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BCST your Expert Knife Gate Valve Supplier in China

BCST  Knife Gate Valve is widely used in urban sewage treatment, paper-making, mine slag
discharge and the fields alike.

Bolted Bonnet Knife Gate Valve

  • The gate of the fully closed knife gate valve is embedded inside the valve body, totally isolated from exterior environment. The valve cap is provided with round stuffing box which can effectively avoid the leakage of fluid media.
  • Both top part of the gate and bottom part of the valve body are provided with hold-down devices. Effective seal may be achieved by changing the vertical pushing force of the valve rod into lateral force so that the gate presses tightly against the valve seat.
  • This product is extremely suitable for being applied in automation control systems that call for frequent startups and shutdowns, and high environment requirements, including food, brewing, coal liquefaction, sewage treatment, petrochemical, steel and other industries.


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Bolted Bonnet Knife Gate Valve

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