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What Are the Motor-Operated Valve?

What Are the Motor-Operated Valve?

Ⅰ. A motor-operated valve overview

Motor-operated valve is a kind of fluid control equipment that uses electric device to control the opening and closing of the valve. With the development of industrial automation and intelligence, motor-operated valves are more and more widely used in various fields, especially in the chemical industry, electric power, water treatment, pharmaceutical and other industries, motor-operated valves play a vital role.

Ⅱ. Working principle of motor-operated valve

The working principle of motor-operated valve is mainly based on the motor drive. By controlling the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, the opening and closing of the valve is realized. The control system of motor-operated valve can be controlled remotely or locally according to the actual needs, and at the same time with sensors and other devices to achieve precise and fast fluid control.

Ⅲ. Classification of motor-operated valves

Motor-operated valves can be divided into various types according to different classification standards. According to the structure form, can be divided into straight-through, angle, three-way, etc.; according to the drive mode, can be divided into electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.; according to the function, can be divided into regulating valves, switching valves, safety valves and so on. Different types of motor-operated valves are suitable for different fluid control needs.

Ⅳ. Advantages of motor-operated valves

Motor-operated valves compared to traditional manual valves, has many advantages. First of all, motor-operated valves are easy to operate, can realize remote automatic control, improve productivity. Secondly, motor-operated valves have precise control ability, can meet a variety of complex fluid control needs. In addition, motor-operated valves also have a high degree of safety and reliability, can effectively avoid the risk of human error.

Ⅴ. Application of motor-operated valves

Motor-operated valves are widely used in many fields. In the chemical industry, motor-operated valves are used to control the flow and pressure of various chemicals; in the electric power industry, motor-operated valves are used to regulate the water circulation system and cooling system; in the field of water treatment, motor-operated valves are used to control the flow and direction of water flow to achieve the rational use of water resources; in the pharmaceutical industry, motor-operated valves are used to accurately control the process of drug production.

Ⅵ. Development trend of motor-operated valve

With the progress of science and technology and industrial development, electric valves are moving towards a more intelligent, integrated, environmentally friendly direction. In the future, electric valves will pay more attention to energy saving and consumption reduction, improve energy efficiency; at the same time, with the application of Internet of Things, big data and other technologies, electric valves will achieve a more accurate and intelligent fluid control, providing strong support for the automation and intelligence of industrial production.

VII. Summary

As a core element of modern fluid control, motor-operated valves are playing an important role in more and more fields. With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous expansion of application areas, the performance and functionality of motor-operated valves will be further enhanced to provide a strong guarantee for efficient, safe and environmentally friendly industrial production. At the same time, the development of the electric valve industry will also drive the development of related industrial chain, promote the overall progress and prosperity of industry.

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