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Professional Motorized Control Valve 


●Complete sealing.

●The operating medium is sealed reliably on each side.

●Able to undergo the strain from the pipeline well.

●Quick commencing and closing.

●Superb utilization performance.

●Proven lifetime cost-effectiveness ness.

●Easy dealing with and installation.

●Increased dependability and operational security.

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    BCST your Expert Motorized Control Valve Supplier

    BCST motorized manipulate valve in small hydronic heating and cooling structures may be very common. They really are both open or closed and are generally used on glide manipulate valves that permit or forestall the glide of fluid withinside the system, together with quarter manipulate valves, close off/isolation valves, or diverting valves.

    BCST motorized manipulate valve important utility is for glide manipulation and glide isolation. Open/near valves are used to automate guide open-near valves like pump discharge/suction valves, boiler feed water isolation valves, drum vent valves, product line valves, etc. Motorized manipulate valve operates withinside the maximum disturbing applications.

    BCST your One-Stop Motorized Control Valve Solution

    BCST gives a complete variety of motorized manipulate valves for without a doubt each utility, critical and decentralized heating structures, home hot-water structures, and district heating and steam. Email us at [email protected] to recognize extra approximately our motorized manipulate valves.

    Electric Motorized Control Valve

    Electric Motorized Control Valve

    Pneumatic motorizer control valve

    Pneumatic Motorizer Control Valve

    Motorized Angle Control valve

    Motorized Angle Control valve

    Motorized diaphragm Control Valve

    Motorized Diaphragm Control Valve

    Motorizer Three Way Control Valve

    Motorizer PTFE Liner Control Valve

    BCST Your BEST Motorized Control Valve Manufacturer & Supplier

    BCST is one amongst the leading reliable and stable motorized control valve manufacturers in China. If you’re searching for an experienced manufacturer for your next project, with strong technical background, professional team, and budget-friendly products, BCST is your most suitable choice.

    BCST can provide different products supported customers’ requests. From packaging to delivery, you’ll receive BCST’s most detailed service. BCST’s technical team will provide you with professional guidance during usage or installation. With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, RoHS, and CNEX, BCST will provide you high-quality motorized control valves at a competitive price.

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    BCST group

    BCST Valve Quality Control For Motorized Control Valve

    • Technical software caculation
    • Technical team meeting
    • CAD drawing confirmation  


    • Installation
    • Calibration
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Mechanical Propery
    • dimension Checks
    • Visual Checks
    • Non-destruction Examination

    Hydrostatic Test

    • Shell test
    • Sealing test
    • Leakage test
    • Air test
    • Function test
    • CNC machining
    • Visual checks
    • Dimensional checks
    • Liquid penetration test

    Outlook Treatment

    • Surface Polish
    • Painting
    • Visual inspection
    • Thickness checks
    • Visual checks
    • Liquid penetration
    • Test
    • Hardness test
    • Lapping
    • Dimensional checks


    • Marking
    • Exported wooden box

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    BCST Motorized Control Valve Application

    sight glass flow indicators-Application

    Motorized Control Valve -FAQ

    Motorized Control Valve

    What is the function of actuators in Motorized Control Valves?

    An actuator is a device that moves a valve open or closed. Motorized Control Valves perform their functions with the help of different actuators, which are responsible for moving the valve to the most suitable position according to flow needs. These actuators perform their work by responding to the sensors and then changing the amount of flow. These actuators can be adjusted according to their requirements for their particular functions. You can set an actuator for more liquid flow when the temperature reaches a specific amount, or you can set it to less fluid flow when the pressure level gets high. In Motorized Control Valves, actuators respond swiftly during operation. And automatically adjust the flow amount so that flow remains effective and optimal.

    Motorized Actuator

    How many kinds of actuators are available for powering Motorized Control Valves?

    There are different kinds of actuators available for powering Motorized Control Valves—E.g., An electric actuator, a Pneumatic actuator, Hydraulic actuator.

    Electric actuators:

    An electric actuator is a mechanical device that converts electricity into kinetic energy, which gives a single rotatory motion. It helps automate the Motorized Control Valve to increase the quality and efficiency of work.


    The electric actuators are typically used in pumps, motors, and valves. So when we talk about Motorized Control Valves, it is best to use electric actuators in Motorized Control Valves because electric actuators are very easy to wire into the system. And they efficiently determine the diagnostic issues.

    Pneumatic actuator:

    Another actuator used in Motorized Control Valves is the Pneumatic actuator. These actuators are powered by gas and sometimes by liquid. These actuators can provide more power and more pressure than electric actuators. But when a company decides to use Motorized Control Valves powered by a Pneumatic actuator. Then they need more space to install this system.

