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What is the Electric Butterfly Valve

What‘s the electric butterfly valve

Established in 2000, BCST is delivering the benefits from its expertise and knowledge in the market of the solenoid valve, electric butterfly valve, pneumatic valve, and much more. BCST is the solution provider, covering a variety of applications and diversity in different industries. The whole team of BCST is working with dedication on developing the electric butterfly valve.

Do you want to know more about the electric butterfly valve? Check out the details below:

What are an electric butterfly valve and its features?

Definition of the electric butterfly valve:

The electric butterfly valve consists of an actuator that helps regulate the flow in large pipes. The working of an electric butterfly valve is in an analog form when compared to the butterfly valve. The component or plat is deposited in the pipe’s middle. The power signals help control the electric butterfly valve and its opening and closing. You can use the electric butterfly valve as a control valve, check valve, and cut-off valve of the pipelining system. Along with the manually controlled device, you can use the electric butterfly valve yourself in case of any power failure.

Features of the electric butterfly valve: 

Here are the features for electric butterfly valve manufacture by BCST.

  • The electric butterfly valve is easy to access, saves labor force and low resistance for the fluid
  • The whole structure of the electric butterfly valve is simple, small, and light as a feather.
  • The electric butterfly valve has the capability of transporting the slush. The minimum quantity of the liquid can accumulate inside the mouth of the pipe.
  • Working the electric butterfly is under low pressure and can get a good seal.
  • The adapting performance of the electric butterfly valve is good

What are the types of electric butterfly valves?

The main types of electric butterfly valves are:

· Flange connection electric butterfly valve:

The structure of the flange connection electric butterfly valve is highly compact and straightforward. It is small in size, light-weighted even simple to disassemble. You can install the flange connection electric butterfly valve in any position. The seal replacement is also possible in this type of valve, and there is reliability in the seal to receive a two-way seal.

figure 1 flange connection electric butterfly valve

· Wafer connection electric butterfly valve:

In the wafer connection electric butterfly valve, there is a seat of ring-shaped seat, disc, and lining of elastic. The rotation of the disc is about 90 degrees through the shaft of the electric butterfly valve inside the washer. It helps control the fluid and is helpful for other mediums, including gases under the unique selections.

Figure 2 wafer connection electric butterfly valve

· Metal seal electric butterfly valve:

The elastic feature is present in the metal seal electric butterfly valve. Its composition is from the metal seal ring for performing the zero leakages. The hard surface of the seat is favorable for different working conditions. It increases the lifespan of the metal seal electric butterfly valve, and you can maintain it easily.

Figure 3 metal seal electric butterfly valve

· PTFE liner electric butterfly valve:

The PTFE linear electric butterfly valve is energy efficient compared to the ball valves and causes reduced working torque. You can use it for various applications where reliability and durability are needed. This type of electric butterfly valve is available along with the different accessories, including a solenoid, switch box, and air filter regulator.

Figure 4 PTFE liner electric butterfly valve

· Rubber liner wafer electric butterfly valve:

The rubber liner wafer electric butterfly valve helps control the medium for on/off applications. Many industries use this electric butterfly valve, including chemical engineering, machine, food and beverages, and water treatment.

· High-temperature flange electric butterfly valve:

This electric butterfly valve is among the advanced valves, along with the three-eccentric metal and hard seal. The body and seat of this valve are connected along with one another. The high-temperature flange electric butterfly valve is resistant to high temperatures, and you can efficiently operate it.

figure 6 high temperature flange electric butterfly valve

· LCD electric butterfly valve:

The LCD electric butterfly valve and the actuator and LCD screen are available. It has a current supply of 4-20mA input and output for partially or quarterly turning off the electric butterfly valve. You can also call them motorized electric butterfly valves, whose availability is along with the Aluminum shell.

· Sanitary electric butterfly valve:

A circular disc inside the sanitary electric butterfly valve is available in a ring-style body structure. Its works by rotating and quarterly turning the shaft. The sanitary electric butterfly valve permits the positioning of the butterfly valve to work automatically or is controlled remotely.  

· UPVC electric butterfly valve:

This electric butterfly valve consists of a PVC body and an electric actuator. It makes suitable for a variety of applications. The UPVC electric butterfly valve also has a flange connection; other types depending on the size.


At BCST, the electric butterfly valve is along with a pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. Its main target is to provide high-quality products to the customer. There are various electric butterfly valves so that you can choose accordingly. 30 experts are present at BCST, and each is completely specialized in resolving your issues about the electric butterfly valve. Stay in touch with them through the official website of BCST. If you have any queries regarding any BCST product, including the electric butterfly valve you can email us at [email protected][email protected], or talk or WhatsApp to our representatives directly at 008615052699328 or 008613813312209. Our representative will resolve your queries within 24 hours.

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