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Professional Air & steam Trap Manufacturer

BCST Air & steam trap can deal with heavy and mild condensate load equally.

  • Compact, simple, and lightweight.
  • Highly durable.
  • Resistant to water hammer.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Easy upkeep and repair.
  • Energy-efficient.

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    A Reliable Air & Steam Trap Supplier In China

    BCST steam traps are computerized valves that filter condensate and non-condensable gases together with air without letting steam escape. Steam traps may be divided into 3 fundamental categories, mechanical, thermodynamic, and thermostatic. Each kind make use of an extraordinary working precept to do away with condensate and non-condensate gases and maintain steam with inside the system. The big majority of steam traps in present day operation are routinely operated.

    BCST - A Top Rated Air & Steam Trap Suppliers In China

    Based on condensate load, air venting, and pressure, steam traps are used for diverse end-person industries together with chemicals, energy, and power, meals and beverages, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, etc.

    Ball float steam trap

    Ball Float Steam Trap

    Flange end ball float steam trap
    Flange End Ball Float Steam Trap

    Inverted bucket steam trap

    Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

    free float steam trap

    Free Float Steam Trap

    screw end ball float steam trap

    Screw End Ball Float Steam Trap

    Thermodynamic steam trap

    Thermodynamic steam trap

    BCST Supply One Stop Air & Steam Trap Solution

    BCST has a vast stock of steam trap, fast delivery within seven working days. We will do our best to meet your project schedule. BCST has strict quality control, ISO certified company making sure to provide an excellent product to you. 100% inspection before shipping to ensure the product meets your requirements. 

    As an expert steam trap manufacturer in China, BCST supplies a complete package solution to various applications. Whether you’re an end-user or an engineering company, BCST will provide you with technical support. BCST steam trap is widely employed within the process industry.

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