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What is a Knife Gate Valve?

Knife Gate Valve

A knife gate valve is used to shut off or regulate fluid. It is usually installed on the pipeline to control the flow of the inlet and outlet by raising or lowering the valve plate. Nowadays, knife gate valves are widely used in industry and bring tremendous value to people’s industrial production.

What does a Knife Gate Valve do?

A knife gate valve, as the name suggests, is a valve with a knife-shaped cutout on the bottom of the valve plate that cuts off the medium, allowing the valve to be closed without being obstructed by the medium. This valve is commonly used to control the flow of pulp, coal ash, chemical raw materials, sewage, food, and other media. The pressure range is typically 1.6MPa, and the temperature is typically less than 120°C. The valve has obvious benefits, including a light switch, reliable sealing, good elastic memory, and a long service life.

What are the Uses of Knife Gate Valve?

  • Used for shutting off liquid, gas, and steam:As a standard pipeline gate valve, a knife gate valve can shut off various fluids, including liquid, gas, steam, etc.
  • The knife gate valve has a simple structure for shutting off powdery and granular media. It does not quickly accumulate debris inside, so it is also suitable for refined and granular media.
  • For flow control:Since the valve plate can be raised or lowered to adjust the flow, the knife gate valve can also be used for flow control system applications.
  • For the control of high temperature and high-pressure fluid:Knife gate valve has an excellent performance in the power of high temperature and high-pressure fluid, and can operate stably in high temperature and high-pressure environment, so it is widely used in the chemical industry, electric power, oil and natural gas and other industries.

What is the Function of a Knife Gate Valve?

Cut off the medium flow.

The knife gate valve is suitable for controlling the medium flow in the pipeline by opening and closing it.

Control media flow.

The opening size of the knife gate valve can affect the flow rate, and the flow rate of the medium in the pipeline can be controlled by adjusting the opening size.

Prevent media backflow.

The unique structure of the knife gate valve can effectively prevent the medium from flowing backward along the pipeline to ensure the standard transportation of the medium and avoid damage to the system.

Guarantee media quality.

In pipelines, if the various media in the pipeline include dangerous elements, the production will suffer. The knife gate valve effectively controls the flow of the medium and ensures its quality, preventing negative impacts on the manufacturing process.

Control pressure.

In industrial production, it is often necessary to control the flow direction of the medium by adjusting the pressure in the pipeline. The knife gate valve can act as a pressure control valve in the pipeline to control the medium pressure rapidly.

Applications of Knife Gate Valve

  • Power station ash removal – for mortar.
  • Purification device – suitable for waste water, mud, dirt, and clarified water containing suspended solids.
  • Paper industry – suitable for any pulp and water mixture concentration.
  • Mining, coal washing, iron and steel industry – suitable for coal washing pipelines, filter residue pipelines, etc., and ash discharge pipelines.
Knife Gate Valve

Advantages of Knife Gate Valve

  • Tight Shut-Off: Knife gate valves provide excellent sealing capabilities, ensuring a tight shut-off when closed.
  • Suitability for Slurries and Solids:These valves are well-suited for handling slurries, liquids with suspended solids, and other challenging media. The design of the knife gate allows for effective control and isolation of materials with varying viscosities and compositions.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: Knife gate valves generally have a simple design with fewer moving parts. This simplicity contributes to lower maintenance requirements, reducing the need for frequent inspections and repairs. This is especially beneficial in industries where downtime must be minimized.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: The straightforward design and construction of knife gate valves often result in cost-effective solutions for specific applications. Their affordability makes them attractive for industries looking for reliable fluid control without breaking the budget.
  • Bi-Directional Flow Capability:Knife gate valves typically provide bi-directional flow capability, allowing fluids to pass through in both directions.
  • Quick Opening and Closing: Knife gate valves are designed for quick and efficient opening and closing. This rapid operation is beneficial in processes requiring fast response times, enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • Space-Saving Design: The compact design of knife gate valves makes them suitable for installations where space is limited. Their relatively simple construction allows for easy integration into existing piping systems.
  • Versatility in Actuation:Knife gate valves can have various actuation options, including manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators. This flexibility in actuation allows users to choose the most suitable method for their specific needs.
  • Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasion: Knife gate valves can resist corrosion and abrasion depending on the materials used in their construction. This makes them durable and suitable for use in demanding environments like mining and wastewater treatment.
  • Customizable Materials and Configurations: Knife gate valves are available in various materials, such as stainless steel, cast iron, and others. Additionally, they come in different configurations, such as wafer-style and flanged designs, providing further customization options for specific applications.

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