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BCST Electric valve actuators have integrated design of transmission mechanism.It makes the product with smaller volume and simple appearance. Safe and reliable manual design, fully automatic manual/electrical switching without switching handle

Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator

Product Overview:

Ambient Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

Optional temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

The use of the environment for Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B class T1-T group of explosive gas mixtures

BCST can provide different products supported customers’ requests. From packaging to delivery, you’ll receive BCST’s most detailed service. BCST’s technical team will provide you with professional guidance during usage or installation. With ATEX, ISO, SIL2, RoHS, and CNEX, BCST will provide you high-quality electric valve actuator at a competitive price.

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Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Controller

1. Overview

Q series electric valve actuator is suitable for small and medium diameter butterfly valves, ball valves and other valves with 90° rotation and other similar equipment. As a stable and reliable angular stroke actuator, it can be applied to various control systems and working environments. The integrated design of the transmission mechanism gives the product a smaller volume and a simple appearance. Safe and reliable manual design, it is fully automatic manual/electric switching without a switch handle. A good protection level can meet the needs of a variety of designs: explosion-proof type, integral switching type, and integral control type.

2. Technical Parameters-Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator

  • Power supply: three-phase AC380V/50Hz for motor, two-phase AC220V/50Hz (ExdⅡBT4) for control.Optional power supply: AC220~660V, 50, 60Hz (to be specified when ordering)
  • Ambient temperature:-20℃~+60℃,Optional temperature:-40℃~+70℃  
  • Relative humidity: not more than 95% (at 25℃)
  • Operating environment: ordinary type is used in places without flammable, explosive and highly corrosive media; explosion-proof type is used in ⅡA, IIB class T1-T4 group of explosive gas mixtures.
  • Protection level: IP65/67 (special order IP68)
  • Motor for working system; rated running time of 10 minutes. f class insulation.
  • Anti-corrosion coating: high-temperature baked paint.

3. Installation and disassembly

Allow the valve electric actuator installed in any position, but must pay attention to the motor as far as possible in a horizontal position. The electrical box cover is horizontal or vertical upward state for the recommended installation, which is conducive to lubrication, commissioning, maintenance, and manual operation.

4. Wiring precautions-Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator

Allow the valve electric actuator to be installed in any position, but must pay attention to the motor as far as possible in a horizontal position. If the electric box key corresponds to the inconsistency, immediately press the stop button, cut off the three-phase power supply, and switch any two of the three-phase power supply.

5. Travel control mechanism adjustment

(1)Rotate the handwheel to make the valve “fully closed”, loosen the screw on the output shaft, turn clockwise to turn off the cam so that it is just to pressure off to the micro switch, and then tighten the screw.

(2)Rotate the handwheel to make the valve “fully open”, loosen the screw on the output shaft, turn the open cam counterclockwise to make it just press the open micro switch, and then tighten the screw.

(3)Manually or electrically open or close the valve, and check whether the valve opens or closes in accordance with the requirements, if not in accordance with the requirements, according to the above steps fine-tuning, until it meets the requirements.

Travel Control Mechanism Adjustment

6. Mechanical limiting mechanism adjustment-Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator

The purpose of the adjustment is to limit the valve switching parts (disk, ball, etc.) in its working stroke (generally 90 °), so that it can not rotate at will.

(1)Make the valve in the “full off” position, the position of screws and limiters as shown in the figure, turn into the off position of the mechanical limiter screws to the top of the screws to contact the limiter, turn the screws back 1 ~ 2 turns, and then tighten the lock nut.

(2)Make the valve in the “fully open” position, according to the above method to adjust the open position of the mechanical limit screws.

Mechanical Limiting Mechanism Adjustment

7. Torque control mechanism adjustment

The torque control mechanism has been set to the large output torque on the product’s nameplate at the factory, and the user generally does not need to make any adjustments

8. Error and Troubleshooting Methods-Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator






The motor doesn’t work.


1.Power line disconnection

2.Control line failure

3.Stroke or torque mechanism failure

1.Check the power cord

2.Ruling out line failure

3.Ruling out travel or torque failure


Output shaft orientation not in accordance with regulations

Power cord sequence reversed

Swap any two power cords


Overheating of the motor

1.Continuous operation time is too long.

2.Mismatch between motor and drive

3.Lack phase

1.Stop running, cool motor

2.Check the fitting situation

3.Check the power cord


Motor stops during operation.

1.Torque controlling action

2.Valve failure

1.Increase the set torque

2.Check the valve


Motor won’t stop or light won’t come on when in place.

1.Failure of the stroke or torque mechanism

2.Wrong adjustment of the stroke controller

1.Check the stroke torque mechanism

2.Re-adjust the stroke mechanism

9. Connection Dimensions

Connection Dimensions
Connection Dimensions

10. Parameter table-Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator

Parameter Table

11. External Dimension

External Dimension
External Dimension

12. Typical wiring diagram-Q90(380V) Explosion-proof Electric Valve Actuator

typical Wiring Diagram
Typical Wiring Diagram

13. Valve selection table

Valve selection table

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