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What is A Non Return Valve

What is A Non Return Valve

BCST is a specialist in manufacturing a variety of valves, such as non-return valve and serving most of the industrial sector. From 2022 to date, the primary focus of BCST is to keep growing the product ranges along with innovation. Now, this is expanding to different markets and the countries as well. This detailed guide on non-return valve will help you in a better way.

How can you define the non-return valve and its features?

Definition of non-return valve:

The non-return valve permits the medium to flow in a single direction. The reason to fit the non-return valve is to make sure that the medium is flowing inside the pipe in the correct direction. It is dependent on the condition of the pressure. Otherwise, there can be a reversal in the flow direction. The flowing medium from the non-return valve can be the reason for the significant pressure drop you must consider whenever you design the system. There are two ports in the non-return valve present inside the body, one is for entering the fluid, and the other is for the exit. The working of the non-return valve is entirely automatic, so you need to operate it externally or with any labour force. Moreover, many non-return valves don’t have any stem or handle.

Features of non-return valve:

  • You must install the non-return valve on the small manholes, so it is easy to access the device for cleaning purposes.
  • Never use the objects along with the sharp edges during the cleaning
  • The non-return valve is always along with the two or more types of the valves
  • During the installation of the non-return valve, there is a permissible drop at the maximum level
  • The non-return valve is along with the automatic valves to close the flowing water.
figure 1 non return valve

What are the types of non-return valve?

· Lift non-return valve: 

You can use the lift non-return valve for servicing the high pressure and high speed of the flow. In the lift non-return valve, the target of the piston disc is to look for the contact along with the thickness of the walls and dashpot are nearly equal. There can be a comparison of the lift non-return valve along with the globe valve. Mostly, there is a disk in the ball and the top feature of non-tight leakages of the non-return valve is far better than the swing non-return valves. The lift non-return valve is customizable whenever the pressure is high and the flowing speed is high.

figure 2 lift non return valve

· In-line non-return valve: 

It is among those types of non-return valves available in 2 kinds of arrangements. It is helpful in both vertical and horizontal lines. While using the horizontal lines, the disc inside the non-return valve helps the spring for the closure. In the vertical lines, the spring isn’t assisting with the closure. It also stops the flow in a reverse direction and reduces the noise. You can use the inline non-return valve in pulsing the flow, such as line of discharge or reciprocation of the compressor. The size of the non-return valve is compact to make it suitable for smaller areas. The applications with the pulsing flow use the inline non-return valve, just as similar to the discharge line corresponding to the compressor.

· Swing non-return valve: 

In the swing non-return valve, after freely moving the disc once for a complete opening and closing position. Many designs for seats and discs are available for accessibility and satisfying the requirements of different applications. Soft seating in the swing non-return valve improves the tightness for leakage purposes compared to the metal seating surfaces. There is a metal seat ring in the combination seats that provides the feature of tight leakages. The seating angle between the seat and the vertical plane is from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

figure 4 swing non return valve

· Tilting of the disc non-return valve:

The main reason for using the tilting of the disc non-return valve is to eliminate the weaknesses present in the swing non-return valve. Mixing the designs helps open the non-return valve and stay steadily at a low velocity. It also quickly shuts the flow in the forwarding direction. The disc of the dome shape keeps floating with flowing medium on the bottom and higher on the surfaces. Therefore, the dashpot’s impact is minimal and delivers good performance along with the flow of high velocity.

figure 5 tilting of the disc non return valve

· Folding disc non-return valve: 

You can also call this non-return valve a split or double-disc non-return valve. This type of non-return valve is made in the factory in the wafer pattern. It is extremely famous for the services of gas fields and liquids along with the low pressure. The whole folding disc non-return valve is highly compact and lightweight making it preferable for the convenient to use.

figure 6 folding disc non return valve

· Stop non-return valve:

You can use the stop non-return valve in multiple ways, either a one-way non-return valve or an isolation (stop) non-return valve. It is the type of gate or globe valve. Thoroughly working of the industrial applications, the usage of these valves is for daily basis and after its completion close them with the help of screw-down stem. It is not mounting on the disc, and the stem, after screwing down, makes the disc float freely. It is against the valve’s seat, even in the globe valve or gate valve. You can easily access the valves in the tee pattern, angle pattern, inclined pattern, and Wye pattern. Typically, the style of lifting piston and swing of the non-return valve is used as the stop non-return valve.

figure 7 stop non return valve


The non-return valve of BCST permits the materials to flow freely in a particular direction. Many industries apply the non-return valve by BCST in their applications like power, chemical, oil&gas, and water treatment. Our team always establishes a solid long-term relationship with customers, including you. Order today and receive it at your doorstep.

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