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Professional Globe Control Valve Manufacturer

Globe Control valves are used as the most important management device  in  fluid managing methods. They are features below :

  • With excellent blocking ability.
  • Medium to good throttle capacity.
  • Short stroke.  
  • Sheets are easy to machine or recoat.

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    BCST your Expert Globe Control Valve Supplier in China

    BCST globe control valve is one of the most widely used types of control valves. The globe valve is a sphere. Inside the valve, the baffle separates the two halves. This internal structure creates a flow path that is different from ball valves and other rotary valves. The lift valve operates in a linear motion.

    BCST your One-Stop Globe Control Valve Solution in China

    BCST globe control valve is primarily intended to stop, start and regulate flow rates. In contrast to gate valves, globe control valves can be used to regulate flow or pressure and to shut off the flow completely. It can also be used as a pressure relief valve or check valve. The straight valve has a significantly higher pressure loss in the fully open position.

    Diaphragm globe control valve

    Diaphragm Globe Control Valve

    Electric globe Control Valve

    Electric Globe Control Valve

    pneumatic Globe Control Valve

    Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

    Pneumatic Piston globe control valve

    Pneumatic Piston Globe Control Valve

    Steam globe Control Valve

    Steam Globe Control Valve

    Three way globe Control Valve

    Three Way Globe Control Valve

    BCST your BEST Supplier for Globe Control Valve

    BCST is a leading Chinese brand specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of glove control valves with over 20 years of manufacturing and trading experience. BCST globe control valves are one of the most common valves used in a variety of applications. It is useful for various purposes in industry, engineering, manufacturing, and science.

    As a leading manufacturer of globe control valves, BCST is ISO 9001: 2000, CE, and BV certified. You can be sure that all of our globe control valves meet international quality standards. It is highly regarded in various countries and regions around the world.  

    Video- globe control valve

    BCST Globe Control Valve Quality Control

    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks
    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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    Why Purchase Globe Control Valve From BCST

    Globe Control Valve -FAQ

    What are the parts of the globe control valve?

    Globe control valves are some of the parts that make them stand out from the crowd. Thanks to these attributes, Globe Control Valve has gained worldwide fame. Let’s discuss these parts in detail: 


    It is the part of the globe control valve which contains an opening or hole. The liquid enters the valve and flows through the valve; it helps to check flow behaviour.


    The Trim is an essential part of the globe control valve. It is such a part that it remains in contact with the fluid. This part of the globe control valve comprises a seat, disk, plug, and stem. The disk is situated in the middle of the valve, and the disk remains in the seat and stops the flow through the system. 


    It comprises pneumatic mediums to give the force needed to handle the globe control valve. There are many different types of actuators that you can use these valves according to your system’s needs.


    The bonnet is also an essential part of the globe control valve; it organizes the actuator and medium of the steam to flow through. It is composed of a centrepiece, packing, nut, and guide. The bonnet is part of the globe control valve, which helps to avoid any leakage.

    Other parts:


    The seat is located in the body globe control valve, and many globe control valves have a system called back seat; this gives a seal between stem and bonnet. This part of the globe control valve stops pressure from building against the valve. It reduces the valve leakage because it helps to form tight leakage. 

    Electric motor:

    The electric motor actuator helps the globe control valve function in automatic, semiautomatic, and manual operations. The motor is reversible, and it helps the valve to open and close. It has a limit switch e valve, which opens or closes. 

    globe parts

    What is the working principle of a control valve?

    You ought to be considering the running ideas of the globe control valve. Let’s understand the working of the globe control valve in detail:

    Pneumatic actuated globe control valve:

    The working of pneumatic actuators of globe control valve depends upon air or gas signal from a source that is not related to the internal system but might be from an external source. It will make the globe control valve capable of managing action. The signals enter the actuator from the top port. Then it spreads the signals in the diaphragm of the actuator. As a result, the diaphragm puts some pressure on the plate, turning the valve stem downward that knocking the globe control valve.

    Electric Actuated globe control valve:

    This kind of globe control valve is a motor-driven device. It needs an electric current to make the motor rotate. This rotatory movement is then changed into linear motion, which helps move the stem in the globe control valve for flow difference.   

    Hydraulic actuated globe control valve:

     Like pneumatic actuators, they use a fluid, hydraulic oil used, as signal fluid to handle the function of the globe control valve. This kind of globe control valve is used in place of an electric globe control valve and can be used in place of pneumatic or electric actuated valves. When the force is needed to move the globe control valve’s stem is high.

    How a globe control valve affects the control loops? 

    An application may contain many control loops and networks that are interconnected. The control loops keep essential process variables at a specific level.

     These variables are fluid level, pressure, and temperature. It helps to know that the quality of the valve is according to the need. These loops create disturbance inside the globe control valve, and this process affects the process variables. It includes sensors and transmitters to accumulate data approximately procedure variables. The globe control valve is a device used to handle the process and helps conclude the set point of process variables.

    What are the characteristics of the globe control valve? 

    globe control valve is an assumed glide feature that suggests the connection among valve establishing and glide fee below strain conditions. In this case, the valve opening connects the position of the valve plug to its closed position in opposition to the globe control valve seat. The orifice area cannot be considered in this category as it is the narrowest area of the valve through which the fluid passes at any condition or time. It is also called valve throat.

    The globe control valve, which has a pre-assumed flow characteristic and has the same flow rate, volume, and differential pressure, will contain the same orifice pass area. Compared to linear percent valves, as inside the identical conditions, the linear valve has a 25% valve opening, and on the other hand, the % valve should have a 65% valve opening. The orifice pass area will be the same. The shape of the plug and seat might be called valve trim.

