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Professional Manual Valves Supplier

BCST has a wide range of manual valves, and they feature below

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Less expensive
  • Stable performance
  • High pressure and temperature available
  • Long Operation life

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    A Reliable Manual Valve Supplier In China

    Manual valves professional BCST Group manufacture, stocks, and export exquisite BCST guide valves with a choice of numerous kinds to be had to suit your enterprise needs. A form of add-ons absolutely helps all products. To examine extra approximately BCST Group offerings and to shop online.

    BCST Manual valves perform thru a guide operation together with a handwheel or hand lever, that’s generally used to stop and start the flow, despite the fact that a few designs may be used for primary throttling. The best manual valves for the on-off service are those that permit flow to transport instantly through the body, with a close detail that gives a very small pressure drop.

    BCST - A Top Rated Valve Suppliers In China

    BCST is one of  China’s main reliable and stable manual valve manufacturers. If you are searching for a professional manufacturer for your next mission with robust technical background, professional group, and budget-first-rate products, BCST is your maximum suitable choice.

    Flanged Manual Ball valve

    Flanged Manual Ball valve

    Thread manual ball valve

    Thread Manual Ball Valve

    Manual Globe Valve

    Manual Check Valve

    Manual Check Valve

    Manual butterfly valve

    Manual Butterfly Valve

    Manual Gate Valve

    BCST One-Stop Manual Valve Solution from China

    BCST can provide particular manual valves that help customers’ requests. You may get a keep of BCST’s top service from packaging to delivery. BCST’s technical group will offer you professional recommendations for manual valves all through usage or installation. With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, RoHS, and CNEX, BCST will provide you with manual valves at a less costly price.

    At BCST, we inventory an in-depth variety of advanced exceptional manual valves of all kinds. You can email us at [email protected] to decide whether or not any such valve is a choice for your device.

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    BCST Manual Valve Quality Control

    Manual valve test

    Manual Valve Test

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    Manual Valve Packing

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    Why Purchase Manual Valve From BCST

    Manual Valve -FAQ

    Common Problems with Manual Valves and Their Solutions

    1.Valve is Difficult to Turn:

    Cause: The valve may be clogged with dirt or debris, the bearings may be worn or damaged, internal parts may be rusty or corroded, the stem threads may be loose or damaged, the sealing surfaces may be worn or damaged, the valve may be over-tightened, or there may be insufficient clearance between the valve stem and body.

    Solution: Clean the valve and piping, replace bearings, sealing surfaces, or valve stems, loosen nuts to reduce pressure, adjust clearances, or replace valve stems. If the problem persists, consider having a professional inspect or replace the valve.

    2.Valve Leaks:

    Cause: The seals may be old or damaged, bolts may be loose, or there may be impurities inside the valve.

    Solution: Replace seals, tighten bolts, or clean the inside of the valve.

    3.Valve is Too Tight or Too Loose:

    Cause: The bolts may not be tightened properly.

    Solution: Adjust the bolt tightness to ensure proper valve operation.

    4.Valve Stem Leaks:

    Cause: The stem seals may be old or damaged, or the stem may be worn.

    Solution: Replace stem seals or have the stem repaired.

    5.Valve Stem and Disk Come Loose:

    Cause: The stem may be corroded at the joint, excessive force may have been used during operation, or the stem retainer may be loose or worn.

    Solution: Avoid excessive force when operating the valve, inspect and replace damaged parts.

    6.Cracks in the Valve Disk or Stem:

    Cause: Significant temperature differences may exist on both sides of the valve.

    Solution: Handle according to specific circumstances, such as considering valve replacement.


    Please note that when operating valves, safety precautions should be followed. If you encounter problems that are difficult to solve, it is recommended to seek professional valve repair services to ensure the quality and safety of the repairs.

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