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Control Valve Catalog by BCST

A control valve is a valve used to control fluid flow by varying the size of the flow passage as directed by a signal from a controller. This enables the direct control of flow rate and the consequential control of process quantities such as pressure,

Pneumatic diaphragm Valve-BCST

Pneumatic high pressure angle control valve is composed of a pneumatic diaphragm multi-spring actuator and an angular high-pressure valve.

Sight Glass flow indicator-BCST

Sight Glass Flow Indicator  are used as components for visually checking the flow of the fluid inside piping from ..

BCST Valve-Steam Trap

A steam trap is a device used to discharge condensate and non condensable gases. … Nearly all steam traps are nothing more than automatic valves.

BCST valve -Self regulated control valve

BCST Valve-Self Regulated Control Valve

BCST   self actuated control valve does not require any  external energy sources. It is adjusted by flow medium automatically.


BCST Valve- Pneumatic Ball Valve

BCST pneumatic operated ball valve is the high quality on off ball valve with pneumatic actuator. It  has the advantage of large circulation capacity,compact structure,good sealing performance and long service life,and it is economical, practical and easy to maintain.


BCST Valve- Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic butterfly Valve is complex between the pneumatic actuator and a butterfly valve body , the main role of the butterfly valve is similar to the whole equipment among the housekeeper, otherwise the role of the various fluid media through the equipment to release or not pass; and the pneumatic actuator is a source of kinetic control to electrify the wide type to achieve the work of the butterfly valve.


BCST Valve-On-off Valve

On-off valve has simply structure, easy operation , small volume, light weight, good seal, large flow, reliability using and so on. Disk can use single action or sleeve to adopt stop need under different pressure drop .It can choice big push pneumatic piston actuator or electric actuator.

BCST pressure Gauge Serial

BCST  Gauge Serial 

BCST gauges are widely applied in various industry. They are ncessary  measuring  instruments for pipeline. This catalog contain  differential kinds of  pressure gauge , temperature gauge , level gauge in BCST .