    Fast opening characteristic of globe control valve:

    Here in this characteristic of the globe control valve, the valve plug will significantly change the flow rate for a small valve that you lift from the closed position. i.e., a globe control valve has a lift of 50%, which will give you a flow rate of 90%. This kind of globe control valve might have on/ off characteristics. So the two valves, one who is giving 80% flow for the lift of 50% and the other with 90% flow and 60% lift. You can consider Both of them as having fast opening characteristics.

    A self-actuating globe control valve has tiny movement, so you can’t consider a closed beginning globe control valve.

    Linear characteristic of globe control valve:

    In the linear characteristic of globe control, the valve flow rate is directly proportional to valve lift at constant differential pressure. A linear globe control valve gains this by having a linear relationship between the valve lift and the orifice pass area. i.e., a 40%valve lift, a 40% orifice size can pass 40% full flow.

    Equal percentage characteristic of globe control valve:

    This kind of globe control valve plug is shaped so that each increment in valve lift enhances the flowrate by a certain percentage of the previous flow. The contact between the valve lift and the orifice is not logarithmic.

    What are the installation characteristics of the globe control valve?

    Every application contains a unique installation that links fluid flow to heat demand, and the pressure difference is also different:

    • In water-associated systems, the waft decreases, and the upriver valve stress increases.
    • And in the steam temperature system, the pressure drop of the globe control valveis different from the needed heat load.
    • The linearglobe control valve is used for the water device in an intelligent steam device, and the same percent globe control valve is higher for steam applications. 
    • A water system contains three ports, and water passes through these three ports; these ports or holes are used to mix the water, and then the water will divert into the balanced circuit, and you will keep the pressure loss stable to keep the system stable.

    How could you say that the globe control valve is effective?

    You can choose the effectiveness of the globe control valve on the bases of the following points:

    • The globe control valvecan handle vide variety of flows.
    • It can authentically respond to every kind of signal inside its operating range.
    • It gives a reaction to incremental settings from the controller.
    • The globe control valvereacts with the needed stroking speed.
    • If the globe control valveresponds fast, it will not suit all applications.

    The globe control valve quality depends on its actuator’s quality.

    For tight control, you should add positioners. The positioners will increase the globe control valves.

    Performance. It will also control the globe, control valve friction and the valve’s performance, control the valve-stem friction, and enhance shut off. The quality of the globe control valve this kind of globe control valve can be divided on the bases of its gain. The gain is significant for the globe control valve; the percentage ratio differs.

    What is the flow coefficient of the globe control valve?

    The central globe control valve parameter for calculation of the size of the control valve, In the flow coefficient, Cv, In Cv calculation, you will check the flow, if it is incompressible or mixed-phase. There are equations, and these equations can decide Cv for compressible, incompressible, or two-phase cavitation or flashing materials.

    Who are the producers of the globe control valve?

    BCST is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of globe control valves. The company has mastered the art of making globe control valves in just two decades. The company manufactures high-quality globe control valves with the help of the latest research and top-notch experts. BCST is among China’s top exporters and suppliers of Globe control valves. The company is also exporting high-quality globe control valves to more than 100 centuries of the world. It proves that people have complete confidence in the quality of BCST, which is manufacturing the best quality products for its customers, and people’s trust in BCST globe control valve’s quality is proof. A Globe control valve is a widely used device in many applications. The best feature is that its seat-tightness is for the long term. It maintains and controls flow inside your application. And your application works smoothly, and you will not face any problems. Different industries prefer the globe control valve because of its proper flow control features. So if you need a top-quality glob control valve for your system, you can rely upon BCST.

    Why is the size of the control valve essential to be calculated?

    A low-size control valve cannot pass the flow which is needed. But if the control valve is too large, then applying this extra-large size is compassionate for operating conditions. Even the slightest extrude in valve function will create sizable modifications in float. It will make it difficult for the valve to adjust to the needed flow. A properly sized globe control valve is necessary for gaining the highest degree of process control for liquid or gas or some multi-phase fluid. 

    What should you do for the exact globe control valve size?

    As you know, the exact globe control valve size is significant for the smooth functioning of the valve. for this purpose, you should follow these guidelines:

    • If loop tuning parameters only work at one end of the control system and not on the other, the valve flow characteristic is most likely wrong.
    • You can use an equal percentage control valve when the pressure difference decreases and the flow rate increases. If you don’t notice any of these conditions, you should rely on a linear globe control valve.The correctly sized globe control valve usually is smaller than the road.
    • When you always size a globe control valvefor your industry, you should take guidelines from a qualified valve engineer.

    Final words:

    A Globe control valve is a device used to control the flow in the piping system. It is used in different industries. Its seat tightness is long-lasting.

     The Globe control valve is constructed mainly. You can make this valve using various construction materials. Different industries prefer the globe control valve because of its proper flow control features. 

    You can buy globe control valves in different sizes, and you can use them in all kinds of applications, whether big or small, hot or cold. Globe control valves can control different kinds of temperatures. 

    BCST also offers high-quality globe control valves as BCST is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of globe control valves. The company has mastered the art of making globe control valves in just two decades. The company manufactures high-quality globe control valves with the help of the latest research and top-notch experts. 

    You can contact our team members for details about the globe control valve. We are always there to help and support you. You can buy high-quality globe control valves from our official website or purchase globe control valves from our customer care agents on WhatsApp and skype. Now purchase your globe control valve and deliver it in 7 to 10 working days. 

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