Pneumatic Small Flow Control Valve

Parameters of Pneumatic Small Flow Control Valve

Pneumatic Small Flow Control Valve


ZJHY pneumatic small flow control valve is a product developed independently by our company for small flow conditions. It consists of a pneumatic diaphragm actuator and a small flow control valve body. The multi-spring actuator has a low height, lightweight, and simple equipment. Pneumatic small flow control valve features small size, lightweight, high performance, precise control for small flow rates, etc. When adjusting unclean media, the problem of blocking jams should be taken care of with regard to the problem of small throttling clearance. The pneumatic small flow control valve is particularly suitable for the main flow adjustment of liquids, steam, and other media.

Additional information

Nominal diameter(DN)


Valve seat diameter(dn)

1.5 to 15 mm

Allowable pressure difference(MPa)

≤Nominal pressure

Nominal pressure(MPa)


Valve cover form

standard type(-17~+250℃)、High temperature type(+250~+450℃)、Low temperature type(-40~-196℃)、Bellows sealed type(-40~+350℃)

Seal packing

V type PTFE packing、V type flexible graphite filler

Valve body material

stainless steel(CF8、CF8M、CF3、CF3M、 Biphase stainless steel2520)

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