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What is An Electric Solenoid Valve

What is An Electric Solenoid Valve

BCST provides you with the complete solution for Electric Solenoid valves as BCST is the top electric solenoid valve producing company in china. The company has 20 years of experience producing and supplying the best quality Electric Solenoid valves. The company is exporting Electric Solenoid valves to more than 100 countries globally. An electric solenoid valve is a device that is widely used in different industries. An Electric Solenoid Valve is a device that works with electric current, and it is composed of the solenoid, which is a wire coil that acts as an electromagnet, and it controls the current through the valve. BCST Electric solenoid valve can be your reliable partner in your system, which is related to controlling air, gas, and fluid mixing, distributing or releasing.

When you want to know more about Electric Solenoid valves, then here are the answers to all the queries related to Electric Solenoid Valve:

What is an electric solenoid valve?

An Electric Solenoid Valve is an essential element for many industries. It is a unique device that is an electrically controlled valve.

 The Electric Solenoid Valve contains an electric coil with a moving plunger situated in its centre. If the Electric Solenoid Valve is not in the work area or rest area, the plunger places it near a small exit area. Then, the electric current creates a magnetic field with a coil, which acts energetically at the top of the plunger; as a result, the power orifice opens. The electric solenoid valve always opens and closes by performing this principle.

What are the different types of electric solenoid valves?

The electric solenoid valve‘s function transforms the electric energy into mechanical energy. And this energy is capable of creating a magnetic return. And when electric current enters an electric solenoid valve by passing through the wire coil, the electric solenoid valve starts functioning. A few types of electric solenoid valves are available in the market. But there are two main types of solenoid valves which are:

  • Directly operated electric solenoid valve
  • Electric solenoid valvesoperated by the driver

To choose the correct valve for your system, you should know the Electric solenoid valve types. To choose the correct valve for your system, you need to know the types of solenoid valves. So let’s look at these types of electric solenoid valves in detail.

Types of electric solenoid valves:

Electric solenoid valves operating directly:

This type of electric solenoid valve, through direct action and use magnetic power for this purpose. The spiral moves down and drags the stem, which helps the valve seat expedient. But the coil does not work if you do not have the power to move it, and it will come to its original position because it needs full power to operate the valve. The solenoid coil is ordinarily a large indirect-acting electric solenoid valve smaller than the pilot-operated one. This electric solenoid valve does not need any pressure difference and can work without any pressure in the line.


driver-operated electric solenoid valve:

The driver-operated electric solenoid valve is a type of electric solenoid valve that helps open the valve through Pressure fluid on the line. Its significant advantages are its ability to use smaller coil and for its functions and the other one is its low cost and pocket friendly. This kind of electric solenoid valve uses less electric power, but they need full power to maintain its open state. Because of this electric solenoid valve, there will be some pressure available, which will help you make the valve functional and make it able to run. So it will help save energy, and it will become a low-cost facility for you then.

Other types of electric solenoid valves:

Semi-direct acting solenoid valve:

This kind of electric solenoid valve contains the properties of a direct-acting electric solenoid valve and a driver-operated solenoid valve. This kind of electric solenoid valve can control a high flow rate. It has a small orifice and a moveable chamber. The solenoid plunger is adjacent to the membrane directly. When the system lifts the plunger, it will also pick up the membrane, leading to an electric solenoid valve opening. It creates a pressure drop inside the electric solenoid valve. So, it’s not only the plunger that picks up the valve but also the pressure difference, which is doing the same thing.

This combination of pressure difference and plunger will start the control from zero bar and can control more significant flow rates. Semi direct-acting valves are also known as assisted-lift solenoid valves.

2-way electric solenoid valve:

The 2-way electric solenoid valve can also be called a 2-way diaphragm valve. This electricity contains two ports. Instead, these ports are taking their place because the system uses them; when the 2- way electric solenoid valve functions, it can only be open or close in its working position.

 Electric current is significant in the function of a 2-way electric solenoid valve as the valve will remain open till you apply current to the 2-way electric solenoid valve. And when you shut down the electric power, the valve will automatically go to an open state until you allow the electric power supply to reach the valve again. This electric solenoid valve has an inlet and outlet linked to open or close. Since the valve has only the opening or closing option, the electric solenoid valve can stop the fluid or open to allow flow. This kind of electric solenoid valve is prevalent and is used in a wide variety of applications. This electric solenoid valve is used to control the fluid.

2 way solenoid valve

3- way electric solenoid valve:

This kind of electric solenoid valve contains three ports. It contains an inlet connection and two outlet connections. 

This electric solenoid valve comprises closed two-way and open two-way valves. 

They contain a single-coil and body. It contains three kinds of regulatory settings. The first one is closed, 2nd usually is open, and the third one is a common type of setting. Using a three-way electric solenoid valve lets you turn the flow into three different ports.

You can use this kind of electric solenoid valve in the applications where you need comprehensive Pressure for performing their functions.3-way electric solenoid valve uses the first port for the inlet, and it uses 2ndports for an outlet. And the third port is specified for exhaust purposes. But when it is in the resting position, it remains blocked, but when you supply power to a 3-way electric solenoid valve, then the position of the spiral will be different, and the first port will be the blocked one instead of the third port. And flow moves from 2nd port to 3rd port. And when you remove the electric power supply, the spiral will return to its resting position again. This electric solenoid valve is mainly used as a single-acting pneumatic cylinder. 

3 way

4-way solenoid valves:

This type of electric solenoid valve works as a double-acting cylinder.

This type of electric solenoid valve consists of four holes, the half-hole provides Pressure, and the other holes give exhaust pressure. You can define these holes as naturally closed, naturally open, or comprehensive kinds of the electric solenoid valve. This kind of electric solenoid valve 

may contain two exhaust holes, a pressure hole, and two-cylinder ports—this kind of electric solenoid valve in the off state. You can control the speed of all operations by connecting a flow control valve to the exhaust holes.

4 way

5-way solenoid valve:

This type of electric solenoid valve performs its functions the same way as a 3-way electric solenoid valve. They contain two additional holes. You can use these two extra holes to control a double-acting pneumatic cylinder. This electric solenoid valve may contain a single-coil called sol/spring or a double solenoid coil called sol/sol.

5 way

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