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Professional Control Valve Manufacturer

Control valves are used as the most important management device  in  fluid managing methods. They are features below :

  • Fast and powerful 
  • Reliable quality .
  • Compact design.
  • Minimum stress drop.

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    BCST your Expert Control Valve Supplier in China

    BCST control valves are utilized in diverse approaches to modify glide, stress, temperature, or different variables. It is used to govern fluid glide through the various scales of the gliding passage as directed through a sign from a controller. This allows the direct control of glide price and the consequential management of manner portions which include pressure, temperature, and liquid level.

    BCST control valve is a vital product used in lots of industries. One of the maximum well-known packages is within side the oil and fuel line industry. It is used to govern working situations which include glide price, temperature, stress, and liquid level. 

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    BCST your One-Stop Control Valve Solution in China

    BCST substantial choice of control valves gives the fine answer to your requirements. BCST is a skilled and experienced control valve producer. As an ISO-registered company, BCST has a robust expert heritage and informed personnel with over 20 generations of producing and export experience.

    Pneumatic control valve

    Pneumatic Control Valve

    A pneumatic control valve is actuated by a pneumatic actuator driven by compressed air.

    Electric Control Valve

    Electric Control Valve

    The electric control valve is actuated by an electric actuator operated by an electric motor.

    Self Regulating Control Valve

    The self-regulated control valve is a self-sufficient device that doesn’t need external power.

    Angle Control valve

    Angle Control valve

    The angle control valve is suitable for a medium with a solid body such as slurry, etc

    Globe Control Valve

    Globe Control Valve

    Globe control valve regulates flow by linear movement with spherical body shape.

    Piston Control Valve

    Linear Control Valve

    Linear control valve feature with high accuracy flow control and simple design.


    Butterfly Control Valve

    The butterfly control valve is an economical selection with lower accuracy than others.

    Segmented V-ball Control Valve

    Segmented Ball Control Valve

    The segmented ball control valve is suitable for erosive or viscous fluid and solid-containing liquid.

    Three Way Control Valve

    The three-way control valve is a globe valve with three pipelines to mix or diverge the fluid service.

    Two Way Control Valve

    Two Way Control Valve

    The two-way control valve is a globe valve with a straightforward pipeline with an inlet and outlet port.

    PTFE Lined Control Valve

    PTFE Lined Control Valve

    PTFE lined control valve is suitable for high corrosive fluid with low pressure and temperature.

    Rotary control valve

    Rotary Control Valve

    The rotary control valve is actuated by an eccentric rotary motion with a small body and is lightweight.

    BCST your BEST Supplier for Control Valve

    BCST has advanced control valves with its very own traits that meet the maximum vital primary concepts of process control. Our merchandise is CE, SIL2 and RoHS approved. BCST is one of the main dependable and strong control valves producers in China. If you`re trying to find a skilled producer for your subsequent project, with robust technical heritage, expert team, and budget-pleasant merchandise, BCST is your maximum appropriate choice.

     BCST is your expert associate for managing valve solutions. Welcome to go to our factory.

    BCST group

    BCST Control Valve Quality Control

    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks
    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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    Why Purchase Control Valve From BCST

    Control Valve -FAQ

    1.What is Control Valve Actuator?

    An actuator is an assembly fitted to the control valve to supply energy for the transfer of fluid elements, the plug, ball valve, or vane. The control valve operation consists of positioning those elements relative to the desk-bound seat of the valve. Therefore, control valves need actuators to operate.

    The valve actuator performs a critical function. First, circulate the elements to a system required with the aid of using the control valve and default positioning at the same time as there’s no pressure energy available. Next, the actuator accepts a sign from the control device and, in response, moves the valve to a completely open or completely-closed or extra excellent closed function.

    There are three actuators for control valves; pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic.

    Pneumatic actuators 

    Pneumatic actuators are the maximum substantially used approach of actuation. They can deliver crucial forces with an adequate journey speed for optimum programs. They provide fail-steady responses to pressure electricity loss by including spring devices in the design. They are inherently stable towards explosion hazards, and widespread strategies include a piston, diaphragm, or rotary vane types.


    • High pressure and pace of motion.
    • High durability.
    • Reliability
    • Safe technology.
    • Inexpensive.


    Electric actuator

    The electric actuator uses a motorized electric motor and a gears reduction power to transport the valve into linear or rotary excursions. They may be used for on-off applications for huge isolating valves. They additionally offer non-stop positioning control with the aid of using providing position feedback to a controller imparting variable pace reversible power action. They are broadly carried out in the energy generation industry, water supply/treatment plants, pharmaceutical, etc.


    • Accurate control and positioning.
    • Able to prevent at any point of the stroke.
    • Easy to set acceleration and deceleration.
    • No outside sensors.
    • Low working costs.
    • Excellent performance at a high speed.
    • Maintenance friendly.
    • Low hazard of contamination.

    Hydraulic actuators

    Hydraulic actuators use liquid pressure to transport the valve mechanism. Almost all hydraulics actuators use a piston in preference to a diaphragm to transform fluid pressure into mechanical pressure. Hydraulic actuators generate significant mechanical power because they’re utilized in huge isolating valves on gas pipelines. In addition, they showcase very strong positioning because of the non-compressibility of hydraulic oil. Some actuator designs integrate hydraulic and electric powered strength.  


    • Infinitely variable control of equipment ratio in a huge variety and a possibility to create the big reduction ratio.
    • Small precise weight.
    • Simple and reliable protection of the engines from overloads.
    • Slight sluggishness of the rotating parts.
    • The simplicity of transformation of rotary motion into reciprocating one.
    • The possibility of positioning a hydraulic device on removal from a power source.

    Control valve actuator specialists BCST Group manufacture, stock, and export exceptional BCST control valve actuators with a selection of various types available to fit your industry needs. A variety of accessories completely supports all products. To learn more about BCST Group services and to buy online, you may email us at [email protected] in case you want further help together along with your application or desire to carry an immediate purchase.

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