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Professional Diaphragm Valves Manufacturer

BCST diaphragm valve offers smart chemical resistance thanks to the range of linings on the market. It doesn’t have pockets to entice solids, slurries, and alternative impurities.It is appropriate for slurries and viscous fluids.

  • Can be used as on-off service valves.
  • Stem leak is eliminated.
  • Bubble-tight service.
  • It is notably appropriate for unsafe chemicals and hot liquids.
  • Does not allow contamination of the flow medium.
  • Simple structure and operation.

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    A Reliable Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves Supplier In China

    BCST diaphragm valves are clean, leak-proof, maintenance-friendly, safe, and effective valves that are best suited for moderate pressure and temperature applications that need stop/start fluid management. BCST diaphragm valves are broadly employed in several applications like water treatment facilities, pharmaceutical producing systems, food, chemical process plants, power industries, vacuum services, breweries, corrosive applications, etc.

    BCST - A Top Rated Valve Suppliers In China

    BCST diaphragm valves are bidirectional, on-off throttling valves. They manage fluid flow by controlling the realm with that media will enter and exit the valve, effectively altering its speed and rate. They’re known as diaphragm valves as a result of a fine, versatile membrane employed to regulate the gap and shutting of the valve. It is often manually and mechanically operated.

    Pneumatic regulating diaphragm valve

    Pneumatic Regulating Diaphragm Valve

    Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

    pneumatic switch diaphragm valve

    Pneumatic Switch Diaphragm Valve

    pneumatic alarm diaphragm valve

    Pneumatic Alarm Diaphragm Valve

    Pneumatic handwheel diaphragm valve
    Pneumatic Handwheel Diaphragm Valve

    Pneumatic large size diaphragm valve

    Pneumatic Large Size Diaphragm Valve

    Pneumatic PPH Socket Diaphragm Valve

    Pneumatic PTFE liner diaphragm valve

    Pneumatic PTFE Liner Diaphragm Valve

    pneumatic stainless steel diaphragm valve

    Pneumatic Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve

    BCST Skilled Diaphragm Valves Supplier in China

    BCST Group established in 2000 is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of valve automation and process instruments. If your company calls for excellent diaphragm valves, BCST Group can assist you. With 22 years of experience in diaphragm valves production and exporting, BCST offers the one-stop answer in your projects. Our technology and professional technical team will aid you and guide you at some point of version selection, debugging, and installation.

    Each diaphragm valve is examined and collaborated through the manufacturing line making sure outstanding quality with entire test certificates. We have ATEX, SIL2, CE approval, in addition to explosion-proof certificates. We provide services across the world. So irrespective of wherein your company is located, we can help you.

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