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What are the Types of Stainless Steel Valve

What are the types of stainless steel valve?

Founded in 2000, BCST used only 22 years to rise and expand the variety of industrial instruments around the globe. Its main aim is to manufacture and supply high-quality products, whether stainless steel valve or flowmeter. All of them are just according to the market demands. Now, you need to know about an essential stainless steel valve and all the details below.

What are the types of stainless steel valve?

Full Stainless Steel Control Valve

The materials for making the complete stainless steel control valve are carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, and cast iron. It is for the flange connection and is suitable for the different mediums, including powder, fuel, air, gas, and water. This type of stainless steel valve’s body is straight and cast through the globe type.

figure 1 full stainless steel control valve

Stainless Steel Body Control Valve

The stainless steel body control valve is available in sizes ranging from ½ to 2 inches. This stainless steel valve is in the threaded connection at the ends. It can manage the temperature up to 450 Fahrenheit. These control valves are appropriate for the industries that are modulating the water or steam.

figure 2 stainless steel body control valve

Stainless Steel Globe Control Valve

The stainless steel globe control valve is used in oil, gas, water, and other types of pipelines. The applications of the boiler and steamer use this kind of stainless steel valve to control the steam in the pipe. The shape and structure of this valve are dependent on the industrial application. Even the standards are also available according to the sizes, capacities for the pressure, and different properties.

Stainless Steel Threeway Control Valve:

It is an industrial control valve that operates from a pneumatic actuator. The stainless steel three-way control valve is suitable for the oil, fuel, air, gas, and water medium. The total diameter of the stainless steel valve is from 15 mm to 400mm. The industries for this valve immensely due to its accuracy level. Mostly, it is available in standard form for the clients.

Stainless Steel Micro Flow Control Valve

This control valve is suitable for different applications. The typical diameter is DN15 for the medium flowing along with the low volumetric rates. Its combination is long with the electric or pneumatic actuator. This stainless steel valve also consists of the strainer, needle stem, and valve body that are of stainless steel.

figure 5 stainless steel micro flow control valve

Stainless Steel On-off Valve

The use of this on-off valve is according to industrial applications. It is high in demand among the customers due to the usage of high-quality stainless steel 316. The primary purpose of designing this stainless steel valve is to close and open the valves quickly. It is available along with the pneumatic actuator for controlling various mediums.

Pneumatic Onoff Ball Valve

It is the high-quality onoff ball valve available along with the pneumatic actuator. This valve’s features are massive capacity for circulation, perform good sealing and a highly compact and economic structure. This onoff ball valve is suitable for the oil, steam, water, and gas medium. Many industries use it, including oil, gas, chemical, food, metallurgy, and pharmaceutical.

figure 7 pneumatic onoff ball valve

Stainless Steel Sanitary Ball Valve:

This valve, also known as the hygienic ball valve, opens by turning the handles fixed inside the balls of the valves. In the center, there is a hole throughout the center. The hole aligns with the valve from both ends for the medium to flow. Whenever the valve gets close, the hole is in the perpendicular direction leading towards the end of the valve and blocking the valve.

figure 8 stainless steel sanitary ball valve

Stainless Steel Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

The purpose of using this valve is to control the flowing medium remotely. Its availability is in 2 stylings: wafer or lug. Depending on the pneumatic actuator, it opens or closes the butterfly valve along with compressed air. A disc is also present in the butterfly valve, whose rotation is along with the actuator for opening and closing the valve.

figure 9 stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve

Stainless Steel Ball Valve

The construction of these ball valves is from stainless steel and is available in various designs. It consists of the flanged, threaded, socket, and butt-weld connections. The application areas of the stainless steel ball valve are water, steam, and hot water. The valve seat is made of Teflon and carbon, which facilitates the high-level durability and resistance to the pressure.

figure 10 stainless steel ball valve

Stainless Steel Manual Ball Valve

The seat of this ball valve is of PTFE and seals of fluorocarbon. You can replace both of them without any dismounting of the valve. Whenever this valve opens, there is a bore present in the valve that doesn’t restrict and conduct the high gas. When the valve gets close, the actual bore starts pumping from the side hole of the vent.

figure 11 stainless steel manual ball valve

Stainless Steel Needle Valve

This needle valve is appropriate for hydraulic and instrumenting applications. It is safe to use and reliable and has perfect isolation for water, oil, air, gas, and steam. It is the kind of stainless steel valve that permits the regulation of the flow accurately. The whole body of the valve is made of stainless steel, along with the seals of PTFE.


The stainless steel valve is not only a popular but as well widely used valve. The valve body stainless steel and its unique characteristics make it more prominent in the industries. So, you can contact the technical and skillful team of BCST regarding the stainless steel valve. Whether it is about installing, debugging, or selecting the correct version of the stainless steel valve, contact BCST now.

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