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What is A Flanged Sight Glass

What is A Flanged Sight Glass 

BCST is one of the top Flanged Sight Glass manufacturing companies in China and has a profound experience in research and manufacturing of all kinds of the valve, automation, and sight glasses. The company manufactures the best and most high-quality products like a control valve, flowmeter pressure transmitter, and Flanged Sight Glass. BCST is an internationally recognized company and is quite experienced in the production of Flanged Sight Glass because it has produced and exported the best quality sight glass to more than 100 countries for 20 years. The company manufactures the best quality products with the help of genuine raw materials, research, and the latest technology. 

BCST has also received quality certificates from ISO14001, ISO28001, ATEX, CE, and SIL2, which proves that company is maintaining high-quality standards.

When you think about a Flanged Sight Glass, many questions can knock your mind; here are the answers to all queries which will emerge in your mind about Flanged Sight Glass

What is a Flanged Sight Glass?

Many industries work with the help of reactors and tanks. These industries use Flanged Sight Glass for observing the process going on in chambers or boilers. Industries weld Flanged Sight Glass on the sidewall of a tank or vessel, and it looks like a window of a ship. You can inspect all the processes inside the tank or pipelines; most industries use ANSI size flanges. The Flanged Sight Glass is used to check the presence of fluid or observe different fluids passing through pipelines and check the pressure and flow rate inside the pipeline.

Flanged sight glass

What are different types of Flanged Sight Glass?

There are five different types of Flanged Sight Glass:

  1. Flanged sight flow indicators.
  2. Flanged rectangular tank sight glass fitting
  3. Flanged circular tank sight glass fitting.
  4. Flanged 3-way sight flow indicators.
  5. Flanged tubular sight flow indicators.

So let’s have a detailed look at all these different Flanged Sight Glasses:

  • Flanged Sight Flow Indicators:

 A flanged sight flow indicator is a kind of Flanged Sight Glass installed in a pipeline that will give you a visual aid to check the liquid flow, direction, and accuracy. These Flanged Sight Glasses need occasional replacement, and sometimes you will replace them apart, and sometimes you should repair the whole damaged unit. It allows visual observation of the direction, flow, and rate of liquid, gas, or powder. It gives you brief information about the media’s colour and clarity with the help of an observation window.

This kind of Flanged Sight Glass is usually made of carbon steel and stainless steel because stainless steel gives better corrosion resistance. This kind of Flanged Sight Glass is commonly used in pharmaceutical industries. But keep in mind the gasket material that you are using should be compatible with the process media. The gasket should be made with Teflon or PF material.

flanged sight glass

· Flanged rectangular tank sight glass fitting:

You can weld this type of Flanged Sight Glass onto the tank or vessel valve. It consists of a base frame and glass, and the glass is sandwiched between a gasket on two sides. And it also contains a cover flange that can be bolted to the base flange. You can use this kind of Flanged Sight Glass to check the fluid level inside the pressure tank and silos and valves. It also contains prismatic grooves, and you can better differentiate levels without internal lightning in the vessel by using light reflection.

This Flanged Sight Glass comprises borosilicate glass and carbon steel or stainless steel flange material.

  • Flanged circular tank sight flow indicators:

This flange sight glass is suitable for welding into or onto the vessel walls, pads, etc.

This kind of Flanged Sight Glass is composed of stainless steel or carbon steel material. It has a round flange mounting which you will weld onto the vessel.

And you can use this type of Flanged Sight Glass to examine the fluid condition inside the pressure vessels, tanks, silos, separator pipelines, etc.

Flanged circular tank sight glass fitting
  • Flanged 3-way sight flow indicators:

This kind of Flanged Sight Glass is used in vertical and horizontal pipelines. You can inspect the flow of fluids and gases with the help of flanged 3-way sight flow indicators. Because it allows visual add of fuel grade without opening the valve. This kind of Flanged Sight Glassworks with tank trucks; flanged butterfly valves can be seen on gasoline trucks. It is composed of stainless steel material and borosilicate glass.

  • Flanged tubular sight flow indicators:

 You can use Flanged tubular sight glass in pipelines to check the flow of liquid, powder, or gas flow. It is composed of a body that contains one or more windows to observe the process. You can check the fluid passing rate, clarity, and colour through the pipelines.

This kind of Flanged Sight Glass is composed of stainless steel and carbon steel. You can use it in industries working at a temperature of 250˚C. 

Final words:

The Flanged Sight Glass is used to check the presence of fluid, observe different fluids passing through pipelines and tanks, and check the pressure and flow rate inside the pipeline.

Flanged Sight Glass is usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel material, durable and long-lasting. Flanged Sight Glass is a device that is useful and cost-efficient. BCST also offers the best quality Flanged Sight Glass, which will help you check the flow rate and pressure inside your piping system without opening the tanks and pipe. You can also get high-quality Flanged Sight Glass; contact our team members to know the details regarding Flanged Sight Glass. Be sure we will always provide you with the best quality products, and we will always provide you with support and assistance. Now order the high-quality Flanged Sight Glass to our official website. Our customer care agents are also getting the orders on what’s app and skype. Purchase the high-quality Flanged Sight Glass and receive your delivery at your doorstep.

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