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How High-Performance Butterfly Valves Can Improve Process Efficiency

butterfly valve

I. Improving process efficiency by reducing energy consumption.

The newest and most modern Neles™ Neldisc™ butterfly valves offer significant advances in reducing energy consumption compared to traditional valve designs. These improvements are realized through a variety of innovative features. First, optimized geometries based on field-proven technology and decades of experience ensure smooth, efficient valve flow. These valves are designed to minimize turbulence and pressure drop. This reduces the resistance to flow caused by the valve, and less energy is required to overcome the resistance.

Less energy is required to overcome the resistance, thus reducing energy consumption. Optimized valve design and backlash-free valve shaft connections provide precise flow control. Precise control saves energy by minimizing unnecessary pressure fluctuations and repetitive adjustments. In addition, the reduced torque requirements for tight shutoff of modern butterfly valves allow the use of smaller actuators. 

The smaller the actuator, the lower the energy consumption. Compressed air systems are particularly wasteful of energy and are sometimes the largest energy consumer in the entire plant.

In addition, the unique metal seat technology ensures the reliable performance of the butterfly valve. A very tight seal is achieved through careful material selection, triple eccentric design, and many other intelligent design choices that help minimize leakage. By reducing or even eliminating leakage, these butterfly valves improve overall system efficiency and minimize energy loss. Minimizing internal and external leakage and the risk of failure in demanding services also makes these butterfly valves a sustainable choice.

Butterfly valve

II.Improving process efficiency through flow optimization.

When considering the flow capacity of a butterfly valve, an important fact needs to be faced: the butterfly plate-one of the heart and soul of the butterfly valve-is always exists. Even when the valve is fully open, the flap is located in the center. This means that the design of the valve flap once again plays a key role: it allows the process medium to pass through smoothly with a minimum of turbulence and provides the fluid with as much free space as possible in the fully open position.

In addition to the robust through-shaft version, we have also designed a high-flow version. In this twin-shaft version, the shaft is divided into a separate drive shaft and trunnion, the flow capacity of the butterfly valve is optimized, leaving more free space in the middle of the valve flow opening. The two-shaft design is not a compromise, but a real alternative to achieve the highest possible flow rate. The single and two-shaft options have the same strength – the only real difference is in the flow rate. It is important to note that the flow capacity of butterfly valves can be further optimized by selecting the right valve size. the latest version of Nelprof is the most advanced online valve sizing tool available for calculating the correct size. When sizing, the influence of various process parameters such as pressure, temperature and flow medium characteristics need to be carefully considered.

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