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Professional Temperature Instruments Manufacturer

BCST temperature instrument is low cost for long-term temperature measurements.

It has precision accuracy in temperature instrument.

  • High-speed response.
  • Good reproducibility.
  • Simple construction.
  • Stable output.
  • Excellent accuracy.
  • High repeatability.

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    A Reliable Temperature Instruments Supplier In China

    BCST is your expert supplier of temperature instruments in China. The BCST temperature measurement tools are used in many applications in the process sector. Established in 2000, BCST is a manufacturer specializing in researching, developing, and producing valve automation and process instruments. If your company calls for excellent temperature instruments, BCST Group can assist you. With 22 years of experience in production and exporting, BCST offers the one-stop answer in your projects. Our technology and professional technical team will aid you and guide you in selecting and installing.

    BCST - A Top Rated Temperature Instrument Suppliers In China

    Temperature is one of the utmost measured parameters. The correct measurement is of great importance not only for the quality of the product but for safety and energy consumption as well. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right instrument for the actual application. The typical tools used are pyrometers, thermocouples, and resistance thermometers.

    Smart Temperature Transmitter

    Smart Temperature Transmitter

    Explosion-proof Temperature transmitter

    Explosion-proof Temperature Transmitter

    Sanitary Smart Temperature Transmitter

    Sanitary Smart Temperature Transmitter

    4-20ma output temperature transmitter

    4-20ma Output Temperature Transmitter

    Assembly RTD

    Assembly RTD

    Power station thermocouple

    Power Station Thermocouple

    Adjustable Temperature Gauge

    Bottom Connected Bimetallic thermometer

    Bottom Connected Temperature Gauge

    Back Connected Temprature Gauge

    BCST Expert Temperature Instruments Supplier in China

    BCST enables the end-user to get only accurate and satisfactory results. We strive to change the future by providing clients with the most reliable and efficient services that exhibit the spirit of innovation and excellence. BCST facilities are managed by professional, experienced, trained, and skilled personnel equipped to cater to industry needs with a wide variety of services that provide timely and budget-friendly support.

    Each temperature instrument is examined and collaborated through the manufacturing line making sure outstanding quality with entire test certificates. We have ATEX, SIL2, CE approval, in addition to explosion-proof certificates. We provide services across the world. So irrespective of wherein your company is located, we can help you.

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