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Professional Cast Iron Valves Manufacturer

BCST cast iron valve will prevent a massive quantity of money,because of their extra honest production process .

  • Relatively excessive strength.
  • Ease of installation offers the person many alternatives once
  • Large choice alternatives.

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    A Reliable Cast Iron Valves Supplier In China

    BCST cast iron valves are produced in cast form. Cast iron valves are utilized in pipelines for commercial and home purposes. They have moderately marvelous weight and dimensions. The benefit of cast iron is its sturdiness and the relative cheapness of production. As a result, it is regularly used as the number one material for creating gate valves, valves, etc.

    BCST - A Top Rated Cast Iron Valves Suppliers In China

    Cast iron is a form of steel that has been used for loads of years. It is an alloy crafted from iron, carbon, and small silicone. It has marvelous temperature tolerance. It is powerful and could cross undamaged even after going thru severe vibrations. It isn’t always very expensive. It is the maximum budget-friendly option, making it a strong alternative for people on a budget.

    cast iron butterfly valve

    Cast Iron Butterfly Valve

    cast iron bellow seal globe valve

    Cast Iron Bellow Seal Globe Valve

    cast iron Gate valve

    Cast Iron Gate Valve

    Cast iron Globe Valve

    Cast Iron Globe Valve

    cast iron check valve

    Cast Iron Check Valve

    Cast Iron Swing Check Valve

    Cast Iron Steam Trap Valve

    cast iron lift check valve

    Cast Iron Lift Check Valve

    Cast iron Air Release Valve

    Cast Iron Air Release Valve

    Air exhaust valves

    Air Exhaust Valves

    Cast iron food valve

    Cast Iron Food Valve

    Cast Iron gate valve 2

    Cast Iron Gate alve

    BCST One-Stop Cast Iron Valves Solution from China

    Cast iron valves specialist BCST Group manufacture, stock, and export exceptional BCST control valve positioners with a selection of various types available to fit your industry needs. A variety of accessories completely supports all products.

    Each cast iron valve is examined and collaborated through the manufacturing line making sure outstanding quality with entire test certificates. We have ATEX, SIL2, CE approval, in addition to explosion-proof certificates. We provide services across the world. So irrespective of wherein your company is located, we can help you.

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    Cast Iron Valves-FAQ

    What is the difference between the cast iron valve and ductile iron valve?

    In terms of the durability:

    Cast iron:  It is a strong material that can manage a higher level of pressure in comparison to other materials. Whenever the pressure rate of the cast iron valve starts exceeding then it can crack and bend. The ductility of the cast iron is zero which shows the rigidness and can crack if it bends. There can be rusting in the cast iron valve along with the period. So, maintenance is important along with the period and makes your cast iron valve free from corrosion.

    Ductile iron: The structure of the ductile iron is impressive in terms of integrity. It can handle high levels of temperature and pressure without any cringing. This is just due to the nature of the ductile iron. While bending, it doesn’t crack much while comparing to the cast iron. There can be rusting on the ductile iron valve but not easy to maintain as the cast iron valve.

    In terms of installation:

    Cast iron: There are many options available while installing the cast iron valve. The cast iron valve is bolted through the use of the flanges. Welding can be tough but possible in the cast iron valve.  There is an availability of the cast iron valve along with the flanged ends. It is a suitable method for applications having low and high pressure.

    Ductile iron: There are some similarities in the structure of cast iron and ductile iron. So, their installation methods are somehow the same. Welding is not suggested. But you can use flanges along with the bolting in various applications.

    In terms of the price:

    Cast iron: Because of the typical manufacturing process of the cast iron valve, it is a good option and helps in saving your money while comparing to the ductile iron valve. The cast iron valve is a good choice if you don’t need additional features that are possessed by the ductile iron valve.

    Ductile iron: It is expensive while comparing to the cast iron valve. This is because of the benefits provided by it and superior in most circumstances.

    Who are the manufacturers of the cast iron valve?

    Different countries are involved in the manufacturing of the cast iron valve. Such as China, India, the USA, Canada, Australia, and South Korea. You can consider China as the largest market for cast iron valve and many organizations like BCST are involved in it.  The cast iron valve goes through the quality control procedures. There is a total of 8 steps involved in it.

    • The first step is about designing the cast iron valve
    • second is the inspection of the raw materials
    • third is the gathering of the stock about the body of the valves
    • fourth is about the testing of the cast iron valve
    • fifth is regarding the testing of the spare parts
    • sixth is the involvement of the inspections
    • seventh is about the stock of the cast iron valve’s body
    • eighth is the packing of the cast iron valveto deliver

    Even the customized cast iron valve is also available according to your requirements. The highly skilful team at BCST is present to sfulfil all your needs as designing feature is there as well. Their purpose is to design and are the replacement of the ball valves, and gate valves along with the globe valves. The teammates also visit the site to completely understand the site. BCST is ready to begin depending on the configurations. To begin your tasks regarding the cast iron valve, contact the  BCST at the official email address or even on the phone calls.

    What are the industrial and commercial applications of the cast iron valve?

    Among the oldest materials, cast iron is still used in plumbing. Cast iron is an alloy that has carbon and silicon. It is very strong and resistant to corrosion that’s made common use in different industrial applications including piping, construction, and others. You need to value the cast iron as it doesn’t melt and can create fumes from it like piping or plastic valves. There can be rusting on the cast iron valve and to avoid it cleaning and maintenance of the cast iron valve are very important. So, don’t consider it a major issue. Sometimes, there is also an involvement of the grey cast iron due to its some of the properties. It includes: good in terms of machinability, a high level of strength in terms of compression even the resistance is good enough for wearing and tearing purposes. This type of cast iron is inexpensive as well and mostly contains graphite. It is strong enough to make the different parts for the automotive.

