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Professional Valve Manufacturer for Textile Mill

Textile is a critical industry in developing countries that requires various valves .It is a labor intensive industry. The textile industry includes cotton textile, chemical fiber, linen textile, wool textile, silk knitting, printing, and dyeing. In the textile industry, the working temperature usually is high.

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    BCST your Expert Valve Supplier for Textile Mill

    BCST valves help save lots of costs and improve the quality for fabric manufacturers, designed to deal with a wide range of fluids due to the significant demand from the textile industry.   In addition, BCST provides cost-effective products for customers.

    BCST your One-Stop Valve Solution for Textile Mill

    Textile Mill Control Valve

    textile mill Control Valve

    Pneumatic Control Valve

    Textile mill rotary control valve

    Rotary Control Valve

    textile mill Self regulating control valve

    Self Regulating Control Valve

    Textile Mill Ball Valve

    Ball valves are widely used in fluid handling systems for flow control. Ball valve is suitable for corrosive applications. They are used in textile mills and other industries such as detergent, pharmaceutical, chemical, rubber, pulp and paper, water treatment, and food processing plants. In general, ball valves offer many advantages compared to other valve types. The ball valves are generally used for flow control and pressure. Ball valves are a popular choice by providing a leak-proof service and being quick to operate. They are also found in the chemical manufacturing and storage sectors as well as for residential purposes.

    textile mill Trunnion mounted ball valve

    Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

    textile mill -float-ball-valve

    Float Ball Valve

    textile mill Manual Ball Valve

    Manual Ball Valve

    Textile Mill Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly Valve features a high flow capacity. However, unlike the ball valve, the disc is present in the flow of the liquid, and hence a pressure drop is always induced in the flow. Butterfly valves, like ball valves, are a member of the quarter-turn valve family. With butterfly valves, the handle is attached to a stem attached to a disc inside the valve. As you turn the handle, the disc inside rotates to open and close.


    textile mill triple offset butterfly valve

    Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

    Metal seal Butterfly valve

    textile mill butterfly valve

    Manual Butterfly Valve

    Textile Mill Gate Valve

    Electric Gate Valve

    textile mill pneumatic gate valve

    Pneumatic Gate Valve

    textile mill manual gate valve

    Manual Gate Valve

    BCST your Best Valve Supplier for Textile Mill

    BCST group

    BCST Valve Quality Control for Textile Mill

    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks
    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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