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Professional Bellow Seal Valve Manufacturer

  • Double sealing design.
  • Structurally sound.
  • Zero fluid loss.
  • Extra durability& Long life..
  • Leak-unfastened performance.
  • Corrosion and friction resistance.
  • It can deal with excessive temperatures and pressure.
  • It can take a very good quantity of steam pressure.

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    A Reliable Bellow Seal Valve Supplier In China

    BCST bellows seal valve is a business system valve designed to get rid of valve leakage. Bellows seal valve prevents leakage of corrosive, explosive, or toxic fluid. When decided on and established correctly, they decrease the chance of doubtlessly dangerous chemical substances inflicting harm or contamination to employees and harm to the encircling environment.


    BCST - A Top Rated Bellow Seal Valve Suppliers In China

    BCST’s bellows seal valve meets rigorous necessities making sure bellows longevity. Bellows seal valve is hired in numerous packages consisting of aerospace, biotechnology, chemical processing, fossil power, nuclear power, petroleum, pharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing, vacuum and ultra-excessive vacuum.

    ANSI Bellow Seal Valve

    ANSI Bellow Seal Valve

    Bellow Seal Globe Valve

    Cast iron Bellow Seal Valve

    Cast Iron Bellow Seal Valve

    Cast Steel Bellow Seal Valve

    DIN bellow seal Valve

    DIN Bellow Seal Valve

    Forged steel bellow seal valve

    Forged Steel Bellow Seal Valve

    PTFE liner bellow seal Valve

    PTFE Liner Bellow Seal Valve

    stainless steel bellow seal Valve

    Stainless Steel Bellow Seal Valve

    WCB bellow seal valve

    WCB Bellow Seal Valve

    BCST One-Stop Bellow Seal Valves Solutions from China

    BCST has a vast stock of bellows seal valve, fast delivery within seven working days. We will do our best to meet your project schedule. BCST has strict quality control, ISO certified company making sure to provide an excellent product to you. 100% inspection before shipping to ensure the product meets your requirements. 

    As an expert bellows seal valve manufacturer in China, BCST supplies a complete package solution to various applications. Whether you’re an end-user or an engineering company, BCST will provide you with technical support. BCST bellows seal valve is widely employed within the process industry.

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    Why Purchase The Bellow Seal Valve From BCST

    Bellow Seal Valve -FAQ

    1# What Are The Design Features Of A Bellow Seal Valve?

    A bellow seal valve has following the following parts:

    • Body
    • Bonnet
    • Seat ring
    • Seat guide
    • Bellow
    • Stem
    • Gasket
    • Gland packing

    These are the standard parts of a bellow seal valve. Their sizes and configurations vary as per the shared specifications of the clients. If you need to learn more about the requirements and configurations of a bellow seal valve, contact us immediately. We offer a customization facility to design all parts of a bellow seal valve according to your requirements to meet your industrial requirements.

    Figure 3 Components Of A Bellow Seal Valve

    2# How To Prevent A Bellow Seal Valve From Failing?

    A bellow valve is a highly reliable device to avoid leakage in industrial piping systems. There are different causes of failure of a bellow valve, including improper selection, inappropriate installation, poor manufacturing quality, and lack of performance. However, you can prevent a bellow seal valve from failure. Follow the below-mentioned tips:

    1. Keep on checking high inlet pressure variations and backpressure
    2. Always choose the right size and type of a bellow seal valve
    3. Make sure that it is working within stem stroke ranges, accurate temperature, and suitable pressure
    4. Prevent cavitation, flashing, and inappropriate damage during operation

    3# What Precautions Are Necessary While Using A Bellow Seal Valve?

    You must follow some precautions while using a bellow seal valve. These precautions include:

    1. Read all warnings are instructions to avoid equipment damage or personal injury
    2. Follow regular maintenance steps and professional re-conditioning stages
    3. In case of highly corrosive chemical environment, always use double seal bellows
    4. If the valve cover is wet or there is a smell of media, there must be some kind of damage in the bellow.
    5. Avoid prolonged negligence that can cause damage to the entire valve
    6. Avoid excessive tightening that hinders the free movement of the plug system

    4# What Are The Differences Between An Ordinary Valve Or A Bellow Seal Valve?

