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What Are Roles of Valves in Equipment Safety?

What Are Roles of Valves in Equipment Safety

The reliability of valves is critical to the safety of the entire equipment. Almost all pressure measuring instruments work in connection with individual valves or manifolds. Selecting high-quality valves is not only essential to ensure the accuracy of pressure measurement, but also to prevent dangerous leakage or damage to the equipment.

1. Over pressure protection

In the event of over pressurization, both the operator and the environment must be protected, especially at very high pressures.

Needle valves, manifolds or flanged valves must therefore be designed in such a way as to prevent unintentional leakage of components, media or gases in the event of an increase in pressure (anti-relief bonnet). In this way the operator is not harmed and the environment is not contaminated.

2. Sustainable solutions

During operation, the sealing of the valve must remain gas-tight for an extended period of time.

This is achieved by means of the bonnet tip. As there is no need to rotate it, the sealing material is prevented from being worn out and its durability can be extended. This ensures that the valve remains airtight for a long period of time.

3. Easy to use

At high pressures, it is especially important to ensure that the valve opens and closes smoothly. The low torsion value makes the valve easy to operate, even at maximum pressure, and prevents excessive effort or operator injury. By turning the handle, the position and flow rate of the valve can also be controlled easily and accurately.

4.Explosion-proof solenoid valve - an important role in equipment safety

What Are Roles of Valves in Equipment Safety 1

(1) To protect production safety: the use of ordinary solenoid valves in the flammable and explosive environment there are greater safety risks, and explosion-proof solenoid valves can effectively avoid the fire and explosion caused by this accident, to protect the safety and stability of the production process.

(2) Protection of human life and property safety: fire and explosion accidents often cause serious casualties and property losses, and the use of explosion-proof solenoid valve can effectively reduce the occurrence of these accidents, to protect human life and property safety.

(3) In line with laws and regulations: in some industries, the use of explosion-proof equipment has become a requirement of laws and regulations, and the use of ordinary solenoid valves in these environments is illegal. Therefore, the use of explosion-proof solenoid valve is not only responsible for the enterprise’s own safety, but also in line with the requirements of laws and regulations.

(4) Enhance the reliability of equipment: explosion-proof solenoid valve after special design and rigorous testing, its reliability and stability is higher, and can work in harsh environments for a long time, enhance the reliability and durability of the equipment.

5. Conclusion

The safety of equipment begins with the reliability of each component, including the valve installed in it. Enterprises should choose valves according to the characteristics and requirements of the actual working environment, choose products that meet explosion-proof standards, and install and use them in strict accordance with relevant regulations. Only by putting safety in the first place can we effectively guarantee the safety of production and personnel and promote the sustainable and stable development of enterprises.

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