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Professional Cast Steel Valve Manufacturer

  • Easy operation: simply rotate to switch, with low operating force and convenience
  • Reliable seal: the integral valve stem and ball sealing structure
  • Low fluid resistance, low erosionof the sealing surface by the medium
  • Strong universality: widely applicable, able to be used in both liquid and gas pipelines, and also be used for control in special situations such as high temperature and high pressure
  • Convenient maintenance: simple structure, long service life which can effectively reduce the operating costs of pipeline systems

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    BCST your Expert Cast Steel Valve Supplier

    BCST cast steel valve is an industrial device. It can control fluid flow within the pipelines. The valve works by opening or closing to regulate the flow of fluid. When the valve is open, fluid can pass through. When it’s closed, the flow is blocked. They can be manually operated or automated using motors or other actuators.

    Valued for their durability, strength, and versatility. Employed in oil and gas, petrochemical, power plant life, and mining industries. As well as in construction, marine, chemical, automotive, aerospace, energy, wastewater treatment, refining, and pharmaceutical.

    BCST your One-Stop Cast Steel Valve Solution

    BCST is an accomplished cast steel valve manufacturer. Because of its unwavering commitment to product quality and precision. BCST uses advanced casting techniques. Ensuring our cast steel valves adhere to stringent standards. Minimizing defects and enhancing reliability.  BCST possesses valve design, material selection, and production optimization expertise.

    Incorporating present-day capabilities. BCST cast steel valve features improved sealing mechanisms and advanced flow management. As well as integration with digital tracking structures. BCST work on tailored solutions. And comprehensive after-sales support. As well as maintenance services and spare parts availability.

    Reinforcing its standing as a reliable partner capable of delivering high-performance cast steel valves. BCST’s skilled professionals, innovation, with successful track record make us an industry leader.

    cast steel pneumatic gate valve

    Cast Steel Pneumatic Gate Valve

    Cast Steel Pneumatic Ball Valve

    cast steel pneumatic control valve

    Cast Steel Pneumatic Control Valve

    cast steel Electric Ball Valve

    Cast Steel Electric Ball Valve

    cast steel pneuatic gate valve

    Cast Steel Pneuatic Gate Valve

    cast steel pressure reducing valve

    Cast Steel Pressure Reducing Valve

    cast steel manual ball valve

    Cast Steel Manual Ball Valve

    Cast Steel Manual Butterfly Valve

    cast steel manual gate valve

    Cast Steel Manual Gate Valve

    BCST your BEST Cast Steel Valve Supplier

    BCST cast steel valves are durable, precise, and innovative. BCST cast steel valves provide unmatched reliability as well as durability. The valve’s durable construction ensures longevity, even in demanding environments. Our cast steel valves guarantee optimal performance. Making them a valuable asset across various industrial settings.

    Our ISO-registered company, with over 22 years of exporting expertise and 50 patented technologies, guarantees quality through automatic calibration production lines and complete test certificates. We do OEM services. We accommodate small orders. Technical assistance is a cornerstone. BCST holds ATEX, SIL2, and ISO certifications. Our fast delivery is facilitated by stocked raw materials, with standard valves delivered in 7 working days and customized options in 20. Having participated in over 60 international projects, BCST has forged strong client relationships and is also involved in spare parts replacement for routine maintenance in collaboration with engineering partners worldwide.

    BCST Cast Steel Valve Quality Control

    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks
    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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    BCST Cast Steel Valve Application

    Cast Steel Valve -FAQ

    What are the pros and cons of cast steel valves?

    Now you have some idea about how to cast steel valve, let’s look at its pros and cons.

    · Pros:

    Easy to design:

    Cast steel valve is made with the help of melted steel so that you can convert them into any design or shape without any difficulty. Cast steel valve is beneficial in making complex designs with no difficulty.

    Variety in steel composition:

    When you think about metal composition, cast steel valve got huge variety in this term. You can use different kinds of metal alloys for making cast steel valves. With the help of the right combination of metal in forming a cast steel valve, you can get enhanced corrosion resistance.

    Production by less machinery usage:

    When you have decided to make a cast steel valve, then be sure that you can make it using less time; the best thing about a cast steel valve is that you do not need many machines to produce it.

