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  • Good sealing
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Availability in high pressure
  • Availability inhigh and low  temperature  

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    BCST your Expert Sight Flow Indicator Supplier in China

    BCST sight flow indicator is a tool set up right into a pipe to offer a visible view verifying liquid flow for route and accuracy of flow rate. BCST sight float signs permit visible observation of the direction and rate of liquid flow, powder, via one or greater commentary windows. It is a frame with one or greater gaskets and a manner to mount the indicator to the pipeline, including flanged, threaded, or sanitary clamp connections.

    BCST your One-Stop Sight Flow Indicator Solution in China

    BCST sight flow indicators may be used internally inner of gadget or generators to screen gasoline strains or hydraulic fluid float and quality. It is likewise utilized in some of municipal wastewater and environmental applications. These industries use sight float indicators in a few components in their operations, medical, HVAC, marine, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, aerospace, agricultural, protection and military, environmental, and meals and beverage.

    Double glass sight indicator

    Double Glass Sight Indicator

    flange sight flow indicator

    Flange Sight Flow Indicator

    Float sight flow indicator

    Float Sight Flow Indicator

    full view sight flow indicator

    Full View Sight Flow Indicator

    sanitary sight flow indicator

    Sanitary Sight Flow Indicator

    tubular sight flow indicator

    Tubular Sight Flow Indicator

    high pressure sight flow indicator

    High Pressure Sight Flow Indicator

    Paddle Wheel Sight Flow Indicator

    Paddle Wheel Sight Flow Indicator

    Thread Sight flow indicator

    Thread Sight flow indicator

    BCST your BEST Supplier for Control Valve

    BCST is one amongst the leading reliable and stable sight flow indicators manufacturers in China. If you’re searching for an experienced manufacturer for your next project, with strong technical background, professional team, and budget-friendly products, BCST is your most suitable choice.

    BCST can provide different products supported customers’ requests. From packaging to delivery, you’ll receive BCST’s most detailed service. BCST’s technical team will provide you with professional guidance during usage or installation. With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, RoHS, and CNEX, BCST will provide you high-quality sight flow indicators at a competitive price

    BCST Sight Flow Indicator Quality Control

    sight flow indicator -design


    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  
    sight flow indicator assembly


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    sight flow indicator raw material inspection

    Raw Material Inspection 

    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination
    sight flow indicator -hydrostatic test

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    sight flow indicator machining


    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test
    sight flow indicator outlook inspection

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks

    Spart Part Test

    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks
    Sight flow indicator packing


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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    BCST your Expert Sight Flow Indicator Supplier in China

    Sight Flow Indicator -FAQ

    What are the Tips Regarding the Maintenance and Installation of Sight Flow Indicators?

    figure 4 rotatory flow indicator


    Relatively, the sight flow indicator is a simple device that needs no maintenance. But you need to select the correct model for the application and properly install the sight flow indicator.

    Maintenance tips:

    • If the glasses are dirty and disassembled for cleaning purposes, you need to replace the seal simultaneously. If the glass is just the plain disc, then also replace it. You can use the fused-glass sight glasses again.
    • Get the glass clean from the commercial cleaners of the glass. It is not suitable to use metal scrapers, wire brushes, or any harsh equipment
    • Never clean the glass when the sight flow indicator is in working condition. The cold water on the hot sight glass

    Tips for inspecting the sight flow indicator:

    • The sight flow indicator needs inspection on a regular basis for damage purposes. For examining the scratches, use a shiny and bright light source at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Anything sparkling requires close inspection.
    • Any scratch from the fingernail or marks shining is the reason for the replacement. You also need to replace the sight glasses if they remain rough or cloudy even after the cleaning.
    • The inspection of the frames or flanges is also very important concerning corrosion building up.

    Tips regarding the installation of sight flow indicator:  

    • It is not good to use the scratch glass or damage one. The surface of the glass seating has to be flat at least 0.005 inches, along with the smooth finishing. The flanges need to be rigid. While assembling, don’t make contact with the glass with the metal. All the gaskets must be new, smooth, and clean. Use all the gaskets with the same diameter and fix them concentrically.

    Tips for bolting insight flow indicator:

    • Never tight the bolts on the sight glass whenever the parts are working. You need to follow the tightening order regularly to receive assurance regarding the loading of the glass. Tightening is sufficient for producing a positive seal against the pressure of the process.

    Which industries are using sight flow indicators?

    Many industries require a tool for monitoring the speed and quality of the liquid, raw material, or gas. You can use the sight flow indicator at the internal level inside the turbine or component to inspect the fuel or hydraulic flowing of the fluid and its quality. The sight flow indicator is also helpful for several environmental and wastewater applications. In the measurement of the fluids, the sight flow indicator plays a significant role in measuring the fluids in various industries. If you want to measure or monitor the liquid or gas, the sight flow indicator needs to operate correctly inside the applications to deliver accurate results.

    Industries using sight flow indicator:

    Below are the industries that use the sight flow indicator in their applications:

    • Medical
    • Food and beverage
    • HVAC
    • Marine
    • Defence and military
    • Chemical
    • Industrial
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Agricultural
    • Aerospace

    What are the applications of sight flow indicators?