    What special care do the cast iron valve needs in the water pipelines?

    The cast iron valve is corrosive due to the cast iron and gets brittle along with time. Some challenges arise during the usage of the cast iron valve so there is a need for special inspections to prevent the pipeline from destroying.

    The bolts and rotting the nuts on the cast iron valve:

    Due to the rotting of the bolts and nuts, the pipelines remain untouched for many years. The right choice is to choose the corroded cast iron valve available along with the latest nuts and bolts of stainless steel. You can install it short period and helps in handling the water lines in case of emergency. It is suitable whenever the bonnet of the large size water valve starts blowing off or flooding out of the water while digging.  

    Corrosion in the body of the cast iron valve:

    Whenever there is corrosion in the body of the cast iron valve, the gate of the valve doesn’t open or close completely. There are multiple times when the untrained plumbers or individuals start using brutal force to open the cast iron valve. In most cases, this is not the solution and can cause the cast iron valve unworkable. The right approach is to use the cast iron valve gently in the upward and downward directions. Keep the water fixture nearest to the opening of the main gate valve. This permits corrosion breaking that loses the formation of the cast iron valve to get rid of the plumbing system without causing any blockages.

    Handling carefully including to prevent the breakage of the cast iron valve’s stem:

    Due to the gently handling of the cast iron valve,  the curb stop valve is underground and remain unused for many years. There are handles in this cast iron valve that can be the extension per foot or on every side. The wise decision is to use the pipe of 2” along with the length of 3”. They are on every side for extending the handles. Due to this, you will receive leverage to a greater extent and gently operate the curb valve.

    Replacing the parts of the cast iron valve:

     The replacement of the parts is dependent on the location, type, and size of the cast iron valve. The connection valve in the cast iron valve is very rare to find their parts. Few of the water contractors may have any of the spare parts but most of them are no longer available or manufactured. In this scenario of the leading joining wet connection valve, you need to remove the cast iron valve from the main water supply. Replace it along with the new wet connection valve of ductile iron and their diameter is exceeding 2.5”.

    Flushing out the water line made up of the cast iron:

    It is necessary to flush out the water line after the repairing services. This is specifically for the cast iron valve. The corrosion can destroy your plumbing system and lead to blockage in the main system of the water supply.  

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the cast iron valve?

    The speciality of the cast iron valve is to lock the element in two extreme positions that is “Opened” or “Closed”. This shows makes the cast iron valve unsuitable for smoothly regulating the medium flowing through the pipeline.

    Advantages of using the cast iron valve:

    • Mostly appropriate to use; in different conditions
    • Simple designing h
    • Consists of small size length for the construction
    • You can categorize according to the hydraulic resistance. This feature of the cast iron valve makes it important in the main pipeline.

    Disadvantages of using the cast iron valve:

    • Wearing inside the body of the cast iron valve present on sealing surfaces is not easy to repair.
    • You need a proper time for the reinforcement of the cast iron valve in terms of its opening and closing
    • High height for the construction of the cast iron valve. This is applicable along with the sliding spindle.

    What is the operating principle of the cast iron valve?

    The blockages in the flow pass through the cast iron valve because of the connecting of the disks in the series. They are part of designing the cast iron valve whenever there is the placement of the wedges. Inside the housing of the O-rings and disks are adjacent to the axis of the cast iron valve. The devices of the parallel kind from the cast iron valve produce the pressure at a nominal range up to 0 bar for the steam and water along with the temperature reaching 200 degrees Celsius. The diameter range are 420,350,200, 125, 100, 80 and 50 mm. However, there is the production of the parts along with the diameter of the 420mm-125mm from the electrical drive. This design helps in controlling such types of devices remotely. During the installation of the cast iron valve, sometimes the cast iron valve is unable to reach some areas of the pipeline. Overlapping the movement of the flowing medium is conducted by one of the control panels to control the working of the highway. To make the working easy and simple, the electrical gate valves speed up the processing.  This is helpful whenever you use a pipe of a large diameter. Therefore, the cast iron valve along with the electrical valves are present in the important areas of the highway. There is only a single design in all the parts. The electrical drive is along with returning spring. Such kind of a device in the locking machinery facilitates along with the speed that is reacting to the controlling signals.

    What are the features of the cast iron valve?

    • The cast iron valve can move the gas medium along at the speed of 30m/second and the speed of the liquid medium up to 4m/second.
    • There is a disk of rubber in a shape of a wedge that helps in closing and opening the passage for the flow along with the minimum effort
    • Availability of reduction in the torque whose combination is along with the smooth working of the cast iron valve. The rubber in wedge shape helps in using the cast iron valve
    • The wedged rubber is also helpful in terms of facilitating strength and tightness

    What are the specifications of the cast iron valve?

    Cast iron is among the oldest materials of all. It is an alloy that consists of 98% iron, 2% carbon, and some amounts of Silicone. It also can tolerate the temperature along with its handling. The pressure strength of the cast iron is dependent on the pressure class. There is two popular pressure class: one is class 125 and the other one is class 250. At the fewer temperatures, the rate of class 125 is between 150 and 200 psi. Class 250 cast iron is tougher along with the ratings of the pressure from 300 to 500 psi. The pressure can change depending on the type of end. The cast iron is a strong material and remains undamaged when uniformly going through the vibrations. The main disadvantage of using the cast iron valve is about being not ductile. Any type of bending can cause cracking and make the cast iron valve unable to use. The prominent quality of the cast iron valve is its inexpensive and can be used as an alternative whenever you have a limited budget.

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