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Professional Valve Automation Supplier

BCST supply professional solution for valve automation

  • Cost-effective & Waste reduction.
  • Optimized output control requiring restrained operated interaction.
  • Enforces safety.
  • Efficient control of piping  flows.

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    A Reliable Valve Automation Supplier In China

    BCST valve automation is the process of attaching a valve actuator and control mechanism to the valve. Actuators may be controlled by human, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic strength. Automated valves are a big factor of automating system control. They are utilized in numerous sorts of process plants which includes power factories, sewage treatment plants, food plants, refineries, nuclear processes, mines, processes and pipelines.

    We offer services to business and energy markets and offer engineering answers which can be tailored for you. We have what your enterprise needs.

    BCST - A Top Rated Valve Automation Suppliers In China

    Valve automation is becoming increasingly popular as it simplifies operations. BCST Group presents the products you want to enhance manufacturing in your field. BCST Group distributes actuators, and control valves.

    APL-210N Limit Switch Box-valve automation

    APL-210N Limit Switch Box

    APL-410N Limit Switch Box-valve automation

    APL-410N Limit Switch Box

    APL-510N Limit Switch Box

    Linear Electro-pneumatic positioner-valve automation

    Linear Electro-pneumatic Positioner

    Rotary Electro-pneumatic positioner-valve automation

    Rotary Electro-pneumatic Positioner

    Electro-pneumatic postioner-with limit switch box-valve automation

    Electro-pneumatic Postioner-with Limit Switch Box

    Pneumatic Actuator with limit switch box-valve automation

    Pneumatic Actuator with Limit Switch Box

    Pneumatic actuator Butterfly Valve-valve automation

    Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

    Pneumatic Shutoff Ball Valve-valve automation

    Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valve

    Electric actuator-valve automation

    Electric Actuator

    Electric actuator butterfly valve-valve automation

    Electric Actuator Butterfly Valve

    Electric Actuator Ball Valve

    BCST Your Valve Automation Export from China

    If your organization calls for valve automation, BCST Group can assist. With 22 years of valve production and exporting experience, BCST will offer the one-stop answer in your projects. Our technology will aid you and guide you at some point of version selection, debugging, and installation.

    Each valve is examined and collaborated through the manufacturing line making sure outstanding quality with entire test certificates. We have ATEX, SIL2, CE approval, in addition to explosion-proof certificates. We provide services across the world. So irrespective of wherein your company is located, we can help.

    Contact us at [email protected] when you have any questions.

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