    • In the case of heated oil transfer systems, other valve systems have high chances of hot oil spillage and loss of equipment. On the contrary, a bellow seal valve offers negligible leakage due to its construction.
    • Other valves are less resistant to high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion. It causes leakage and destruction in the valve. On the other hand, a bellow seal valve works efficiently under high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive environments.
    • As the internal parts of a bellow seal valve are made of stainless steel, they are highly durable than ordinary valves. They can withstand temperatures above 450C. At the same time, other valves made of standard materials cannot withstand high-temperature ranges.

    5# What Is Parts Inspection Test For A Bellow Seal Valve?

    Parts inspection test ensures the working and efficiency of all parts of a bellow seal valve, and it requires special inspection conditions and ambience. These specific conditions include the temperature of 5-40C, humidity level of 20%-80%, and an atmospheric pressure of 86kPa to 106kPa. Usually, this test is performed in three cycles. After three rotations, a minimum value is taken to calculate the minimum cycle life. If a bellow seal valve passes all three test cycles, it is safe for use. It meets the quality standards. It is not considered qualified if it fails to qualify any test cycles.

    6# What Is Sealing Test & Whole Machine Test Of A Bellow Seal Valve?

    1# Sealing Test:

    This test determines invisible leakage in a bellow seal valve. It is conducted in a water tank at specific conditions, including 0.16mpa under atmospheric pressure and 20C temperature for 3 minutes. Hence, it helps to maintain the quality standards of a bellow seal valve.

    2# Whole Machine Test:

    This test inspects all parts of a bellow seal valve in a fully assembled form to determine its efficiency. All parts and body cavities are cleaned before assembly. Moreover, you can remove the burr too. Once all parts are assembled, they are inspected and tested. It includes everything such as surface polishing, cleaning, painting, and polishing.

    7# Which Points You Should Consider Before Installing A Bellow Seal Valve?

    • Clean inside of the pipe for removing foreign substances, including pipe chips, scales, gravels, or welding spatters. It prevents leakage and damage to the valve.
    • Follow a flow direction arrow on the valve casing to ensure that fluid flows in the same direction.
    • Check if there is any hazardous scratch present on the surface of the flange.
    • Tighten the flange equally and gradually tighten bolts diagonally to ensure the best alignment.
    • Remove protection cap at the groove or the socket a moment before piping.
    • Always keep the valve closed while welding the valve and piping system.
    • Read the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    8# How To Store A Bellow Seal Valve?

    If you have purchased bellow seal valves in bulk, you can store them for future use. However, follow these simple guidelines to keep a bellow seal valve for longer.

    1. Please do not remove the packing or covering of the bellow seal valve unless you are ready to install it at a desirable location.
    2. Always store bellow seal valves indoor places. Avoid placing them outdoor. Keep them away from moisture, dirt, or grease to enhance their lifestyle.
    3. Remove polyethene cap or protection seal at the end of the valve just before installation.
    4. Keep on monitoring them after a significant interval to ensure their packaging.

    9# What Are The Best Materials For Manufacturing A Bellow Seal Valve?

    A bellow seal valve consists of three popular materials including:

    • Stainless steel AISI 316Ti is the most popular material for manufacturing a bellow seal valve. It contains Titanium that can withstand high-temperature ranges.
    • Inconel 600 or Inconel 625 offers excellent resistance, temperature resistance, and fatigue strength.
    • Hastalloy C-276 is one of the most significant materials that offer excellent temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and fatigue strength than Inconel.

    These materials are highly durable for critical working environments. Please contact us now to find more information about the manufacturing materials of bellow seal valves.

    10# What Is The Difference Between Single-Ply & Multi-Ply Bellow Seal Valve Designs?

    1# Single-Ply Bellow Seal Valve:

    It has a single layer thickness of the metal sheet. Single-ply bellow seal valve is suitable for low-pressure applications, less stroke length, less stroke pressure, and temperature, and it subjects to metal fatigue under critical working environments.

    2# Multi-Ply Bellow Seal Valve:

    It has a multi-layer thickness of the metal sheet. Multi-ply bellow seal valve is suitable for high-pressure handling fluids. It increases pressure by 80% to 100% than a single-ply bellow seal valve of the same thickness. Its material of construction, fabrication technique, stroke frequency, and stroke length make it reliable for complex industrial applications.

    11# What Are Potential Failures In A Bellow Seal Valve & How To Troubleshoot Them?

