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What is Self Regulated Control Valve

What is Self Regulated Control Valve

A self-Regulated Control Valve is used to maintain constant fluid pressure flow in the pipe by receiving the energy from the controlled system. The valves that control the pressure at its inlet are called self-actuated upstream pressure control valves. They control the pressure at their outlet and are known as self-actuated downstream pressure control valves.

At BCST, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and reliable self-regulated control valves to meet the specific requirement of your application. BCST has more than 20 years of practical experience in the market and exports high-quality valves, including the self-regulated control valve worldwide.

Here is the detailed guide on self-regulated control valves, which will help educate you about self-regulated valves.

What is Self Regulated Control Valve?

Self Regulated control valve is composed of a control valve, the actuator, and a spring used to control the pressure; it is suitable for controlling downstream pressure in the pipes of non-corrosive liquids, gases, and streams.

The material used in the Self-Regulated Control Valve

Component name

Control Valve Material



Valve spool/Seat

304/316/316L(overlaying stellite alloy)


Normal:-196~150℃ is PTFE,RTFE,>230℃ is flexible graphite


Standard: Stainless steel with flexible graphite, Special: Metal tooth type gasket

Control valve stem


Diaphragm Cover



NBR with reinforced polyester fabric



What are the application of the Self-regulated-control-valve?

Our self-regulated control valves can be considered for a vast selection of industries and applications worldwide.

Some of the specific industries and applications we work with are as follows:

Chemical & Petrochemical – Widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries, including pressure reduction of fluids (corrosive fluids), tank blanketing in plants (petrochemical plants), and pilot-operated explosion protection.

  • Food & Beverageand Pharmaceutical – Popular in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, including tank blanketing for vessels of food storage, steam cleaning for plants like bottle filling plants, water disinfection, potable water supply, CO2 regulation for beverage lines, sterile air supply into tanks use in different industries.
  • Oil & gas Self-regulated control valve vastly used in oil and gas industries, including deep-sea oil drilling suitable for compressed air reduction, oil tank depots for ventilation and bleeding of pipelines, high oil pressure control, and pilot-operated pressure control usually suitable for gas compression stations.
  • Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy  use for safe discharge of condensate in pipelines (Natural gas pipelines) and recirculation of saline reservoir water.
  • Marine & DefenseSystems– Highly suitable for the use in marine and defense for pipeline ventilation while loading oil onto ships, at seaports for surge protection and pressure control of diesel. 

What is the working system of the Self-regulated-control valve?

The outlet pressure needed is balanced across the control unit by the force of the valve spring. So the spring forces the plug off the seat while “feedback” gas pressure from the downstream side of the valve acts against a flexible diaphragm to move the plug toward the seat. The less downstream pressure, cause the more the trim opens up; the more downstream pressure, cause the more the trim shuts off.

As the outlet pressure rises above the preset pressure using the adjusting screw, the valve cone moves around towards the seat, and the media volume is decreased. As the outlet pressure decreases, the valve control orifice increases automatically; the valve opens when the pipeline is depressurized.

working system of the Self-regulated-control valve

What are the features of the Self-Regulated Control Valve?

Oneself worked control valve doesn’t need outside energy and can work in places without power and gas, which is advantageous and saves energy. The tension portion range is thin and crosses one another, and the change precision is high. Tension setpoint can be set persistently during the activity.

For the pressure adjustment after the valve. The actuator has a high measurement accuracy and sensitive action in rubber diaphragm type detection. The strain balance instrument is embraced to cause the directing valve to answer delicately and control precisely.

  • The Self-regulated-control-valve regulating valve does not require additional energy and can work in places without electricity and gas, which leads us to save energy.
  • The pressure segment range is narrow and intersects with each other, and the adjustment precision is high.
  • The tension setting worth can be consistently set during the activity.
  • To adjust the pressure after the valve, the ratio between the pressure before the valve.
  • The strain balance system is taken on to cause the control valve to answer delicately and control precisely.


The self-regulated control valve is a kind of control device that does not need external energy and automatically adjusts according to the change of the pressure, temperature, or flow of the measured medium itself, according to the present value. It is an energy-saving instrument. Self-contained as an independent instrument control system. It integrates the functions of the transmitter, controller, and actuator. Different from the control valve in the general sense.

If you want an electrical control valve for your application, you can use the services of BSCT you have Any queries about our product line, and you can contact us at any time. Our experienced team of individuals will always be there to assist you in the best possible way. You can email us at [email protected] or directly call us at our number +86-15052699328.

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