    You will not face unavailability of valve problem:

    You can find cast steel valves anywhere very quickly because the cast steel valves are very easy to make than the other valves, .so you can replace the parts of the valve more efficiently than all other valves.

    · Cons:

    Formation of waste material:

    When you make a cast steel valve, some metal material may be lost while making a cast steel valve. When you pour the melted metal into the mould and remove it from the mould during all these steps, the metal material may have lost.

    Addition of impurities:

    After solidifying the cast steel valve, sometimes you can notice some impurities in the cast steel valve-like cracks that can only be repaired by welding.

     Examination of the valve:

    If you do heat treatment of a cast steel valve, it can rework the microstructure of the valve. So you must do a deep checkup of the valve and make sure that the entirety is alright.

    Testing and certification of cast steel valve:

    Testing and certification of the cast steel valve are essential. These procedures ensure quality as is done by BCST, but all the companies do not take these steps, so make sure that your cast steel valve has been tested and has got a suitable quality certificate before purchasing it for you.

    What are the different types of cast steel valves?

    You can manufacture cast steel valves in different forms. There are many different forms or types of cast steel valves. You can select one of them for your application. It would be best to choose a cast steel valve that suits your requirement. Let’s see specific forms of solid metallic valves in the element so you may be capable of picking the only this is appropriate to your application:

    Gate Cast steel valve:

    Cast steel gate valve is widely used in different industries, and their popularity is because of their long-lasting abilities and efficiency. This cast steel valve is used in steam, air, gas, and oil plants. You can use This kind of cast steel valve at high pressures without any trouble because they all have straight-through ports, which ensures more minor problems and difficulty in using the valve. And because of this valve, you can make your system best with a low rate of erosion and resistance to flow because the valve’s body is strong enough to reduce problems.

    This cast steel valve contains seat rings welded to the gate cast steel valve, which lowers the leakage. It also has a disk that gives proper alignments of the seating surface so that the gate cast steel valve can make the piping system leakage accessible. These disks are wedge disks.

    This kind of cast steel valve is composed of tee hand disk-stem connections, which makes the working and function of the cast steel valve smooth and easy.


    Globe Cast steel valve:

    Another popular form of cast steel valve is the solid metallic globe valve. This kind of cast steel valve is used in applications where you need immigrate operations and where pressure drop is about 20% of the pressure coming inside the valve. If there is a high-pressure drop in the system, it will cause a cavity, which will result in high noise vibration or damage to your system. But when you use a cast steel globe valve, you can tackle these problems and stop such conditions in your system because the cast steel globe valve contains an optional operator and is equipped with a variety of trims—the body of the cast steel valve made by the use of casting method.

    This valve is composed of body, bonnet, seat ring, disc, bonnet bushing, yoke bushing, gasket etc. 

    Globe Cast steel valve

    Cast steel swing check valve: 

    Another kind of cast steel valve is the swing check valve. This kind of cast steel valve is made by using casting methods. Check cast steel valves have some specific features as they are automatic valves that are opened and closed with the help of velocity and pressure and closed by the gravitational force. Seating load and tightness depend on backpressure. If the velocity pressure is insufficient to control the valve, the moving parts will remain in the moving position. You can get the minimum velocity rate of the valve in an open and stable position with the help of extensive test data, and you can express it with the help of the formula:


    V is equal to flow feet per second and is the specific fluid volume. The pressure drop in a small valve is less significant than in larger valves. The cast steel check valve is lost for a more extended period. It will also save your money as its cost is low.

     Check Cast steel valves contains adjustable liver and weight. When you check the cast steel valve, the liver, and the weight connected to the weight of the disc, the valve seems to be more sensitive in this case. 

    This kind of cast steel valve is helpful for the system to stop the reversal of flow in pipelines. These pipelines may be horizontal or vertical. The body of this check cast steel valve is made with the help of the casting method. This valve comprises the body, cap, disc, seat, and disc nut.

