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What Are the Types of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

What are the types of pneumatic butterfly valves

What are the purposes of a pneumatic butterfly valve?

A butterfly valve can be used in many applications: water supply, wastewater treatment, firefighting, gas distribution, and industrial applications in chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and bulk processing.

Low cost, lightweight, and small installation footprint are some of the advantages of this type of valve. The valves have different types of actuators depending on the needs: lever, reducer, electric, or pneumatic actuator.

What are the types of pneumatic butterfly valves?

1.Flange connections pneumatic butterfly valves

2.High-performance pneumatic butterfly valves

3.Low load pneumatic butterfly valves

4.Plastic linear pneumatic butterfly valves

5.Pneumatic control butterfly valves

6.Triple Eccentric pneumatic butterfly valves

7.PTFE linear soft seal pneumatic butterfly valves

8.Rubber linear pneumatic butterfly valves

9.Wafer connection pneumatic butterfly valves

10.Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves

Flange connections pneumatic butterfly valves

Flange connections of fittings to pipelines are also common. The advantages of a flange connection include:

The simplicity of design. An individual cannot effortlessly mount flanged fittings that have unique information, abilities, and capacities, despite the fact that entrusting such makes a difference to professionals is better.

Flange connections pneumatic butterfly valves

The ability to effortlessly, quickly, and most importantly – repeatedly dismantle one or another valve element with flange connection. This type of connection has the advantages and disadvantages of screw and solder connections. Ease of installation, radial dismantling, and the spacing of the fittings is often standardized, therefore interchangeability between manufacturers and technologies. The flange connection is a source of leakage; it requires predictive maintenance, and slight tightening is possible.

Almost all types of valve technology are compatible for wafer mounting; ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe or piston valve, guillotine valve, and diaphragm valve. For butterfly valves, inserting a seal is unnecessary; the elastomer sleeve ensures the in-line sealing and sealing on the flanges. The choice of the seal depends on the service conditions and the pressure class.

The assembly must respect the rules of the art, and the final tightening must be carried out with a dynamometric wrench. The causes of a leak can be multiple and cumulative, wrong selection of the joint, lousy assembly, bad alignment and spacing of the piping, and surfaces of the corroded flanges. The choice of the connection is one of the essential criteria in the choice of a valve body, not only for valves but also for check valves, filters, valves, etc.

High-performance pneumatic butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are rotary valves that use a rotating disc to control flow through a pipe. This disc typically rotates through 90 degrees and provides a linear flow characteristic. One type of butterfly valve is currently the industry standard for throttling systems: High-Performance Butterfly Valves or Double Cam Valves.

High-performance pneumatic butterfly valves

Their advantages include a straight-through design, very high flow capacity, and the ability to pass solid and viscous media.

High-performance butterfly valves are designed for general service applications that do not require precise throttling control.

They are often used in applications requiring large sizes and high temperatures due to their lower cost than other control valves. Care must be taken when sizing and using this type of valve to avoid control problems when process loads change.

 They work well in applications with a constant process load. Designs that provide a constant flow in the circuit can extend the control range to a segmented ball valve. End connection types available include wafer, raised-face, and double flange.

Low load pneumatic butterfly valves

Low load ventilation butterfly valve is a simple structure, and installation space is small, lightweight, low price, made economical and practical control valve. The valve is suitable for large flow, low differential pressure, gas leakage level, liquid and slurry form, and fluid line.

But all kinds of electric, pneumatic, and combined actuators support the use of a combination of different valve performances to achieve the cut, regulating function. The primary medium: gas, flue gas, air, and dusty gas; product features: take the rust die device, which can ensure that the long-term use of the switch is fast.

Low load pneumatic butterfly valves

Plastic linear pneumatic butterfly valves

Plastic linear pneumatic butterfly valves must be easy to open and close and fit the various components of the system. All piping Systems Butterfly Valves are designed modular, allowing them to be easily integrated into any gas or liquid pipeline. The innovative operating principle protects the valve seat and increases the system’s overall life. In addition, high-grade plastic resists corrosion.

