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●Easy assembly.  

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    BCST your Expert Electric Ball Valve Supplier in China

    The BCST electric ball valve, also known as motorized ball valve, is suitable to control the flow of a medium, liquid, or gas by a rotating ball with a hole. The rotating ball is controlled by an electric actuator that can rotate the ball.

    The BCST electric ball valve uses a motor to rotate a ball with a central hole to control the flow. If the bore is in line with the flow, the valve opens, and when turned perpendicular to the flow, the valve closes. Electric ball valves let liquid, gas, or air through electrical control.


    BCST your One-Stop Electric Ball Valve Solution in China

    BCST electric ball valve is developed to confirm reliable monitoring of your plant. It’s traced by quality assurance and is 100% tested, to confirm flexible operation. Leave us a message for your inquiries at [email protected].

    electric actuated ball valve

    Electric Actuated Ball Valve

    Explosion-proof Electric Ball Valve

    Electric V port ball valve

    Electric V port Ball Valve

    BCST your BEST Supplier for Electric Ball Valve

    BCST substantial choice of electric ball valves gives the fine answer to your requirements. BCST is a skilled and experienced electric ball valve producer. As an ISO-registered company, BCST has a robust expert heritage and informed personnel with over 20 generations of producing and export experience.

    BCST has advanced electric ball valves with its very own traits that meet the maximum vital primary concepts of process control. Our merchandise is CE, SIL2 and RoHS approved. BCST is one of the main dependable and electric ball valves producers in China. If you`re trying to find a skilled producer for your subsequent project, with robust technical heritage, expert team, and budget-pleasant merchandise, BCST is your maximum appropriate choice.

    BCST is your expert associate for managing ball valve solutions. Welcome to go to our factory.

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    BCST Electric Ball Valve Quality Control

    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks
    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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    BCST Supply Best Electric Ball Valve Solution

    Electric Ball Valve -FAQ

    What tips and guidelines do you need to follow for installing the electric ball valve?

    There are some installation tips for the electric ball valve, so you must follow them carefully. Verify that the electric ball valve is appropriate and safe for your application. Also, the checking of the specifications of the electric ball valve matching along with the actuator and requirements of the applications.

    Pipeline system:

    1. Mostly, the actuators are splash-proof but do not have much resistance to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, as advised, installing the electric ball valve sheltered and dry area is better.
    2. Check that piping is not under some pressure and cooling down before proceeding.
    3. Clean all the pipes and remove the dirt if necessary. The electric ball valve is much more sensitive to dirt while comparing to other kinds of valves. It wears out the electric ball valve. As an option, it is better to install the pipe filter at the inner side of the electric ball valve.
    4. Use the thread sealant like Teflon tape for threading the pipe. Prevent entering the sealant inside the electric ball valve that can cause the leakages.
    5. The fittings should be correct between the pipes and the electric ball valve. During tightening, apply the exert force to the specific areas of the electric ball valve and actuator. There should be no stress in the pipes, and fix them correctly on the wall so there are no vibrations in the pipes.

    Position of the electric ball valve:

    • Fasten the electric ball valve to the pipes in a secure manner through the usage of the right kind of fittings. During tightening, you need to use the pipe and electric ball valve wrench. There shouldn’t be unwanted stress inside the system.


    • As the recommendation, it is better to install the electric ball valve and the actuator upward. The deviation needs to be maximum at the angle of 90 degrees. It decreases the risk of the collection of moisture in the actuator.


    • The setting and positioning of the ball need to be in the correct angular position along with the wrench. The closing of the 2-way electric ball valve is the standard position. You can set the 3-way electric ball valve up two ways through the ball’s rotation at 180 degrees.


    • You have to adjust the location of the ball properly. So, the actuator is easy to fit in the electric ball valve. Tight all the nuts of the actuator manually.

    Wiring system:

    • Using the wiring diagram, you need to check the type of actuator. If the connection of the wires is inaccurate or wrong, voltages can permanently damage the actuator.  


    • You cannot change the rotating direction of the actuator without changing the polarity of the controlling wires.


    • Internally, there are end switches inside the actuator. So, the energy consumption is during the closing and opening of the electric ball valve.


