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Fine chemicals are chemicals prepared with a very high degree of purity, that can be used in research and industry. Fine chemicals can only be manufactured in small, limited quantities in plants by batch or biotechnological manufacturing processes. There are, however, many important and complex stages in the production of precious chemicals.

Because of the rigorous production standards and extensive equipment needed for even small batches of fine chemicals, many companies outsource the manufacturing of fine chemicals that will act as their active ingredients.    Although extremely useful, generally need to be combined with other chemicals and substances to achieve their full potential. Overall, they provide the building blocks for many different products that you use every day. Such as pharmaceuticals, biocides, fragrances, additives, and pigments.

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    Uses of Fine Chemicals in Pharmaceutical Drugs

    Medicines are used to diagnose, treat and cure diseases. Fine chemicals are essential in their role in the manufacture of medicines. Hydrogen is a common feedstock used in pharmaceuticals.

    Uses of Fine Chemicals in Food

    Fine chemicals such as acid chlorides are also essential in the food industry as they can be used as preservatives in food and feed. An example of an acid chloride used in preservatives is Propanoic acid, a clear liquid notable for its unpleasant smell. Food products such as vinegar contain acid chlorides.

    Uses of Fine Chemicals in Agriculture

    Agrochemicals are explicitly used to enhance agricultural benefits by protecting crops from pests and increasing crop yields. Fine chemicals are used in pesticides, making them crucial for the agricultural industry.

    In short, fine chemicals must be combined with other substances. They are much more expensive to produce due to their complex and changing chemistry. Nevertheless, fine chemicals are vital to the chemical industry and provide everyday items and products.

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