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Pressure Transmitter

JCBP Inline Pressure Transmitter


  • Process pressure measurement
  • Pressure transmitter with ceramic and metal sensors;  
  • design and easy operation;
  • With Analog or HART Electronics  

JCBP Inline Pressure Transmitter Feature


  •  Updating time of output current in 90 ms
  •  Improved performance, increased accuracy and greater stability   Two years stability of 0.15%
  •  0.1% accuracy
  •  Parameter setting by keypad directly
  •  4-20 mA output plus direct digital HART communication   Automatic zero calibration by press-button
  •  Explosion proof and weather proof housing

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JCBP-pressure transmitter introduction

JCBP Inline Pressure Transmitter


  • Selecthi-quality sensor and exclusive V/I integrated circuit, little peripheral device, high reliability, simple and easy maintenance.
  • little volume, slight weight, convenient installation and debugging
  • overall and sound design, respectively provide ordinary type, corrosion-proof, intrinsically safe explosion-proof type and isolation explosion-proof type
  • Aluminum die casting outer shell, tri-terminal isolation, hi-temperature baking lacquer protective cover, firm and durable
  • 4~20mA DC two-wire system, strong interference-resistant ability, long transmitting distance
  • LED, LCD, pointer, the three kinds of indicating gauge head; convenient local reading
  • can be applied to measure viscous , crystallized and corrosive mediums


BCST Your Best Inline Pressure Transmitter Manufacturer


BCST,JCBP/JCBA series is a digital pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications.

The JCB serial offer configurations for gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum including integrated solutions for industrial applications.

Technical Specification

Pressure Transmitter Technical Parameter


Pressure Transmitter-Measuring range


JCBP-pressure transmitter-dimension

Model Selection

Smart Pressure Transmitter


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