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Professional Electric Solenoid Valve Manufacturer

●Low energy use.

●It can be remotely operated.

●Cost-effective to maintain and service.

●Compatible with AC and DC voltages.

●Able to work in extreme temperatures.

●Safety external leakage block.

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    BCST your Expert Electric Solenoid Valve Supplier in China

    BCST electric solenoid valve is an electronically controlled valve. The device comprises a coil of wire, the housing, and a moveable plunger. An intense magnetic flux is created when an electrical current flows through this wire. The housing, usually made of iron or steel, surrounds the coil concentrating the magnetic field generated by the ring.

    BCST your One-Stop Electric Solenoid Valve Solution in China

    BCST electric solenoid valves are used in a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery, manufacturing systems, agriculture, automotive applications, vacuum systems, home heating units, refrigeration appliances and systems, car washing machines, air compressor units, hot drink dispensers, water mixing in a safety tap, floor washing machines, water metering devices, natural gas installations, and appliances. The valves are fast-acting, almost noiseless, and accurate.

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    BCST your BEST Supplier for Electric Solenoid Valve

    BCST has a vast stock of electric solenoid valve for all your applications, fast delivery within seven working days. We will do our best to meet your project schedule. BCST has strict quality control, ISO certified company making sure to provide an excellent product to you. 100% inspection before shipping to ensure the product meets your requirements. 

    As an expert electric solenoid valve manufacturer in China, BCST supplies a complete package solution to various applications. Whether you’re an end-user or an engineering company, BCST will provide you with technical support. BCST electric solenoid valve is widely employed within the process industry.

    We believe our experience will help you gain more business and benefits. You can send us an email for your inquiry at [email protected].

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    Electric Solenoid Valve -FAQ

    What are the methods of operations in electric solenoid valves?

    One of the many important questions that need to be answered before selecting an electric solenoid valve for your system is what kind of operation you need. For this purpose, you should know about these methods of operations in electric solenoid valves. So let’s check these methods of operations in detail.

    Normally closed electric solenoid valve: 

    This method is a very straightforward and traditional operation; the electric solenoid valve remains closed when you do not provide its power supply. Usually, you can see such an electric solenoid valve in on/off or venting systems where you want your system working process to stop the procedure in case of loss of electric power supply. When the power shuts down, the electric solenoid valve closes and stops working, and the fluid will not exhaust.

    n closed

    Normally open electric solenoid valve:

    In this condition, the electric solenoid valve will stay open when you disconnect the power supply. The prevalent uses of such kinds of electric solenoid valves are safety units, where you can notice that the process is exhausted when the power supply shutdown.

    Universal electric solenoid valves:

    In this method of operation, you can open the electric solenoid valve can be opened regularly, or it will be closed naturally. You can see this condition in 3-way electric solenoid valves and 4-way valves where you can put pressure on any of the ports in the valve. i.e., a three-way electric solenoid valve may contain a supply port and a delivery port. It gives flexible conditions and helps you in plumbing.

    What is the unique feature of an electric solenoid valve?

    There are many unique features of the electric solenoid valve. Let’s see these features in detail.

    Less usage of electric power supply: 

    For the opening and closing of the electric solenoid valve, a short span of electric current is allowed in the electric solenoid valve; therefore, energy consumption is low, which will help you save energy.

    Pulse coil version:

    The pulse coil version helps the application by providing low-frequency switching. A sort of electric pulse will help to move the plunger. A magnet which is the part of this electric solenoid valve will keep the plunger of the electric solenoid valve in the position where there is no need for any additional spring or magnet. It will also help in reducing the electric power consumption.


    Electric solenoid valves can now handle high-pressure needs (up to 250 bar).

    Manual overturning:

    An electric solenoid valve contains manual overturning ability, which will give you safety and comfort while engaging, testing, and maintaining the system or shutting down the power supply. And in some cases, the electric solenoid valve’s electric supply cannot actuate. When there is no manual control or manual control is locked.  


    This feature of the electric solenoid valve will help you separate the fluid from the operating parts of the valve and make a better solution.

    Vacuum feature:

    Direct-acting or semi-direct-acting electric solenoid valves need such kind of electric solenoid valve, which require pressure difference. This kind of electric solenoid valve is suitable for rough vacuum.

    Position response:

    You can check the switching status of the electric solenoid valve with the help of electrical and optical positions Namur signal.

    Response time:

    You can easily adjust the time of opening and closing of the electric solenoid valve by rotating the screw in the valve. This kind of feature is beneficial in blocking water hammers.

    Less noise:

    It contains a design that will reduce noise when the electric solenoid valve is closed.

    Is it essential to understand the application before installing the electric solenoid valve?

    You need to understand your application and its requirements before choosing an electric solenoid valve for your application. So. Let us, therefore, examine some of the critical features of the electric solenoid valve selection in detail:

    The right type of valve:

    Before choosing the electric solenoid valve for your app, you should know what type of electric selenide valve is required for your app., whether it’s a 2-way or a 3-way solenoid valve.

