sealing performance is not as good as the cut-off valve. Gate valve is the main “duty” is “cut off”, as well as the minimum resistance: “renewed flow”. It should not be used to regulate the flow and pressure of the medium, such as long-term for regulation, the sealing surface is easy to be media scouring wear and tear, affecting the sealing performance.
  5. Gate valve medium temperature, pressure, reliability of use should be noted. In high temperature, high pressure, due to temperature changes may make the gate fastening bolts: in the installation process, to ensure that the connection between the valve and the pipeline fastening bolts firmly and reliably, to prevent leakage due to loosening or poor valve operation.
  6. Electrical wiring: according to the wiring requirements of the electric actuator, correct wiring and ensure that the wiring is firm and reliable. Ensure that the electrical connection meets the safety standards, to avoid electrical problems caused by potential safety hazards.
  7. Valve debugging: After the installation is completed, the valve needs to be debugged and tested to ensure that the valve operation and control functions properly. The commissioning process needs to check whether the opening and closing action of the valve is flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise or leakage phenomenon.8. Protective measures: According to the actual situation, consider taking protective measures, such as anti-corrosion coating, protective cover, etc., to extend the service life of the valve, and improve the safety of the valve.
  8. Follow the operating procedures: After the installation is completed, the relevant operating procedures should be formulated and the operators should be trained to ensure that they can properly operate and maintain the electric gate valve to avoid unnecessary damage or accidents. Plate chiseled, and at the same time, due to the uneven temperature of the medium at all places, easy to produce the phenomenon of non-sealing. Chisel but the gate valve is especially obvious.

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