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BCST your Expert Knife Gate Valve Supplier in China

BCST  Knife Gate Valve is widely used in urban sewage treatment, paper-making, mine slag
discharge and the fields alike.

Through Conduit Knife Gate Valve

  • Two-way sealing with two seal rings on the valve seat, this gate is longer and the bottom extends out of the valve body and require two packing glands.
  • The gate forms a cavernous Port whose role is that when the gate opens, it may
    be completely sealed.
  • When the media are of high concentration, it may also keep the valve seat sealed. As there is no detention area, the bottom of the gate without medium accumulation.
  • This product is suitable for the loading and unloading of sugar-making and chemical equipment (dryer and reactor) and the outlet of sizing agent in paper making plants. It may also be used for the recycling of old paper mingled with a large amount of impurities.

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Bi-directional knife gate valve

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