    There is the possibility of applying a sight flow indicator in the movement of every processing medium. The operators can view the approximate rate and direction of the flow and the condition of the medium to process without causing any interruption in the flowing process.

    Applications of sight flow indicator:

    • While processing the solids in bulk quantity like plastic resins, food products, and powder inorganic form, a sight flow indicator helps the operators see the blending process. The sight flow indicator confirms the free-flowing of the materials.


    • The sight flow indicator is also helpful in terms of inspecting the pipelines for the residue and foreign particles, particularly during the cleaning schedules.


    • There is an involvement of many pipes in the process of a chemical system for moving the product in liquid form. The liquid flow is from the filters, cooling, and pumping lines. The sight flow indicator is helpful for the operator to inspect the conditions of the lines and observe the clogging.


    • The pipes carrying steam and sight flow indicator help the operator by giving alerts regarding the existence of condensate and taking preventive measures for the elimination.


    • In separate manufacturing, machines are dependent on the proper lubrication for smooth working. The usability of the sight flow indicator is on the equipment during maintenance. The sight flow indicator is also helpful for the inspection and absence of the oil and the colour. It shows that you need to change the oil if it is necessary.

    Which accessories are part of the sight flow indicator?

    Steam jackets:

    The availability of steam jackets is for covering the view-through flow indicators. There is no cover for the sight glass. The jackets help avoid the cool spots in the process and increase the viscosity of the flowing fluids.


    The fitting of the sight ports is along with the video cameras that permit remote monitoring and recording. In the hazardous surroundings, there is also an availability of explosion-proof models.

    figure 6 cameras


    You call the lights luminaries and add them to the view-through and full-view styling sight flow indicator. The mounting of these lights is at an outer surface with the help of a bracket. Or even directly fitting the luminaries in the sanitary for single-piece mounting on the cover of the flange. The halogen bulb, LEDs, or fluorescent bulbs provide lighting. Additionally, cable of optical fibre is also an option for transmitting light from the source to the sight glass. It is suitable in tight spaces where the bulb is far away from the sight glass due to vibration.

    Wipers and washers:  

    Materials like solids, foam, and condensation can stick in the sight glass and become hurdles for the view. In these applications, there is an availability of spray wipers and washers for cleaning the surface from the inside of the sight glass. Mostly, the blades inside the wiper are of elastomeric materials. You can operate it manually by turning the knob or handle because a specific length of the wiper is inappropriate for the thick size windows or double glass flow indicators. There are also motorized wipers that consist of explosion-proof models. These operate by remote control.

    figure 8 wipes and washers

    How does the sight flow indicator work?

    The sight flow indicator has small size housing equipment along with the window of glass whose insertion is with the pipe. It is for observing the flowing fluid in the pipe. To bring enhancement in the visibility of the flowing fluid, the spinner is along with the stream so that it is in contact with the spinner vanes causing it to turn. The spinner is also helpful for detecting the low-flow rates along with the visibility from a distance. The rotation speed provides a proper indication regarding the velocity of the flow. There is a sight flow indicator along with the hinged flanges for showing the flow from both directions. The single window is also available insight flow indicator at the front of the indicator or even double windows. One is at the back, and another is at the indicator’s front. The double windows are the best choice when the colour of the liquid is the priority. The units of single windows are always with the spinners for providing the observations regarding the clarity of flowing fluid at reasonable rates. The vertical tube-kind sight flow indicator has a clear glass tube whose diameter is equal to the pipe that you can insert and inspect the high-flowing rates running in the vertical pipes. There are no spinners or other devices in these units for detection purposes. It results in no proper resistance regarding the flow and provides the pressure drop at the lowest level for any sight flow indicator. There is also an availability of sight flow indicator with unique materials to meet the requirements of different applications. The materials are present as an option for the flanges, housing, spinners, and sealing gaskets.

    What are the steps for selecting the right sight flow indicator for your industrial application?

    There are four main steps for selecting the right sight flow indicator for your industrial application:

    Step 1:  Select the right type of sight flow indicator according to your application:

    The tube-type flow indicator is suitable for checking the processing fluid for clearness, colour, and the existence of moisture. There are two windows in opposite directions in the view-through indicator. This design is suitable for high-temperature applications.

    Step 2: consider the particular function of the indicator:

    Different types of sight flow indicators help the operators regarding the speed and direction of the processing material.

    Step 3: Selection of the type of mounting:

    You can thread, attach, or bolt the sight flow indicator and the sanitary clamp, a popular selection for food and pharmaceutical applications. It is just because they can simplify the cleaning.

    Step 4: determining the materials suitable according to the applications:

    Generally, the sight flow indicator consists of glass, gaskets, and metal. The common metals that use insight flow indicator are carbon steel and stainless steel. The stainless steel provides corrosion resistance in a better way. There is also an availability of Teflon coating during the process of aggressive medium. Make sure that the material of the gasket has compatibility with the product that is in contact.

    Final thoughts:

    The sight flow indicator is a reliable, quick, and convenient approach for the verification of flowing fluids through the lines of industrial processes BCST is always ready to deliver high-quality sight flow indicator. You can also place the order of sight flow indicator online through the official website of BCST for your industrial applications and receive it at your doorstep.

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