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BCST your Expert Knife Gate Valve Supplier in China

BCST  Knife Gate Valve is widely used in urban sewage treatment, paper-making, mine slag
discharge and the fields alike.

Bi-directional knife gate valve

● Knife gate valve is Bi-directional, Zero Leakage, withstanding high differential pressure
and full bore valve with minimal seat cavity for maximun flow capacity.
●No groove is designed on the valve seat, which prevents accumulating media on the
sealing surface. and thus avoids sealing surface leakage or disc blockage caused by
media accumulation.
● The integrated body structure with precision casing.
●U-shaped resilient seat is embeded into the body and is well-connected with the gate, and the friction force is reduced during the upward and downward movements of the gate. This greatly prolongs the using life of the seat and realizes bi-directional sealing.
●The rubber O-ring is embeded into the flange groove, which makes it convenient to connect the valve to pipe and provides reliable sealing.

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Bi-directional knife gate valve

BCST Your One-Stop Bi-directional Knife Gate Valve Solution in China

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