Pneumatic control butterfly valves

Pneumatic control butterfly valves are used in diesel engines, de-energized open, pneumatic, or electric drives. Other names are also used: diesel throttle valve, diesel throttle valve, pilot valve, and throttle positioner.

Triple Eccentric pneumatic butterfly valves

This triple eccentric valve is a check valve whose design allows for a large seating angle, no moving friction, and absolute leakage performance.

Additionally, this triple eccentric valve features a pinless gasket and disc. It is also equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber and a counterweight. The damper can be acclimated to the genuine establishment conditions in which the valve will be utilized.

Triple Eccentric pneumatic butterfly valves

PTFE linear soft seal pneumatic butterfly valves

As noted above, PTFE linear soft seal pneumatic butterfly valves are divided into “soft” and “metal-to-metal.” Of the soft seal materials, the following are widely used for removable liners:

  • ethylene-propylene rubbers (EPDM);
  • organofluorine rubbers (Viton);
  • chloroprene rubbers (Neoprene);
  • polyethylene (Hypalon);
  • silicone;
PTFE linear soft seal pneumatic butterfly valve

Rubber linear pneumatic butterfly valves

The rubber-lined pneumatic butterfly valve can be connected by flange and clamp, whose sealing liner includes NBR, EPDM, heat-resistant EPDM, natural rubber, chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber, and polytetrafluoroethylene so that you can have a more reasonable choice depending on the chemical properties of the medium.

Rubber linear pneumatic butterfly valves

Wafer connection pneumatic butterfly valves

The structure of the pneumatic clip on the butterfly valve is novel; the structure of the valve body is a short-distance clip-on structure to meet the narrow space of the pipe.

The valve body consists of a ring-shaped seat, an elastic gasket, and a disc. The disc rotates 90° through the valve shaft into the fluid control washer.

Depending on the type and size, working pressures of up to 25 bar and media temperatures of up to 210°C can be achieved. In most cases, these valves are used to control clean liquids but can also be used for other media such as gases by unique selection.

Wafer connection pneumatic butterfly valves

Because of the wide assortment of materials, butterfly valves are generally utilized in businesses like compound and water treatment. Butterfly valves are also a very economical fluid solution in some process segments where opening and closing frequency, hygiene level, and control accuracy are not critical.

Throttle valves are usually the only alternative for pipelines with a diameter greater than DN 150. A slip-on butterfly valve can be used in case of higher corrosion resistance or sanitary requirements. PFA-encapsulated discs for highly corrosive environments in the chemical or semiconductor industry; polished stainless-steel discs for use in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves

The BSCT Sanitary Smart Pneumatic Butterfly Valve Male end is used to open and close the valve or for flow control. The intelligent and hygienic pneumatic butterfly valve is automatically activated. Pneumatic controls can be horizontal and vertical, single-acting, double-acting, and modulating.

They can be equipped with control trays and are widely used in many fields such as beer, beverage, dairy, juice, pharmacy, organic, etc.

BCST can produce other sanitary cleaning equipment, such as sanitary spray balls, sanitary portholes, sanitary manholes, and sanitary strainers/filters.

Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves

Sanitary butterfly valve – Food-grade stainless steel. The sanitary butterfly valve is a stainless-steel butterfly valve of high precision and purity required for the industries of food and beverage brewing, biopharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals.

The Sanitary stainless steel butterfly valve has a simple structure, mainly composed of a divided body, a valve stem, a valve disc, and a pipe. Compared with a sanitary ball valve, sanitary butterfly valves have the advantages of simple structure, small size, lightweight, small consumption material and installation size, etc.

But also have small driving torque, simple and fast operation, good flow regulation, sealing characteristics, etc. When the butterfly is fully open, the disc thickness is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body. So the pressure drop generated by the butterfly valve is small.

The valve has better flow control features. In the food-grade industry, the sanitary butterfly is one of the most significant and standard hygiene valves. Hygiene.

Sanitary Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Types We supply our Sanitary Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves, usually forged 304 or 316, the most widely used material in the food industry.

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