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What Are the Advantages and Application Areas of Butterfly Valve?

clip-on butterfly valves

Butterfly valve is the advantage of the overall structure of the small, suitable for installation in the pipeline at both ends of the distance is very small occasions, in addition to the structure of the butterfly valve is very simple, which is also very convenient for its installation and future maintenance of the valve maintenance.

First, clip-on butterfly valve introduction:

Clip-on butterfly valve is one of the commonly used butterfly valves, because of its stem axis, butterfly plate center, the center of the body in the same position of the structural form and named. The structure of the butt-clamp butterfly valve is very simple and easy to install and maintain. As a kind of control pipeline system through and through and flow size of the components, the butt-clamp butterfly valve in petroleum, chemical industry, hydroelectric power station, municipal construction, water supply and drainage and other fields of pipeline system have a very wide range of applications. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the angle of rotation is between 0°-90°, which can play the role of flow regulation, and when the butterfly plate rotates to 90°, the valve reaches the maximum opening. Butterfly valve structure is simple, small size, light weight, only consists of a few parts.

Second, clip-on butterfly valve advantages:

1. Easy to open and close quickly, labor-saving, small fluid resistance, can be frequently operated

2.Simple structure, small external dimensions, short structure length, small volume, light weight.

3.Opening and closing torque is small, due to the rotating shaft on both sides of the butterfly plate by the role of the medium is basically equal, and produce torque in the opposite direction, thus opening and closing more labor-saving.

4.The sealing surface materials generally use rubber, plastic, so the low pressure sealing performance is good.

5.The operation is flexible and labor-saving, can choose manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic mode.

6.Small volume and light weight. Compared with the same pressure level and the same caliber gate valve, its weight can be reduced by 30%-50%.

7.Simple structure, open and close quickly. Butterfly valve has fewer parts, more compact structure, opening and closing, only need to rotate the butterfly plate 90 degrees.

8.Good regulation and sealing, can realize graded control flow, excellent regulation performance. Due to the use of rubber plastic and other elastic materials as a sealing ring, compression, recovery performance is good, sealing performance is good.

9.The fluid resistance and operating torque is small. According to the butterfly valve flow resistance test data, butterfly valve flow resistance is less than other types of valves except ball valves, plug valves, flat gate valves. In addition, due to the closure of the butterfly plate force is in approximate equilibrium, with a fairly small torque can open the valve.

Third, the application areas of the clamped butterfly valve:

1. Industrial pipeline control: the butt-clamp butterfly valve can be used in a variety of industrial piping systems, such as petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries. Its simple design and efficient fluid control capability make it an ideal choice for pipeline flow control.

2. Building water supply and drainage system: Butterfly valves are often used in building water supply and drainage systems to control the flow of water, sewage and other liquids. Clamped butterfly valves have become an important part of construction projects due to their convenient installation and maintenance.

3. automation control system: Butterfly valve is also often used in automation control system, through the cooperation with sensors and actuators, to realize the precise control of fluid flow, pressure and temperature and other parameters.

4. Water Supply and Drainage Treatment: Butterfly valves also play an important role in water supply and drainage treatment, they can control the flow and pressure in the water treatment process, and at the same time to ensure the quality of water and the safe operation of the system.

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