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How to choose a solenoid valve or motorized valve?

How to choose a solenoid valve or motorized valve?

Motorized valves and solenoid valves are commonly used valve instruments, used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, speed, and other parameters.

Ⅰ.The meaning of solenoid valves and motorized valves.

A Solenoid valve is a kind of electric valve; is that uses of electromagnetic coil generated by the magnetic field to pull the spool, to change the valve body on and off, the coil is DE-energized, and the spool will rely on the spring pressure to return.

A motorized valve is simply an electric actuator to control the valve and to realize the opening and closing of the valve. It can be divided into two parts, the upper part is the electric actuator and the lower part is the valve.

motorized valve

Ⅱ.Use and differences

Principle differences:

Electromagnetic valves use the electromagnetic principle, using the electromagnetic attraction generated by the energized solenoid ring to guide the movement of the valve core, the control mode is DO digital signal control.

Electric valve drive device for reversible electric motor, through the motor a certain amount of time to drive the spool control valve, the use of AI analog signal control, you can regulate the flow of pipeline media, in a specific pipeline environment can also be changed to digital signal control.

The difference in scope of application:

Solenoid valve has excellent anti-leakage properties, rapid opening, and closing, small power, suitable for some corrosion, toxicity, and other chemical substances in the pipeline as a cut-off use.

Most of the electric valve is used for pipeline flow regulation, normally installed in the air supply refrigeration pipeline outlet, but also can be used in the liquid pipeline, in the production of alcoholic beverages canned pipeline, and sewage pipeline pipeline and other pipelines are widely used.

Differences in use:

Solenoid valve: used for liquid and gas pipeline switching control, is two DO control. Generally used for small pipeline control

Electric valve: used for liquid, gas, and wind system pipeline media flow analog adjustment, is AI control. In the control of large valves and wind systems can also be used in electric valves for two switching controls.

Solenoid valve: can only be used as a switch, is DO control, can only be used for small pipeline control, commonly used in DN50 and the following pipeline, up on the very little.

Motorized valve: can have AI feedback signal, can be controlled by DO or AO, more commonly found in large pipelines and dampers.

parts of solenoid valve

Switching form:

The Solenoid valve driven by the coil, can only open or close, switching action time is short.An electric valve drive is a generally used motor, to open or close the action to complete a certain amount of time analog, can be done to regulate.

The nature of the work:

The solenoid valve general circulation coefficient is very small, and the working pressure difference is very small. For example, the flow coefficient of a typical 25-port solenoid valve is much smaller than that of a 15-port motorized ball valve. Solenoid valve drive is through the solenoid coil, it is easier to be damaged by the voltage shock. Equivalent to the role of the switch, that is, open and close 2 roles.

The drive of the electric valve is generally with a motor, more resistant to voltage shock. Solenoid valve opening and closing speeds are fast, generally used in a small flow, small pressure, the requirement of switching frequency, electric valve, and vice versa. Motorized valve valve opening can be controlled, the state of open, closed, half open half closed, can control the flow of media in the pipeline, while the solenoid valve can not meet this requirement.

A Solenoid valve can generally reset power failure, an electric valve to such a function needs to add a reset device.

Applicable technology:

Solenoid valves are suitable for some special process requirements, such as leakage, special fluid media, etc., but the price is more expensive.

Motorized valves are generally used for regulating, and there are also switching, such as fan coil end.

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