    Tilting-disc check cast steel valve:

    A tilting-disc Cast steel check valve is another type of cast steel valve, and as its name shows, it is composed of a tilting disc with cylindrical housing. The pivots can be seen on the centre of the disc. This design provides a bell check action. The disc checks close swiftly because the disc has a short way to travel towards the seat. That’s why it arrives faster at the seat. This cast steel valve stops the flow from getting into horizontal and vertical pipelines. These valves are also automatic and can be opened with the help of velocity pressure, and you can close them with the help of gravity. This cast steel valve comprises body inlet half, body outlet half, disc, pivot pin, gasket, body studs, bearing cap gasket, and dowel pins.

    The body of this kind of cast steel valve is also made with the help of casting methods and techniques.  

    Cast steel stop check valve:

    This kind of cast steel valve is significant for the operation of boiler industries for safety purposes. This cast steel valve performs four essential functions in the boiler system.

    The first function is that it works automatically and stops the backflow of steam coming from the main steam header to the boiler.

    The 2nd very crucial function helps the boiler stop functioning when it ceases to fire. Here the disc closes automatically and stops the pressure coming from the header from entering the boiler.

    The third one is making the boiler to service again after shutting down. When you do this task manually, without using a stop check cast steel valve, you need special care for performing this task. But not when you take help from stop check cast steel valve. You should install a stop check cast steel valve in your system because it will do this automatically, and for this purpose, you don’t even face pressure fluctuations or any disturbance.

    Fourthly, this kind of cast steel valve is also a safety-providing agent. this form of cast steel valve is likewise a protection-presenting agent. It stops the backflow of the valve from the header and routinely shuts down if a person accidentally opens it. So the use of a stop-check cast steel valve is quite helpful for your safety during working hours.

    Stop check cast steel valve has many fantastic functions like cylindrical-fashioned disks, lengthy throttling lip, detachable liner, and piston ring. 

    cast steel stop check valve

    How can you pick your machine's right forestall-test cast steel valve length?

    As the stop check valve has a floating disc, keep in mind that you need to take the proper size of the stop-check cast steel valve to make your system safe and long-lasting.

    The valve must be able to provide disc lift inside the flow conditions. If the valve is larger than the expected size, then the disc will remain in the partially open position, which may cause adverse effects on the valve. And on the other hand, the extra small size will also create problems because the size of the stop-check cast steel valve is small, and the pressure drop will increase. So it’s always crucial to get the right stop-check cast steel valve size. Besides this, you should always purchase a cast steel valve tested for its quality.

    Who are producing cast steel valve?

    BCST is the top cast steel valve manufacturing brand in china. The company has gained a reputation for its excellent quality in a brief period across the globe. BCST cast steal valve got 20 years of experience producing cast steel valves. The organization has advanced each part of the valve with its assets below the supervision of experts. The company is exporting cast steel valves to over one hundred countries globally. It proves that BCST is manufacturing the best quality products for its clients. Cast steel valve is the main element of many industries. Cast steel valve has a particular name, and this name is given to this valve because this valve is produced with the aid of using a particular method called” casting.” In this method, you’ll soften metallic, after which mildew the metallic into your favoured shape. 

    By using this casting method, many industries are producing cast steel valves, which can be used to control the flow.

    So BCST is the company where you can get high-quality cast steel valves for your industry. If you need high quality cast steel valve on which you can rely for your system, you should go for BCST.

    How to install cast steel valves?

    If you want to install a cast steel valve in your application, it can be a better idea, but you should take the following measures before installing a cast steel valve.

    1. Before installing a cast steel valve, you should examine different parts of the cast steel valve-likecavity and sealing surface and make sure they are clean and tidy. If some sand or dirt particles may have been left inside the cast steel valve, they can create problems for you.
    2. Check if the bolts of every part are correctly tightened.
    3. The parts linked with the packing of the cast steel valveshould be tight to ensure that the sealing is proper and the opening of a gate valve is flexible.
    4. You should check the consistency of the cast steel valveaccording to your system’s needs. And for this purpose, make sure the check the model, the connection size, and flow direction.
    5. Keep a space reserved for cast steel valvedrive before installing it.
    6. Keep wiring proper according to the needs of the circuit.
    7. Maintain your cast steel valve on regular bases.
    8. Your connection should be perfect, and keep the installation position and height according to the design’s needs for the better installation of cast steel valve.

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