    Tie-rod cylinders, Rotary actuators, Grippers, Vane Motors, Pneumatic motors are Pneumatic actuators.

    Hydraulic actuator:

    The hydraulic actuator is also used in motorized controlled valves. It is composed of a fluid motor that uses hydraulic power to do mechanical operations. It produces a linear, rotatory or oscillatory motion. It uses liquid pressure to move the valve actuator and the position valve stem.

    Nearly all hydraulic actuators transform fluid into mechanical strength as Hydraulic actuators convert fluid into motion. So when it is used in a Motorized Control Valve. Hydraulic power is generated by the fluid motor, which automatically creates linear, rotatory, or oscillatory motion, which can help the valve open and close.


    Electro-Hydraulic Actuator:

    Electro-Hydraulic Actuators handle a piston with pressurized oil. The fluid is sent to the opposite side of a cylinder. From a reservoir with the help of a pump through a Motorized Control Valve. This system allows high thrust and fast speed and better performance because of its high power level. Electro-Hydraulic Actuators have a high initial cost.

    What are the applications for Motorized Control Valves?

    motorized valve

    Two-way control valve:

    The first application for the Motorized Control Valve is the two-way control valve. This application is used for on/off purposes (zone/flow control). The two-way control valve is also used for modelling purposes, as many people know about using a two-way control wall for zone/ flow control purposes. Now let’s see how you can use a two-way Motorized Control Valve for fluid temperature control. The two-way control valve is matched with a motor modulating actuating with 0 -10 Vdc or 0-20 mA power. In this kind of Motorized Control Valve, the control system requires the fluid temperature on the system loop. The globe valve is installed between two injection tees, which creates a pressure difference that is made up through modulating control valve. It helps to ensure liquid flow through the mixing device.


    Use of Two- way modulating control valve:

    The two-way modulating Motorized Control Valve is also used for variable flow application.

    Two-way modulating Motorized Control Valves are used for variable liquid flow application. Here delta T provides modulating signals to the valve. It provides modulating signals across each distribution loop to adjust load balancing where are multiple loops for distribution. It will enhance the building’s operating performance.

    Three-way control valves:

    Another application used for the Motorized Control Valve is the three-way control valve. You can use a three-way control valve for on/ off purposes. You can also use a three-way control valve for floating action and modulating purposes. This form of Motorized Control Valves can be considered the most versatile.


    But all this depends on the point the installation is done wrong way which was needed. In this application, Motorized Control Valve actuators usually play a prominent role. You can also use modulating valves for this application, and you can adopt a control strategy to produce maximum output or minimum output signal to the motor.

    Use of three-way control valve for floating action or modelling:

    A Three-way Motorized Control Valve can be used for floating action or modulating. You can use it to fulfil fluid temperature mixing requirements. And when you note the isolation of mixing and system loop from the primary coil through hydraulic separation, it will come in the form of closely spaced trees. On primary loop.

    Use of three-way control valve to variable flow control:

    A Three-way Motorized Control Valve is used for variable flow control. You can use a three-way Motorized Control Valve by using floating action motorized actuator. It is operated by a control system that controls the temperature of the discharged air. It may form an air unit.

    Four-way Motorized Control Valve:

    You can use a Four-way Motorized Control Valve to control the fluid temperature in the snowmelt system, and the process depends upon system requirements. The mixing valve on the system side is isolated from heat distribution piping with the help of a heat exchanger. You can adjust the piping system of a four-way Motorized Control Valve in the same way as it was done in a three-way Motorized Control Valve, where they were they were separated from the cooling loop with the help of closely spaced trees.

    What is a Motorized Control Valve in HVAC?

    BCST Motorized Control Valves(MCV) are used for specific area heating and cooling. HAVC and central heating system maintain stable and balanced water control, glycol mixtures, and steam. It also helps improve the control on temperature, and the system’s performance and energy efficiency will also be increased. Thermostat AC is an example of a Motorized Control Valve HVAC. The thermostat shows the room’s current temperature and uses this information to turn off or turn on the HVAC system

    Motorized Control Valve-2

    What is the difference between solenoid valves and Motorized Control Valves?

    Electromagnets are used in solenoid valves to move a plunger joined with a valve to open or close it. Motorized Control Valves work with the help of an electric actuator. It needs a longer duration to respond as compared to solenoid valves. The actuator is controlled by electric current signal 4-20 mA and voltage signal 0-10 V to regularize the liquid passing through. So you can say the solenoid valve can also be called an electromechanically controlled valve. On the other hand, Motorized Control Valve works with the help of electric signals coming from the electric motor, which makes the Motorized Control Valve open and close and stops the valve in operation.

