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BCST your Expert Knife Gate Valve Supplier in China

BCST  Knife Gate Valve is widely used in urban sewage treatment, paper-making, mine slag
discharge and the fields alike.

Electric actuated Knife Gate Valve

  •  Knife gate valve is composed of narrow body and sliding Gate
  • The gate has sharp blade that can separate or cut the solid particles in the fluid media.
  • The polishing treatment on the gate surface strengthens lt’s penetrating power and effectively guarantees the service life of both packing and valve seat.
  • The bottom of the valve body is provided with the gate hold-down device that can safely presses the gate tightly on the valve seat in order to ensure valid tight-seal.
  • Products are widely used in water treatment, paper-making. Power industry.Chemical
    industry. Iron and Steel industry, mining and so on.


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Electric actuated Knife Gate Valve

BCST Your One-Stop Electric actuated Knife Gate Valve Solution in China

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