    Potential failures



    No flow in the valve

    Closed valves

    Flanged dust caps are intact

    Valves must be opened

    Remove flange dust caps

    Poor flow in the valve

    Inappropriate opening of valves

    Dirty filters

    Pipelines are clogged

    Valves must be opened

    Clean or replace all the filters

    Inspection of pipelines

    Difficulties in the controlling system

    Stem is dry

    Tightened gland packaging

    Lubricate the stem

    Lose gland nuts

    Leakage in stem

    Damage to bellow

    Replace upper parts of a valve and accurately tighten the glands

    Leakage in seal

    Incorrect shut off valve


    Damage to seat & disc

    High-pressure difference


    Polluted environment

    Do not use auxiliary tools to tighten the handwheels

    Contact a supplier or replace it

    Manage direction and flow of fluid

    Clean the valves regularly

    Damaged connecting flange

    Uneven tightening of bolts

    Replace valves

    12# What If A Bellow Seal Valve Is Operating Too Close To Set Pressure?

    Operating too close to set pressure takes the valve in the simmer position. In this state, a valve is neither open nor close. It may cause galling or fatigue failure in a bellow seal valve. It is the leading causes of failures in bellow seal valves. You can reduce this type of failure by following the below-mentioned tips:

    1. Lower the operating pressure
    2. Use a pilot-operated relief valve. It offers a high tolerance between system pressure and the valve’s set pressure.

    Feel free to contact our experienced, professional, and certified engineers for dealing with this problem.

    Figure 5 Industrial Application Of A Bellow Seal Valve

    13# What Are The Disadvantages Of A Bellow Seal Valve?

    A bellow seal valve is an ultra-efficient device for managing leakage in various piping systems. Although it has a large number of benefits, there are some shortcomings. Its disadvantages include:

    1. In the case of considerable fluid resistance, it requires a large amount of force to open and close valves.
    2. It is not compatible with materials that have high viscosity, easy coking, and large particle size.
    3. It shows a poor adjustment performance under certain conditions.

    However, its disadvantages are very nominal than its benefits. Even these shortcomings can be overcome under strict supervision and regular maintenance.

    14# Why BCST Is The Best Choice For Purchasing A Bellow Seal Valve?

    BCST is one of the leading manufacturing companies in China. Being an experienced company for many decades, we have been the first choice of customers across the globe. If you require custom design, we can also offer this facility. All prices are very affordable. Our bellow seal valves are highly durable, ultra-efficient, withstand challenging working conditions, and suitable for numerous industrial applications. You can truly count on us because we hold ISO 9001:2015 license that describes our credibility. If you want to know about the price, customizations, and manufacturing material of the bellow sea valve, please contact us immediately.

    15# How To Order Customized Bellow Seal Valve?

    It is straightforward to order a customized below seal valve suitable for different applications. Being a valve expert manufacturing company, thousands of customers from other parts of the world choose to get personalized products at very affordable rates. Our customized high pressure, high temperature, and forged steel valves can meet challenging industrial environments. Please share your specifications, including working conditions, industrial application, bellow cartridges, bonnet, stem, sleeve nuts, and manufacturing material. Our experienced engineers analyze your requirements to design the best product within your budget. Feel free to contact with BCST team if you want to know more about the customization of the bellow seal valves!

    Figure 6 Customized Bellow Seal Valve

    16# What Is The Average Price Of A Bellow Seal Valve?

    The average price of a bellow seal valve ranges from $50 to $450. The variation in price ranges is due to manufacturing quality, industrial application, size, and design features, and the price of bellow seal valves is compatible with their applications. We ensure superior quality, durability, and excellent performance at the lowest possible cost. We always test all products before shipment to ensure their credibility. Our premium-quality products can withstand all critical working environments and prevent potential damage from leakage at industrial units. If you want to know more about pricing-related information, please contact us immediately. Keep visiting our website for more queries.

    17# What If You Are Using An Oversized Bellow Seal Valve?

    Keep in mind that the size of the valve must be compatible with its uses. An oversized bellow seal valve leads to fluid instability, premature fatigue failure, and permanent valve damage. It is recommended to use a valve with an actual orifice area 3 to 5 times larger than the required area. However, if you have faced failures caused by using an oversized bellow seal valve, follow the below-mentioned tips:

    1. Use a modulating pilot-operated relief valve
    2. Change the set pressure to reduce fluid instability
    3. Replace it with the right sized valve

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