    What should be the characteristics of a Motorized Control Valve?

    It would be best if you had full awareness of a Motorized Control Valve’s characteristics so that you can have the best for your company or production unit. So when you go for a Motorized Control Valve, you should consider these characteristics. So let’s check some of them here.

    Brilliant and controlled performance:

    It would help if you kept in mind the control capacities of Motorized Control Valves, as these characteristics may differ in different ranges. Split features for DHA applications used for heat exchangers may vary. So the best quality Motorized Control Valve always works perfectly even when working with extremely high temperatures, where there are challenging control circumstances. The best quality Motorized Control Valve can control critical areas like curved areas in a piping system and closing position.

    Lifetime cost-effectiveness:

    Another quality of an excellent Motorized Control Valve is that; it should have a low cast, and it should take less time and effort in installation and commissioning.

    Effortless installation:

    Motorized Control Valve should be easy to handle and install; functions should not be very complicated. You should be able to manage and operate it efficiently. The actuator of a Motorized Control Valve should be quick and efficient. An excellent Motorized Control Valve has external led visualization and signalling, saving your time and effort during installation.

    Reliable safety and performance:

    When you talk about the characteristics of the best quality Motorized Control Valve, it should have the feature of built-in thermic and overload protection of electromotor. It will lessen the risk of operation failure in the valve or the whole system.

    What points to be considered while selecting a Motorized Control Valve?

    You should always keep in mind the following points while Motorized Control Valve selection process:

    • Decide what should be the service conditions when you are going to select a Motorized Control Valve.P1, ∆p, Q, T1, liquid or fluid properties, check to allowable noise, etc.
    • Choose a suitable ANSI pressure class needed for valve body and trim.
    • Keep in mind while installing a Motorized Control Valveif you feel that aerodynamic noise is high. You should select a noise reduction trim, check if liquid noise is high or cavitation is specified, then you should choose a cavitation reduction trim.
    • You should choose a valve body and frame type and select a suitable Motorized Control Valvesize with the required CV. You should also have a deep look at travel, small groups, and shutoff measures.
    • You should choose trim material for your application. Keep in mind the trim you have chosen should be available in the tidy group for the size of the valve you have chosen.
    • Keep in mind the options of the shutoff, stem packing, etc.

    What are the different types of electric actuators?

    The electric actuator is the central part of the Motorized Control Valve. An electric actuator is a device that can handle the movement of load; it creates a force with the help of an electric motor. And as a result, it creates a rotary motion, or it can make a rotatory motion. It helps the Motorized Control Valve get automatic, making it open and close automatically.

    There are two types different types of electric actuators:

    Motorized actuators

    Rotary actuator:

    Rotary electric actuators are used to automatize the Motorized Control Valve. This actuator rotates from open to closed because of the butterfly, balls, and plug valves. The electric power helps the components turn. When selecting an electric rotary actuator, you should consider its actuator torque and range of motion. The actuator torque is the power that creates a rotation. This motion could be quarter-turn or multi-turn, which may automatically help the Motorized Control Valve work.

    Linear actuators:

    Linear electric actuators are used in the Motorized Control Valve and help make the Motorized Control Valve’s working successful and effective. Linear actuators work by opening and closing the Motorized Control Valve and are used when tight tolerances are needed. These electric actuators use motor-oriented ball screws to provide linear motion. When selecting a linear actuator, check the number of turns and force used for actuating and consider the valve stem stroke.

    What are the benefits of choosing a Motorized Control Valve?

    When you select a control valve to fulfil your needs, you always want to have the best, which should have the ability to facilitate you and make your work easier. So when you choose a Motorized Control Valve for your system, it will be helpful, as automation can make your job more accessible. You don’t need to engage yourself in carrying out activities physically. The Motorized Control Valve is willing in the piping system, where it automatically controls the flow of liquid or fluid in the pipe system. Installing a Motorized Control Valve in your system will provide increased safety and improved control output.

    Who are the manufacturers of Motorized Control Valves?

    China and India are the two top manufacturing countries of Motorized Control Valves. Chania manufactures the best quality motorized controlled valvesWhen we talk about the leading company manufacturing full-quality Motorized Control Valveswe can’t ignore BCST. This company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Motorized Control Valves, which supplies the Motorized Control Valves to more than 100 countries. The company delivers the Motorized Control Valves swiftly as its delivery time is seven days and provides many control valves like pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic. BCST offers a complete package solution to the consumer to fulfil your needs and requirement without facing any difficulty and hurdles. So, when you need a Motorized Control Valve, BCST can help in this regard, and you can get the best.

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