    • The opening and closing of the actuator are electrical. There is no spring inside the actuator.


    • Make sure there are no drops that are not slipping the cable and entering the actuator.

    What are the benefits of using the electric ball valve?

    • You can automate or semi-automate the electric ball valve according to the preferences of the user
    • It is simple to repair, clean, and dismantle the electric ball valve
    • The weight and volume of the electric ball valve are comparatively small from other kinds of valves, such as gate valves
    • The employing design of the electric ball valve is relatively more straightforward and causes cost reduction
    • It is quick to operate the electric ball valve
    • The electric ball valve can work along with the high-pressure and high-temperature applications
    • The electric ball valve present provides tight sealing between the joints
    • The electric ball valve possesses a high flowing fluid rate and low-pressure drop
    • The efficiency of the electric ball valve is high, so there is no requirement for lubrication or tight sealing.
    • The electric ball valve is relatively economical compared to other valves for similar purposes.
    • There are versatile, which is why various industries use them in their respective applications.

    What is the difference between the pneumatic and electric ball valves?

    Power supply:

    The main difference between the electric pneumatic ball valve is the driving force. The pneumatic ball valve depends on a specific range’s air pressure to complete the operations successfully.

    On the other side, the electric ball valve relies on the DC and AC voltages for completing the operations.


    The electric ball valve costs more than the pneumatic ball valve. Apart from high costs, the pneumatic ball valve delivery is higher than the electric ball valve.

    Size of the component:

    The components of the electric ball valve are more significant than the components of the pneumatic ball valve. For: The double-acting pneumatic ball valve size is smaller than the electric ball valve.

    Spring return:  

    There is a spring return in the pneumatic ball valve to provide safety to the ball valves. It is not possible in the electric ball valve due to the absence of implementing the spring return.


    The pneumatic ball valve’s opening and closing speed range is between 0.5-1 second. It depends on using the model of the pneumatic ball valve. Comparatively, the electric ball valve is slow, and the duration for opening and closing the electric ball valve is between 6 seconds and 25 seconds.


    The pneumatic ball valve’s durability is more than that of the electric ball valve. The pneumatic ball valve can cycle up approximately to 1000000, and the electric ball valve can cycle up to more than 250,000.


    The temperature range of the pneumatic ball valve is between -20 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. There is an involvement of risk while using the electric ball valve in high temperatures. So, it can operate between 40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

    What are the selection criteria for an electric ball valve?

    Below are the main characteristics for selecting the suitable electric ball valve for your industrial application:

    Type of material:

    The primary material for manufacturing the electric ball valve is stainless steel. You can select from a variety of stainless steel that is suitable and according to your requirements.

    Size of the electric ball valve:

    You have to look at the dimensions of the electric ball valve and compare them with the features of your applications. It is applicable according to the size of the applications’ specifications, and more excellent has to be the dimensions of the electric ball valve. Before selecting the electric ball valve, you must be aware of the power source you will use.

    Power supply:

    It is your own choice when selecting AC or DC power supply.

    Is it possible to control the electric ball valve?

    Yes, there is the possibility of controlling the electric ball valve from the control panel of your whole system. Its connectivity and the electric motor produce the driving force or torque. Apart from this fact, there is a system of gears in the electric ball valve that controls the speed of the valve. On the other way round, you can say that the more gear and driving force, the higher the speed for turning the electric ball valve. But, it would help if you determined the electric flow inside the motor and the gear’s running to control the ball’s movement in the electric ball valve. Apart from the control panel, there are limit switches in the electric ball valve to control the flowing of the electric current. Whenever the electric ball valve opens or closes, the limit switch starts and controls the flow of the electric current.

    Who are the manufacturers of the electric ball valve?

    USA and China are the top manufacturers of the electric ball valve. BCST has received the highest ranking in China for delivering top-quality electric ball valves. It is also supplying to other countries as well. The development of the electric ball valve by BCST confirms terms of reliability and monitoring of your industrial application. The tracing is also present through quality assurance and involvement of 100% testing. It is to confirm the flexibility in the working of the electric ball valve. All the advanced-level electric ball valve is available at BCST along with particular characteristics.

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