    Media and housing material:

    You should know that housing valves are based on chemical substances and the temperature of the liquid, but the environment also matters. For natural fluid, you can use brass, and on the other hand, stainless steel can resist temperature, Pressure, and chemicals. PVC is trendy in this regard because it is cost-efficient and pocket friendly. Mechanical parts stainless steel plunger and spring are constantly working with the fluid, and they remain with fluid inside the electric solenoid valve for more extended hours, so their material must be compatible with the fluid.

    Material of the seal:

    You should choose a seal material for the electric solenoid valve based on temperature and  

    chemical properties. So always select the suitable material for your electric solenoid valve seal so that it will be able to resist chemicals.

    Voltage priorities:

    Electric solenoid valves may have AC, and DC versions, each of them contains small benefits and these advantages. So you should choose one from AC or DC coil for electric solenoid valves.

    Working of a valve:

    You can select a normally open or normally closed valve, but this depends on handling time. Most electric solenoid valves are customarily closed kinds of valves. If you feel that the opening time of the electric solenoid valve is longer than the closing time, you should prefer a normally open electric solenoid valve.

     Maximum and minimum Pressure:

    The valve that you choose must be able to hold the maximum Pressure needed for your system. And your electric solenoid valve must be able to handle minimum Pressure as well.

    operation medium:

    You should consider the thing, what is the need of your system if it needs a direct, indirect, or semi-direct electric solenoid valve.

    suitable temperature:

    Your electric solenoid valve material should be able to handle the maximum and minimum temperatures. It is imperative for you to consider the electric solenoid valve ability and capacity, as it is a crucial thing that can affect the flow of media.

    Valve response time:

    Specify the time required for the electric solenoid valve to move from opening to closing. Small direct-acting electric solenoid valves are faster in response than semi-direct or indirect-acting electric solenoid valves.


    Ensure that your electric solenoid valve has a good IP rating for dust, liquid, and moisture protection.

    What are the applications of electric solenoid valves?

    The electric solenoid valve is used in many applications. These applications may be industrial or domestic.

    • Electric solenoid valvesare used in refrigerators because a refrigerator needs an electric solenoid valve to reverse the flow for cooling.
    • You may need an electric solenoid valvefor your irrigation system. This valve should be automatic.
    • Washing machines used in homes or laundries use electric solenoid valves; it is also used in the dishwasher.
    • Electric solenoid valvesare used in AC (Air conditioners).
    • An electric solenoid valveis also widely used in dental and medical equipment because it helps to control the media. It Controls pressure, direction, and media flow.
    • You can use an electric solenoid valve in water tanks to send the water inside the tank or send it out.
    • It is also an essential component of a car wash system because it handles the flow of water and soap.
    • It is also used in industrial cleaning equipment.

    Who are the developers of electric solenoid valves?

    BCST is the top electric solenoid valve producing company in china. The company has 20 years of experience in producing and supplying the best quality Electric Solenoid valves; the company is exporting Electric Solenoid valves to more than 100 countries in the world. And BCST also got best quality awards from international forums. An Electric Solenoid Valve is an essential element for many industries. It is a unique device that is an electrically controlled valve. 

    The Electric Solenoid Valve contains an electric coil with a moving plunger situated in its centre. An electric solenoid valve works with electric current, and it is composed of the solenoid, which is a wire coil that acts as an electromagnet, and it controls the current through the valve. BCST offers the best electric solenoid valves to its customers.

    What is the difference between maximum Pressure and differential pressure in an electric solenoid valve?

    The differential pressure is the difference between the Pressure of the media when it enters the electric solenoid valve and the Pressure when it leaves the valve. It’s imperative to decide the pressure difference or differential pressure to know which valve should be your choice, whether it would be piolet operated electric solenoid valve or a direct-acting electric solenoid valve.

    I.e., the Pressure (P1) inlet of the electric solenoid valve is 90 PSI, and the pressure (P2) which comes out of the electric solenoid valve is 80PSI is differential pressure 0f 10 PSI.

     A valve that contains a maximum pressure of100PSI will be able to function for the application that contains a differential pressure of 10. But the same valve will not be able to work appropriately in the application, which got a differential pressure of 90. It would be best to go for the electric solenoid valve with increased abilities. 

    Final words:

    An electric solenoid valve works with electric current, and it is composed of a solenoid that is a wire coil that acts as an electromagnet, and it controls the current through the valve. Electric Solenoid Valve is an essential element for many industries. It is a unique device that is an electrically controlled valve.

     The Electric Solenoid Valve contains an electric coil with a moving plunger situated in its centre. It has many different kinds which you can use in your system, and you may need such kind of the electric solenoid valve which will suit you following the needs of your systems. BCST is the top electric solenoid valve producing company in china. The company has 20 years of experience producing and supplying the best quality Electric Solenoid valves

    The company is exporting Electric Solenoid valves to more than 100 countries globally. BCST offers the best quality electric solenoid valves to its customers. You can contact our team members to know the details regarding the electric solenoid valve.

    We assure you that we will provide highly efficient and best quality products to you and always be there to assist you. You can now order the best quality BCST electric solenoid valve from our official website.

     You can order Our customer care on WhatsApp and skype. Buy the electric solenoid valve now and have it in 7-10 working days.

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