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What is the Cast Iron Valve

What is Cast Iron Valve

BCST manufacturers the complete line of industrial instruments that include a variety of valves. Each one of them is of high quality such as the cast iron valve. These all products of BCST have brought a revolution in the manufacturing processes. This has increased their significance in some projects.

Now, here you will come to know about the details of the cast iron valve:

What is the cast iron valve?

The production of the cast iron valve by BCST is the form of cast. You can use the cast iron valve inside the pipelines for residential and commercial purposes. The cast iron valve is moderate in terms of dimensions and weight. The main advantage of using the cast iron valve is its durability and relatively cheap production. This results in the production of different kinds of valves from a single material such as the creation of the gate valves. There is a lot of variety of the cast iron valve available at BCST including butterfly valves and check valves.

What are the types of cast iron valve?

1)Cast iron butterfly valve: You can call the cast iron butterfly valve the grey iron butterfly valve that is made up of the alloy. This is an economical option wherever the conditions are non-critical. From the name of the valve, it shows that there is a disc inside the stem surrounding the stem from the centre.

figure 1 cast iron butterfly valve

2)Cast iron bellow seal globe valve: The body of this type of cast iron valve is thick while comparing to others. There are zero leakages in it and the bellow seal ring is of stainless steel.

3)Cast Iron Gate Valve: It is appropriate for fitting into the flanges depending on the configurations and where there is the requirement of the tight shut-off. Operate the gate valve manually along with the brass stem, the seat of cast brass, or cast bronze. You can use this particular valve in heating and cooling applications.  

figure 3 cast iron gate valve

4)Cast iron globe valve: mostly, the cast iron globe valve is appropriate for marine and industrial applications. There is a handwheel along with the bolted bonnet and body of cast iron. The actual purpose of using the cast iron globe valve is to throttle the flow control. There is an accomplishment of the moving disc flowing against the stream.

5)Cast iron check valve: The installation of the cast iron check valve is simple and you can use it easily. Its spring return is of stainless steel for mounting purposes at any location. This valve allows the medium to flow in a single direction and automatically closes whenever there is a reverse in the flow.

figure 5 cast iron check valve

6)Cast iron swing check valve: This kind of cast iron valve is along with the flanges at both the ends. There is a seat of stainless steel that protects the check valve. It also has amazing capacities in terms of sealing.

7)Cast Iron Steam Trap Valve: The working principle of this cast iron valve is based on the principle of Bernoulli. It is dependent on the relationship that exists between pressure and temperature. This is used by the steam present in the chamber of the steam trap.

figure 7 cast iron steam trap valve

8)Cast Iron Lift Check Valve: In this check valve, the medium flows similar to the stream smoothly under the minimum pressure drop. Its design is particularly tight shut off and efficiently flowing the fluid. The activation of these valves is through the flowing of the medium exit in the pipeline.

9)Cast Iron Air Release Valve: The main purpose of this valve is to release the air and make the medium flow easily. This valve works in such a way that air starts to release when it is charging and air enters whenever the main lines are empty. The air valve permits the air to bleed from the pipelines under the working pressure. This gets rid of the building up of the air at the high points and brings improvement in the efficiency of the pumps.

figure 9 cast iron air release valve

10)Air Exhaust Valves: The installation of the air exhaust valve is on the rod or at the ending of the cylinder of pneumatic. This helps in facilitating the extension quickly and retracting the equipment. The air exhaust valves work through the rise in the speed of the rod of the pneumatic cylinder. This helps in expelling the air from the port of the cylinder directly.

Figure 10 air exhaust valve

11)Cast iron food valve: This valve is small in size and the whole structure is compact. There is also tight sealing without any leakages whenever conducting the pressure test. The cast iron food valve is completely safe and reliable in terms of working and high interference resistance. The performance is high of the cast iron food valve.

figure 11 cast iron food valve


The cast iron valve of BCST is famous because of its special features. Examination of every cast iron valve is very important during the manufacturing process. This is for receiving the assurance in terms of quality and to get the testing certificates. Customize and personalize services are available at BCST. You can use the cast iron valve for commercial and residential purposes so contact the representatives of BCST anytime you face any issue. The team of BCST is always ready to deliver your type of cast iron valve n any country. All the types of cast iron valve are always in stock and place the order now.

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